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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Alternative




"Into Classic Canadian Punk?"

I know plenty of people who live in the 416 area code who are a little shy about venturing out of their safety zone. But here's a gig that should not only get you into 905 but into the wilds of--gasp!--519. - Alan Cross

"This weeks Spring Music Sunday ShockACE Featured Artist is...Bigfoot!!!"

This weeks Spring Music Sunday ShockACE Featured Artist is...Bigfoot!!! This Toronto based post-grunge act brings forth a sludge hammer of raw aggression and intensity that makes them particularly interesting to check out!!! Although the band has recently just come out of hiding they're showing increasing signs of pushing their music forwards to the fullest extent possible!!! If you want to release and revive some raw energy that you feel is missing from rock these days then click on this bands facebook fan page, take a listen to some of their songs, and toss them a like because they'll be bringing the show to you to release some of that pent up adrenaline that's just aching to burst away!!! - Yash Parmar (SoundSHOCK)

"Do you know Jack about Canada?"

"They have elements of sludge interwoven with alternative rock. It’s a also a little grungy with a slight dash of punk." - P.D Freeman

"Bigfoot @ The Horseshoe Tavern - Wednesday, April 18th"

Their first album is floating around in bootlegged form. The band is currently on tour across Ontario as they continue to get bigger and bigger. - Indie Kid VS Dance Kid

""The Wildman himself cannot be found. The news that a wild being is at large has thrown the town into a state of excitement.""

Giant Wildman - The Post-Standard

""Bigfoot could be the real thing.""

Bigfoot Could be Real. - The Coshecton Tribune

""About two weeks ago my wife saw it at night while she was down by the river. She's been afraid ever since.""

She's been afraid ever since. - Associated Press

""Bigfoot escapes!!""

Armed guards found with their skulls crushed! - Weekly World News

""My research and experiences lead me to believe he is too large to be a man - and to well documented to be a myth.""

A strange Apelike man-beast - Rafe Klinger

""Several residents who claim to have seen the animal say that is has a blood-curdling scream""

Hoax or Real? Group searches for Bigfoot - The Enterprise

""I've spent the last 19 years tracking and researching the elusive Bigfoot.""

Now tracking the elusive Bigfoot - Bob Titmus

""The Extraordinary Character who is scaring Canucks!""

Man Or Gorilla? - Newark Daily Advocate

""Whoever or whatever it is, it's been leaving monster-sized tracks""

Bigfoot is reported. - The Valley Indepedent


Bigfoot Vs Yeti...

1) Bittersweet Design
2) Wildman
3) Buckets and Parachutes
4) Cold November
5) Judd Crandell



Bigfoot is described in reports as a large, ape-like, and legendary creature, determined to change the face of music. With the help of singer/guitarist Benjamin Douglas Butt, lead guitarist Darren Michael Butt, bassist Mikey Lee, and drummer Derek Humphrey, this Toronto based band is dedicated to continue spreading the enduring legacy of Bigfoot. By combining elements of Punk, Hard Rock and Alternative Metal into a sludgy, aggressive sound, Bigfoot will be heard. Bigfoot will be seen.