We are all about Great songs with Attitude! Talent, Balls, and a message, we appeal to a wide audience. Large Stadiums to small clubs, we are professional and easy to work with.


We are a hard rock band with all the talent and songs to work a crowd anywhere. Our music is very emotional and powerful complete with hooks and power. The songs and our talent is what sets us apart from other bands.


American Girl

Written By: Tony Covino

Verse 1
Unless your blind you know that she's the one
That gets attention tonight
With an appetite for playing games,she'll control your mind
Your shooting everyone down you see,with your wiggle and walk
Ohh mirror mirror on the wall,I like the way that you talk to me,I need it

Bridge 1
love,love ,love ,I need it (rep4x)

Verse 2
Her soul is like a dirty magazine,her look is positive
she needs the money and the promises,it's like a sedative
Your booming like a bigg cannon now,she's got you eye to eye
You didn't listen what your momma said,got taken by surprise, I need it

(repeat) Bridge 1

American Girl,what you doing to me
Cause I need you here now,I need you next to me
American Girl,what you doing to me
Cause your bringing me down,yeah you got me on my knee's ,don't you know
(repeat) Chorus/Vamp's/and fade out


BiggMouth-Biggmouth, 9 song LP. released in Japan on the EMI label in 1995, re-issued on Indie label BiggMouth records world wide. We have streaming songs on Itunes,CD Baby, we also have been played world wide on radio and also have been reviewed in multiple IMags and print around the world.

Set List

Soul Sister,Blowing in the wind,You got me,Suicide,Morning after,Live for your life,American girl,World of time,Show me the way,Lifes a bitch
*All original music

We can crop our sets to 15-20mins(open) or can do longer sets,1-2hours(headline).