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Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE

Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Big Fiction rules"

Upon first listening to “Careless”, I was completely bent on this band. With captivating guitar riffs and brutal HC vocals, BIG FICTION will make a favorable impression on those willing to feast on deliciously heavy tunes. Big Fiction’s sound is quite reminiscent of the Louisville, KY Hardcore scene; skillfully combining rigorous guitar work with harsh yet tuneful singing. Comprised of Four mid-20 year olds from Dallas and Arlington, Big Fiction have been active at most of the crustier spots in town over the past month. In May of this year, Big Fiction put out their first release, Demo Cassette, which showcases six songs and also the debut for Austin’s Kills You Records. - Parade of Flesh

"Halloween show"

Big Fiction's online recordings don't do justice to their live set; a ferocious mixture of Duane Denison pulloff heroics which eventually gives way to a more traditional yet raging hardcore sound.

"Big Fiction Demo Cassette"


Super demonstration of this group of Austin which makes large hardcore rock'n'roll which tries.
The trick that I find pleasant super in their zik it is that one is not submerged by 50 layers of guitars and that all heaviness comes from low (the rhythm section holds the trick really well), with one scrapes which embroiders above while passing by full with different environments. Y' has even passages of guitar with effects which tighten limit towards plans post rock'n'roll but it is never shitting and that always remains in the spirit of the pieces, without making them soft of the bottom.
For the comparisons, one can hear a little Hot Snakes or Unsane inside, but rather make you an idea by you even (bond on the title).
Cassette pro with a jacket in black and white without ornaments (not of words).
I await the continuation by hoping that they will not leave in the higher bid on the level the production because I find his mortal such as it is on the demonstration. -


Demo- Kills You Records. Tracks have been linked on multiple websites and played on Depleted Resource on 91.7 in Austin.

S/t- Kills You Records. The first vinyl release by Kills You Records. "Dallas Texas dudes like it dirty and aren't afraid to bring the jams. Sorta reminds me of Breather Resist & Drive Like Jehu. "- Vinyl Junkie

Prison Van- The First full length. To be released March 2012.



Four guys from DFW that have been playing in bands from all over Texas for years. After years of playing in bands and knowing of one another we decided the best way to get what we want was to do it ourselves. We are all fairly angst ridden and unsatisfied with most things around us. The music is supposed to reflect that.