Big. Fast. Easy.
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Big. Fast. Easy.

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"Turn on. Tune in. Rock out."

BAND: Big. Fast. Easy.

FUNDAMENTALS: Alex LoSardo (vocals, guitar), Greg Lueking (bass), Matt McGraw (percussion)
HAILING FROM: Tempe, Ariz.
CURRENTLY VIBING ON: Can’t Talk, Won’t Work.
UNDER THE INFLUENCE: Sly and the Family Stone, Queens of the Stone Age, Funk, Jazz Percussion
WHY YOU’LL LIKE ‘EM: They’re rock, they’re funk, they’re raw, they’re completely their own sound.

Bigger, faster, easier—that’s the American way through the eyes of the aptly named, Tempe-based Big. Fast. Easy.

“The name just kind of came to my head,” said Alex LoSardo (vocals, guitar). “I was with my friend and I saw those black and white state bumper stickers. I said we should make one that says ‘B.F.E.’ to stand for Big. Fast. Easy.

“The name stands for our culture a little bit,” he said. “We want bigger and better – we want things to happen fast and we want them to be easy.”

In true American fashion, the band is living life in the fast lane, putting out their debut album “Can’t Talk, Won’t Work.” just six months after the band’s conception.

“We spent a couple of weeks on and off,” said Greg Lueking (bass). “I probably spent about four or five days in the studio doing bass lines.”

To speed up the road to recording, Big. Fast. Easy. used many tracks LoSardo had written before they even finalized a lineup.

“Alex and I have been jamming for about a year, a little over a year actually,” Lueking said.

Both members had their respective projects up until LoSardo decided to travel to Senegal with Mark Sunkett, an Ethnomusicologist who teaches African Percussion at ASU. They studied Sabar Drumming—a type of drumming done with one hand and one stick.

“The professor also took another student, and so I met Matt (McGraw, percussion) on the trip,” LoSardo said. “We played African music in Senegal and became close friends because we were hanging out for two weeks straight.”

LoSardo asked McGraw to tackle more current beats for his brainchild project when the two got back stateside.

“When Alex asked me to play and he had these tunes already written … They were already cut with drum tracks, and I was just trying to replicate what was already written, while incorporating some of my own influence,” McGraw said.

The album’s newer tracks gave the entire band the ablity to contribute individual ideas to Big. Fast. Easy.’s sound.

“The second part of this album we definitely all wrote together,” LoSardo said. “The music always comes first. After the music is in place, I’ll think of ‘What kind of feelings does this music portray?’”

The band’s hard work paid off when they were finally able to release “Can’t Talk, Won’t Work.” at the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe, on Feb. 20.

“I wasn’t nervous for the performance,” LoSardo said. “I was more nervous as to how the show was going to go. I thought we’d perform fine, but I was kind of anxious to see the turn out.”

To promote the CD release party, the band relied on Facebook and word of mouth, but LoSardo put his creativity to work through a different promotional tactic.

“One thing I did do that was kind of cool was put together a video of all the bands performing,” LoSardo said. “I have a little flip cam and took video of the bands, and had someone take a video of us jamming, then mashed it all up.”

Whichever worked best, fans of the openers—Black Carl, Dry River Yacht Club and What Laura Says Thinks and Feels—as well as the band’s own following, crowded the venue.

“The Yucca Tap Room was standing room only,” McGraw said. “Even in their new room where they expanded, people were pushing through the crowds.”

According to Lueking, the night turned out to be better than what they hoped for. - Downtown Devil


Can't Talk, Won't Work



Big. Fast. Easy. is a group of 3 musicians from diverse backgrounds that have come together to create a unique sound that is sure to raise eyebrows and intense grooves that will keep you wanting more. Matt McGraw's education as a percussionist in many different cultures provides a unique blend of rhythms that contribute to the band's complex rhythmic sound. Greg Lueking's dynamics and groove on the bass are unmistakable, providing the harmonic foundation and rock-solid groove. The words and guitar that you hear are from the passionate heart of Alex LoSardo who is as far away from "tame" as you can be. Big. Fast. Easy.'s music has the raw energy of rock & roll, the smooth feeling of soul, and the fun bounce of funk that keeps crowds going strong all night long. The debut album is set to release at the end of the year.