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Dean “HB” Vitale

Dean Vitale AKA “HB” (Home Boy) was born 5/14 in New Haven, CT.

By the age of 3 months Dean was signed with A+ Models and did many print jobs through the age of 7. He was also featured in two commercials for DCF in CT. After his last commercial Dean decided to take sometime from modeling and focus on his love of basketball.

He always had a love for music. At the age of nine his mom’s friend gave him an MBOX2 and he started to discover his talents as a singer/rapper. With influences like Will Smith, Michael Jackson, Brian McKnight and T-Pain. HB started writing lyrics. With the help of his mom’s friend Sean aka SWISH, “HB” known at the time as lil Dean wrote his first song “BIG POW!”. Dean also started taking a few dance classes at the various dance studios’ his mom was a dance instructor at.

After a few years of playing around with Beats and Lyrics Dean got involved in a Performance Team at Jamz Studio, owned by his mom Jennifer Vitale. As he got more involved with the Performance Group and as Dean’s family and friends became privy to his talents, they encouraged “HB” to entertain and perform more. His music became more important to him and the performer “HB” started to evolve. Now 16, Dean has decided to take “HB” to the next level and advance his career.

Carter Management
C/o James“Prez”Carter
(212) 860-3639 11a-7p


Baby Come Over

Written By: Dean HB Vitale

Baby Come Over
James E.Carter,Brian K.Morgan, Dean Vitale
Baby Come Over
Come over baby you know you can stay the night
Baby Come Over
We can cuddle in my bed while I’m holding you tight
Baby Come Over
Don’t say no now please baby don’t be shy
I’ll promise it will be worth your while lay back and enjoy the ride
Baby Come Over
It was your eyes that 1st posses me
It was your smile that kept the hold
It was the thought of being in your arms
At night to keep me warm
For you I will surrender
For you ill move the world
For you yes I will settle down
And stop seeing other girls
I just wanted to talk to you
Tell your dreams and how you feel
Im not here to take advantage of you
Baby I am for real
I wanna give you
My love
And everything you need
Take this offer from HB
I wanna make you my girl my queen

Girl I got the champagne ready
The music ready
The candles ready
Come close we can start movin to the beat then
We can ride the boogie
So come to my crib
And let me show you how I live
Girl I aint lien
I aint sayin no fibs but
Blow my mind
And if you want me to I can
Blow your mind
So please

HOOK To Fade


Single: Baby Come Over
Single: Hey Girl

Set List

Open with his uptempo Single: Baby Come Over, than-3 samples of Cover Songs than closing with his 2nd Single : Hey Girl
Dean Show can be 4 mins to 25 mins (TV Tracks or Band)