Big HEED and ALIen
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Big HEED and ALIen

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | MAJOR

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | MAJOR
Band Alternative Pop




"We Ain't That Hip"

Shout out to for featuring Big Heed and Alien in a recent interview. We sat down with a camera crew and went the full nine on this one. Check out a piece of the interview below then click here for exclusive celebrity pics and more courtesy of -

"AntiMusic Singled Out"

I got a call from Robert Watsoners telling me that if we didn’t have the single in 24 hours he was going to kill us. Me and ALIen were scared for our lives so we started drinking. -

"Tru Skool Tuesday"

As soon as Dizzy Wunda left the stage, the crowd soon came rushing to the stage for the headliner: Big Heed and Alien, who just recently signed to Jive Records. Heed had his face covered by shades and fro fully fledged, lyrically flowing and flipping to every beat while Alien, the drummer took off his shirt in the second verse. The energy started out raw and the mood was real cinematic as these cats continued to bring more fire. The crowd participated constantly in the groups antics as the group came towards in end while they thanked the crowd for coming to see some “jack-***es.”
I can’t agree more that Big Heed and Alien was the best anticipated performance of the night. All in attendance for the night were privileged to witness the Tru Skool Dope A** Music Series that happened at Apache. This Tru Skool Tuesday came with a real history lesson. Hip Hop is represented to the fullest every Tuesday at 64 3rd Street. B.O.B started at Apache and now Big Heed and Alien are officially signed to a label, thanks to the BFD Hip Hop Jam Session. - Diarra Davis


Jive/Battery Records have struck gold with an innovative new Hip-Hop group Big Heed and Alien. The eclectic rapper, Big Heed and the out of this world (literally) drummer Alien, have come together to form an act that’s all their own with a sound they describe as “acid” taking listeners on a musical high they’ve never experienced. - Daniella Canada


‘Tipsy’ carries a laid back attitude and that relatable feeling of sipping spirits in the club — but 8BarZ’s pumped up version give a sense of true party-mode - Amanda H.


OLD: Can you give us any advice as far as recording in the studio? What do we need to know?
ALien: When in the studio turn off the lights, blind fold yaself, and tweek out! The studio is made 4 experimental space travel! So float in the air, and go 2 the space nebular! Its awsomenesss! Just go Cam Newton on da $kins! - Nate Brown


Tipsy - Single (12/17/10) Jive / MRV / Battery
The Big Heed and Alien Show (T.B.D.) Jive / MRV / Battery



Big Heed & Alien met while playing instruments together in the church choir. Their childhood dream of making it big became a reality when an appearance on BET's 106 and Park landed them a recording contract.

Born Shaheed "Heed" Smith & Ali "Alien" Warren in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, Big Heed & Alien both began nurturing their musical interests early on. Alien started out on the back of his parent's pots and pans and Heed with the first keyboard his mother bought for him at 10 years old. They both honed their skills during countless hours of isolation while on punishment. Alien remembers fondly, "My mother realized I was having more fun [in my bedroom] than going to school, so she bought me my first drum set & piano and let me practice as a reward."

Separately they developed their talents exploiting the local music scene. Alien started out with local bands eventually playing drums for acts such as Air of Stereograph, B.O.B and Travis Porter. Already a talented MC, Heed was invited to a studio session with the Dungeon Family after meeting Andre 3000 at a performance at the Tabernacle. From that experience, he was able to log one on one time with Cee-Lo Green where he learned valuable skills that shaped him as a producer.

In 2008, Merovingian Music executive Robert Watson convinced the two artists to join forces (Heed is the MC and Alien is the drummer; together they make up Big Heed & Alien). First performing at local Atlanta venues and prominent events such as the Annual Luda Day Block Party & the bi-annual Sweet Auburn Festival leading to an appearance on BET's 106 & Park as part of Wild Out Wednesday. Eventually they were asked to return as the show's first ever house band, playing for subsequent Wild Out Wednesday contestants. The grooming from Watson and Merovingian Music head Jack Ponti, (known for successes with Bon Jovi, India Arie, etc.) lead the duo to a deal with Battery Records/Jive Label Group. "From the moment we saw that unbridled passion and creativity in Big Heed and Alien on BET, we knew there was something special here," says Ponti regarding the recent signing.

With their music best described by Heed as, "totally out of this world," they hope to spread a message of fun. Their debut album The Big Heed and Alien Show features their first single, "Tipsy," which broke on Sirius Hits 1 radio, is a high energy record about how to use liquor to have a good time. "They have a really refreshing sound consisting of an MC and live drummer which completely cuts thru sonically. Their first single is a crossover smash with a very wide appeal" says Neil Levine, SVP & GM of Battery Records.