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Bigg Time

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Bigg Time, a native of College Park, Georgia has made a name for himself as an independent artist after dropping the hit song "Check my footwork" in 1998.
Raised by his grandmother, Bigg Time has always been a dreamer. He has a gift of seeing things in others that they do not see in themselves. Although he has lost many friends along the way to accomplishing his goals, Bigg Time has never forgotten the lessons that his grandmother instilled in him. He always puts God first and will never give up on his dreams.
Bigg Time's album Rider 4 Life was released in 1998, he independently sold 20,000 units. He later started his own record label 1803 Records.1803 was the address of his late grandmother's house where he was raised. The experiences that he faced in this house are what have molded Bigg Time into the man that he is today. Due to tragic circumstances he lost this house that his grandmother left to him. Not wanting to loose her message, Bigg Time decided to name his record label after that house to preserve the legacy that his grandmother left to him.
Bigg Time's latest album Independently Major is available in stores and online now


"Check My Footwork"
"Footwork Part 2" Remix UGK