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singles:What Cha Ride, Norf Carolina
mixtapes: SouthEast Beast


Feeling a bit camera shy


Reppin that NINE DIME(910)Fayetteville,NC BigFloyd tha Countryboy a.k.a tha SouthEast Beast!Is holding it down for the south,with his Beast like delivery and lyrical country flow,BigFloyd is sure to be a household name sooner than you think! Born Floyd Johnson Jr. on December 26,1981 in Goldsboro NC,it was evident that this child was going to be something special.shortly after his birth his parents seperated.BigFloyds father chose to take responsibility of his son and raise him on his on.Growing up in a single parent home as alot of black kids do,and alot of black kids know times are hard!Thats why BigFloyd says"I'm not hard in a gangster or thug way but hard from life cause thats how I grew up,and anybody that has grown up with their father knows partly what I'm talking bout"With his father having a love for rapping and dancing,it soon passed on to him,by age eight,then calling himself 2smooth start writing raps on anything he could write on. But rapping wasn't his first love,his real passion was playing football.hoping to one day play in the NFL,he starting playing football in the 5th grade.With his size and speed he ran the rock like he spits his flows a Beast!but by the 11th grade his love for the sport vanished,as his love for music grew.By now his writing skills and style were ready for any challenge.Entering talent shows and spiting in cyphas around school people knew they would here him on the radio one day. As for his other side of life "I tell people straight up I've sold drugs like the next nigga,and I did my thang but I kept it on the low cause I didn't feel like it was nobodys business what I was doing,and to be more honest with yall I was more affraid of my pops catching me than the cops and thats real! but I don't like to really speak on that because I feel like I was a petty hustler doing it for a few years not full time but a lil more than part time and I would be disrespecting the real d-boyz in the game that did the shit daily that I hung with or know,like some of these niggas out here doing rapping they hoodstars or people they didn't even know stories like it was them! BOY STOOOP!but like I said I did do my thang!!!" Now at the age of 25 and with responsibilitys of his own,he feels like if this was meant to be then "I got to get it now or never."And with his songs "What Cha Ride" a hard crunk anthem driven song made to beat in ya car while riding down ya block or in street traffic,"Norf Carolina" another anthem track repping that Dirty Dirty NC and "Get Cha Money" dedicated to all the street huslers/grinders in the world,with this one he really shows how versitile he is as the Beast is unleashed in this one. So for 2007 and beyond keep your ears and eyes open Because this is the year for the BEAST to be UNLEASHED!!!