Bigg Boyy T
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Bigg Boyy T

Detroit, Michigan, United States

Detroit, Michigan, United States
Band R&B Hip Hop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Live Performances:
2008 Live Miki Howard Keyboards(Musial Diretor)
2008 Tour Dennis Edwards Temptations Keyboards
2007 World Tour Dennis Edwards Temptations Keyboards
2006 Japan Live Michael Jackson Keyboards,(Musical Director)
2006 Japan Tour The Three Degrees Keyboards
2006 Japan Tour Kuraki Mai Keyboards,Lead Vocals
2006 Live Tokyo Kaori Kobayashi Keyboards
2006 Live Tokyo Kiyotaka Keyboards
2006 Japan Tour Kenji ¡°JINO¡± Hino Keyboards
2006 Tokyo Live Char Keyboards/Vocals
2005 Mini US Tour Ashanti Keyboards/Back Vocals
(Musical Director)
2005 Japan Tour¡¡¡¡ Ashanti Keyboards/Back Vocals
(Musical Director)
2005 Live in Manila Ashanti Keyboards/Back Vocals
(Musical Director)
2005 Live on Guam Ashanti Keyboards/Back Vocals
(Musical Director)
2005 Live In Diego Garcia Garret Perkins Keyboard/ Vocals
2005 Japan Live Concerts KD Brosia Keyboards/Producer
(Musical Director)
2004 Japan Tour Temptations Keyboards
2004 Japan Arena Tour BoA Keyboards
2004 Hong Kong Live Jade Kwan Keyboards
2004 Live in Nigeria,Africa Ashanti Keyboards/Manipulator
(Musical Director)
2004 Blue Note Tour Japan The Three Degrees Keyboards
2004 Japan Tour Rock Favorite Under Dog Bass
2004 Live TERRA Keyboards/Manipulator
2003 Japan Tour Ashanti Keyboards/Manipulator
(Musical Director)
2003 Countdown Live Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men
(Musical Director)
2003 Blue Note Tour Japan The Three Degrees Keyboards
2003 Tour BoA Bass/Keyboards
2003 Live Kosaka Chu Keyboard (Musical Director)
2002 Live Yoshi Keyboard/Programming
(Musical Director)
2002 Live Hanah Keyboard/Manipulator
Programming/Musical Director
2002 T.V. Chemistry Choir / Chorus
2002 Live Miku Keyboard
2002 Tour Platinum Patnuz Keyboard/Programming
(Musical Director)
2001 Tour/Live Japan Kosaka Chu Keyboard (Musical Director)
2001 Tour Japan Chemistry Keyboards
2001 Live Nu Soul Band Keyboard/Programming
(Musical Director)
2001 Tour/Live Asiah Keyboard/Programming
(Musical Director)
2000 Tour Japan Asiah Keyboard/Programming
(Musical Director)
2000 Live Japan Michael Paulo Keyboard
1999 Live Gladys Knight Mixing Engineer
1999 Tour Chante Moore Mixing Engineer
1999 Live The Dazz Band Mixing Engineer
1999 Tour Silk Mixing Engineer
1999 Tour Oleta Adams Mixing Engineer
1999 Tour Love The One You With Keyboard/Programming
(Musical Director)
1998 Tour Fake Friends Keyboard/Programming
(Musical Director)
1997 Tour Fake Friends Keyboard/Programming
1997 Tour Sneaky Keyboard/Programming
1997 Tour Commissioned Keyboard

Untitled Clothing Lyrics by T
C.C. Lemon
Calorie Mate
Sagawa Kyubin E-Collect
Pringles French Consome
Kirin Beer
Calorie Mate
Pepsi Diet Twist Lyrics By T
Asahi Super Dry
Sato Seiyaku ¡°Saromethyl¡±
Lemon Coke Lyrics By T
Plus many more commercials (etc¡­)

Studio and Video Work:
KD Brosia Production/Songwriting/Mixing Engineering/
Vocal Arrangements/Programming
Country Musume Vocals/Back Vocal Arrangements
Music B.B. T.V. Hosting
Jade Kwan Live DVD Keyboards
Kamebuchi Yuka Keyboards
BoA ¨C1st Live DVD Bass/Keyboards/Synthesizers
Mihimaru GT Keyboards/Piano Solo
BoA ¨C2nd Live DVD Keyboards/Synthesizers
Yazawa Eikichi T.V. Appearance
Chemistry T.V. Appearances
Chu Kosaka Vocal Arrangements/Production/Songwriting/
Querer Production/Songwriting/Vocal Arrangements
Asiah Production/Songwriting/Mixing Engineering/
Vocal Arrangements/Programming
Ayano Keyboards/Vocal Arrangements/Productions
Riyu Kosaka Track Production/Arrangements
Lil' AI Tracks/Production/Vocal Arrangements/Song Writing
Hanah Tracks/Production/Vocal Arrangements/Song Writing
Misia {Tribute CD) Tracks/Production/Vocal Arrangements
Aki Asahina Engineering/Vocal Arrangements/Production
Miku Piano
GTS Songwriting (Lyrics)
U.N.V. Mixing Engineering/Vocal Arrangements/Keyboards
K.C. ¨Cn- JoJo Track/Production/Arrangement
Eryka Badu Track/Production/Arrangement
Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men
Tracks/Vocal Arrangements
KRS 1 and Warren G Vocal Arrangements



I have worked with many mainstream and amature artist in Ameria, Japan, Hong Kong and the UK.
In each situation it has been a rewarding and inlightning experience. Every situation we pushed ourselves to make sure that the songs were at its best. I work hard at keeping up with todays sounds and instrumentation, even reating new sounds in some cases. I grew up around music, My dad was the band leader for the FUNK BROTHERS.... the band that played all of the hits for the motown record label back in 1964-1971 until they left detroit and the band dispursed.