Bigg Bank

Bigg Bank

 Seattle, Washington, USA
BandHip Hop

Bigg Bank's music is what you would get if you mixed a positive message, rap with a southern meal. You walk away from a Bigg Bank show satisfied and wisdom to help lead a positive life.


Bank grew up in the South, with ambitions of coming to the Northwest for better prospects in the music industry. His love for hip hop and big dreams are his drive and aspirations for putting Seattle back on the map. Bank has never left his southern roots behind, always using them as he develops as a Seattle hip hop artist. Bank has been into the music scene for about nine years and has kept his eye on the goal of having his music heard and inspire people ever since. Currently Bank is working on several projects such as mix tapes, community involvement, live showcases, and building a full live band to help keep his dreams alive.


Bigg Bank has been building a solid fan base by dropping singles.

Plans for an album are in the very near future.

Set List

Comin From Your Place
Do Right
Palm In my Hands