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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Band Rock Metal


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"Music: Big Game Hunt: Goliath - Our Take"

When most people think of stoner rock, they tend to associate it with the United States. This doesn’t mean that all of the genre acts are from the country (as this is hardly the case), but the majority of the bigger names have come from the US. However, there are plenty of groups out there trying to change that association, such as Canada’s Big Game Hunt who released their debut album Goliath last year. And while they aren’t always distinguishable from some of the other stoner bands, there is no denying that they have some catchy riffs and know what they are doing.

Goliath is a fairly lengthy album as it lasts for over an hour and offers sixteen tracks for listeners to absorb. Like many of the groups that have come before them, Big Game Hunt typically opts to create slower paced tracks that are fairly heavy and have riffs that will hook listeners. However, there are several interludes that feature acoustic guitar work and these serve two distinctive purposes. First, they help to break the album up a bit as the riffs on the traditional stoner rock songs do tend to sound a little similar at times (which more a trait of the genre itself rather than something the band is doing wrong). And secondly, they prove that these guys actually have some ideas outside of the confines of their established genre. However, most listeners will only pay slight attention to these considering that the lengthier tracks do have some pretty good riffs. Big Game Hunt does sound a little too close to many of the stoner bands from the 90’s, but they’re certainly on their way to standing out.

One area where the group ends up being hit or miss is their vocals. Big Game Hunt’s singing is of the familiar gruff variety, but for some reason certain songs end up being stronger than others. When the group’s vocalist really belts out his lines he sounds great and is reminiscent of stoner rock bands such as Corrosion of Conformity, which is sure to help the band attract some listeners. However, on some of the slower songs the vocals get a bit lighter and when this happens they sometimes go a bit out of tune. With a little bit more work it seems as though this issue could be taken care of rather easily, so hopefully the vocals will be more consistent next time around.

Big Game Hunt isn’t going to become anyone’s new favorite, but they are a welcome addition to the stoner rock genre and certainly have built a solid base. If you’re looking for catchy riffs and a good amount of energy and don’t mind the fact that some of the songs sound similar to the classics, give Goliath a go. Provided that these guys can expand on some of their unique ideas and find a way to intertwine them with the traditional riffs, they could certainly be on their way to stardom.

Chris Dahlberg

March 28, 2010 - Chris Dahlberg

"The Thrill of the Hunt"

"Big Game Hunt's debut CD means good things for the band and local rock" - Jonston Farrow

Full story at - The Coast

"The Hump Day Sounds – Big Game Hunt"

Halifax’s own Big Game Hunt is a riff monster, much akin to Moncton’s own Iron Giant (Imagine the Giant with Phil Anselmo singing). Over and over they blast out head banging pieces of stoner rock that should have those of the desert persuasion perking up their ears.

These guys are obviously experienced musicians and you can hear that through Goliath. The way the guitar and bass play together is simply awesome and had me saying “What the fuck?” more than once while going through this record.

Sometimes slow and lumbering, other times fast and crushing, Goliath is a welcome addition to the Maritime Stoner Rock landscape. - The Serious Business

"Big Game Hunt raise Goliath"

Halifax’s Big Game Hunt is gearing up to release its latest album, Goliath, the follow-up to 2006’s The Gods Drink Whisky. The album is set for release in Summer 2009.

The band, Jordan Rose, Wayne Muise, Jared McInnis and Matt Duncanson, formed in 2002 in Halifax.

Below is the track list for the new album:

1. Seeing Red
2. Dave And Big G
3. Heavy Blues
4. Revelation
5. Blue Devils
6. Leaving
7. Lucky 13
8. Raise A Glass
9. Embrace
10. Reprieve
11. Heaven Falls
12. Wisdom In One
13. Lesson Learned
14. Search Party
15. Before Long
16. On The Scene -

"Pick of the Week"

Big Game Hunt



The original Goliath got taken down with a rock to the head, but if David had a rock this heavy to sling at the giant, he wouldn’t have needed to finish him off with his sword.

Halifax’s Big Game Hunt successfully transfers its live sound to CD with 16 tracks as hard and monolithic as Goliath’s title implies. There are a few moody acoustic time-outs (including an instrumental called Reprieve), but they just let you get your breath before guitarist Wayne Muise unleashes another Black Sabbath-style riff and Jordan Rose lets his heavy blues voice flow with its menacing growl.

Big Game Hunt’s next live gig takes place on Sept. 18 at Gus’s Pub with the North End Metal All-Stars.

Info: - The Chronicle Herald

"Review: Big Game Hunt – Goliath (2009)"

Wow, Eastern Canada is really pumping out the bands! Nova Scotia’s own Big Game Hunt has recently released their album Goliath and seeks to bring the southern stoner sludge Canadian style. Does have Canada have what it takes to make their own New Orleans? Well, they already have the French influence, so all they need is a bit of Southern grit and we may get just that.

Goliath is almost on key in every department. We have the hard hitting tracks combined with the freewheeling fun grooves so evident in southern rock, as well as acoustic experimentation in “Before Long.” Big Game Hunt wear their influences on their sleeve, but it doesn’t harm their sound one bit because they can construct riffs that bring the power and the fun. This isn’t some local bar band, these guys really have potential and I’d personally love to see them play live. Unfortunately, there is one minor set back.

It’s very clear that Big Game Hunt have taken a lot of inspiration from the dirty, southern sludge style of Down, especially vocalist Jordan Rose who attempts to take on the style of Phil Anselmo. Unfortunately for Jordan, Phil isn’t exactly the best vocalist to mimic as he hasn’t been a good vocalist in almost 20 years despite fitting rather well into the Down mold. Jordan on the other hand, isn’t as fitting. While the groovy sludge feel of Big Game Gunt is really good and even rivals the last Down album, the vocals bring a “cover band” quality to what would have otherwise been an excellent chunk of metal. Jordan isn’t a terrible vocalist, but his style is too reliant on Anselmo’s stylings that it hurts the effectiveness of the band. Goliath is definitely an album worth checking and some may find my criticism of Jordan to be a bit harsh as he is competent and the music really stands on its own.


