Big Green Sofa

Big Green Sofa


we are a pop punk/alternative band that adds definite originality to our music. We create driving lead riffs with catchy and melodic chord progressions. We try to make every song attract listeners as well as motivate people at our preformances.


We are a very energetic band and add a unique sound to pop punk/alternative. We have a mixed style of lyrics, a hint of heartfelt, with a touch of aggressiveness makes our lyrics catchy and thought-provoking. We blend catchy guitar hooks and progressions with harmonic vocal melodies that are sure to please listeners.


Big Green Sofa Demo - December, 2003
Big Green Sofa EP - Coming Soon

Set List

1.Shaded Eyes
2.Black And Blue
3.Perfect Crime
4.Don't Look Down
5.Run Away
6.This Looks Like The End
8.No Thanks To You

Our sets range from 30 minutes to an hour and thirty minutes.

We also perform Pop/punk covers.