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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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2006-"The Franchise" - 5000 Independent Sales Through '07
2006-2007: Single: "Hush" (Rotation - Several Markets)
2007: Detroit Kingz Mixtape
2009: "The Greatest Beats of All Time" - 90,000+ Downloads!
2012: "Death to Wack Rappers" double-length release
(several songs from above project have internet radio rotation and some terrestrial radio airplay)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bigg Verb DaVinci – Not “Just Another Rapper”

At the present time, Bigg Verb DaVinci - coined by many as one of the best new rappers of 2012; though, he isn't 'new' - is going “all-in” and using practically all of his time and energy to exercise his ability as a Search Engine Optimization expert to put the melodies, lyricism, entertainment and overall meaning of his upcoming release “Death to Wack Rappers” (a digital download that pays every guest star and guest producer and amounts to a double-CD worth of material - available within the site - into the minds and hearts of those who are (whether consciously or not) waiting to hear something that is, “More real. More for-the-people. Something better than what is force-fed to them”, as the artist puts it. However, as he wishes to have pointed out: “All respect to cats like KRS-One who constantly stress in their music what 'real Hip Hop' is but I go about things a little differently. When I think that an artist who has all the opportunity in the world to create something from the heart that can really touch and influence his audience and also has the time and resources to be sure that that piece of music is conveyed in a ground-breaking way and he chooses to take the easy road, I go for that fool's throat but don't make that the topic of my track. I challenge him, belittle him and speak on behalf of the people who pay his bills when I simply create something better than he has and take a few jabs at him in the process. ” He adds, “Like my lyric says though, 'take em to the hook, even though most ya'll couldn't handle the jabs! I'm also very literal in my music when it comes to how I deal with opportunists attempting to take advantage of artists that I work with, or how I handle the rappers that are ignorant enough to try and disparage me. I will walk jump up on your stage on video camera and really entertain your crowd. ”

Bigg Verb DaVinci is the artist that other artists fear but respect first!

While it is an overly-used claim, Verb is sure that it is his time. Last year, a legendary artist in the Hip Hop world set up a branch of his label in Detroit and “Bigg V” (going against what his experience has taught him) decided to take part in what ended up being a sort of “Making the Band” process. As time went on and he watched as his fellow artists were sold a dream that had them spending immense amounts of time, money and energy on getting their chance at being signed to a major label, he began recruiting the most driven of those rappers and singers and built a coalition (the “Unification of Almighty Detroit Artists” - or, U.A.D.A.) that gave them an outlet that got them paid for getting their fans and friends to events, offered prizes to the most talented performers, and more. Well, even though his primary job was to organize, host and promote the U.A.D.A events, it became obvious that he was the artist that the performers and their fans really wanted to see! “Some groups would bring 30-40 people out and wouldn't leave 'til I did a set. When I'd go up to introduce them, they'd chant for me to freestyle. It was really an honor. Usually, in my city, artists do all they can to destroy one another's chances at making a name for themselves. I wasn't even trying to push myself as a rapper anymore. I was more focused on giving this city a real scene; something it has never had. I stuck with that scam that was supposed to lead to a deal but all the while, I was just building relationships. When I won the thing, there was no real recording contract to be had. But, I'm thankful I went through all of that. It gave me my intensity back and reminded me that I was a force in this business”.

Ever since that situation brought “the animal outta' the cage”, Bigg Verb DaVinci has been cranking out track-after-track, many of which are self-produced and self-engineered. Learning as a child that the music industry ruins more lives than it saves (his fa