Top Tracks: On the Scene, Before Long,

Similar Artists: Down, Corrosion of Conformity, Clutch, The Sword, Kylesa

1. Dave and Big C
2. Seeing Red
3. Heavy Blues
4. Revelation
5. Blue Devils
6. Leaving
7. Lucky 13
8. Raise A Glass
9. Embrace
10. Reprieve
11. Heaven Falls
12. Wisdom in One
13. Lesson Learned
14. Search Party
15. Before Long
16. On the Scene

Jordan Rose – Vocals
Wayne Muise – Guitars
Matt Duncanson – Drums
Jared McInnis – Bass

Self Released

Review by CODY - All Metal Resource

"Review: Big Game Hunt - Goliath"

Whoa! Taking the doom from "Down" and the Alabama from the "Thunderpussy", these cats deliver in spades! "Goliath"... the title given to Big Game Hunt's new giant of an album couldn't be more fitting. "Fee Figh Fo Fum, I hear the rumble from a Canadian"

This is the second release from Canada's "Big Game Hunt". Having not had the pleasure of hearing the debut (The God's Drink Whiskey) I can't compare it with this, but if it packs even half the punch of Goliath, it's a must have. Right from the get go, Goliath grabs you by the boo boo and doesn't let up. "Dave and Big G" kicks things off with a heavy Kyuss tangy zizzle. Then a sweet midsection akin to some Iron Maiden doodling.

The track "Lucky 13" has an almost funk groove thrown in there for good measure. The crunchy "Raise a Glass" shows off Jared Mcinnis's bottom end. This guy can play! In fact, all these guys seem well versed in the ways of kicking ass, sonically. The comparisons between Jordan Rose's vox are fairly obvious, sounding something like Phil Anselmo and Kyle Thomas's long lost brother. This is just fine by me.

During its 16 tracks "Goliath" has balls the size of church bells, also some nice acoustic interludes just at the right time, keeping things interesting. A solid listen from stem to stern. This is not one to pass up. Heavily recommended.

Reviewed By: Adam Walsh -

"Big Game Hunt - Goliath"

Now then, I don't have much information on Canada's Big Game Hunt to commence this review, but fear not because despite a lack of background trivia to work with the music of these guys is more than good enough to help me fill out an adequate length review. "Goliath", the band's second full-length, is a stoner fan's wet dream consisting of a primary mix of Down (from the overall Southern vibe through to Jordan Rose's Anselmo-like vocals) and Orange Goblin (in the Brits bass-heavy swagger) with a secondary helping of big names like Clutch, Kyuss and Corrosion of Conformity.

The pace across "Goliath" is that very recognisable stoner dirge - doom-speed it may technically be at times but the upbeat and brighter nature as exemplified by "Lucky 13" and it's funkier bass lines are musical facets one would simply never hear in a Candlemass album. No doubt lessons have been learnt from the tactics that have seen Down rise far beyond the initial skepticism that always greets a 'supergroup' to a true great as the baked sludgy southern groove is seen to raise it's head on numerous occasions; "Heavy Blues" and "Leaving", among many others may I clarify, sound as if they are audibly sweating in the hot southern sun (not something I’m doing in snow-covered London right now) as the effects of years of boozing and smoking drip out in a haze of stoned megalomania.

Perhaps unwisely, in the name of consistency, the tone of Wayne Muise's guitar, and thus the overall vibe, changes tack to a greater degree of Orange Goblin in the latter portions of the album where Rose also displays some of the big Goblin badass Ben Ward in his delivery. Still very much a good collection of songs from here on in, "Heaven Falls" and "Wisdom In One" still pack a punch but there's always something disconcerting about hearing a difference in recorded sound across one album, but hey ho, there could be much worse bands for one to imitate than Down and OG right?

Across a number of listens my sentiments towards "Goliath" have improved with each to the point where I'm willing to award the grade I'm about to. With 16 songs clocking in at 62 minutes it could do with a little trimming to become an even harder-hitting, er, goliath that many of the tunes already patently are, and who knows, if I was reviewing this mid-summer I see the potential for an even greater appreciation of it's laid-back vibes but for now I spy plenty here to recommend to those who like anything southern-fried, be it some delicious chicken or tasty stoner metal. [8]
Download: Search Party, Leaving, Heavy Blues, Lucky 13
For The Fans Of: Down, Orange Goblin, Kyuss, CoC, Fu Manchu
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Release date: 2009


The Gods Drink Whiskey - 2006
Goliath - 2009
Compy the Wondercomp (song: The Gods Drink Whiskey)
The Music of Artisanship & War: Volume III (song: Lucky 13)
Videodifference Compilation (song: Leaving)
The songs "The Gods Drink Whiskey" and "Innocence of Youth" have had airplay on College Radio in Halifax NS, Yarmouth NS, and in Paris France. "Seeing Red" and "Heavy Blues" from the album "Goliath" have had air play on CBC Radio 1, CKDU, CKXU, and



Nominated for 2010 Loud Recording by the East Coast Music Association and by Music Nova Scotia , Big Game Hunt plays to a large mix of heavy music fans drawing on the origins of metal such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin but also mixes up heavy sounds with groove oriented riffs found in more modern bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, Clutch and Down. With 2 full length albums under their belt BGH is ready to take their riff rock across country and borders to expose the masses to Nova Scotia's own home-grown style of heavy groove.