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Bigg Gipp

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As a producer/artist, I'm eccletic, original, trunk rattling, provocative, mind altering and trendy. I'm a "one stop shop." I do everything in-house including, Mastering.


Rico Gibson, aka, "Bigg Gipp", started playing drums and trombone at the age of 4yrs old. His talent begin at a church called "The United House Of Prayer For All People", in Macon, Ga. He learned very early that music would be a great part of his destiny. Being a seed of two musically gifted parents, his father, Henry Gibson played all instruments, guitar and piano. He was the best-friend to the late-great Otis Redding Sr. His mother Cora was a singer with "Little Richard" as a little girl. Rico started playing Trumpet while in 3rd grade and continued playing brass until High School where he migrated through several other brass instruments and eventually landed on Tuba. He sat 1st chair his last (2) years in high school, in the marching band at Southwest. He went to college in South Carolina and continued his love of music as a snare drummer with the Claflin College marching band until 1990. Following in his father’s footsteps as a musician, Rico now plays "all" brass instuments, piano and drums fluently. His latest credit, adding to his on stage performances, he played drums live, supporting his best-friend Ricky Bennett ..s, while opening for Donnie McClurkin, playing for up and coming Gospel Singer, "Kita."


Bigg Gipp released- Malakyi's "Born For This", an underground full length album that is still gettting airplay as well as downloads on a regular basis. As well as a plethora of singles for other people. Too many to name.

(3) tracks on Silas-Jabez Territory Increase album

Bigg Gipp is releasing his very first solo album, "Soulffood-Life Muzik" in late August. With guest appearances from some of Holy Hip Hop notables.

Gipp is also working on a full length album for Tony Taft's new project, "Intonation." The soultry, R&P crooner enlisted the skillset of Gipp to take his shine over the top. The album is due out early August.

Set List

MY set list varies somewhat depending on time. Usually I minister about (2) to (3) songs.

1Who Ya' Wit
2. I'm Still On Fire
3. My Destiny