Big Hit & the Baby Kit

Big Hit & the Baby Kit


Using only an acoustic guitar and a (slightly modified) toy drumset, the creators of this seemingly simple setup are able to deliver a surprisingly explosive sound that rivals a band of more pieces.


About Big Hit & the Baby Kit
At present, this acoustic duo has a wide variety of cover songs ranging from classic rock to modern rock as well as r&b, funk, and much more. Some examples of the artists show goers will enjoy hearing live include pink floyd, paul simon, radiohead, the beatles, sublime, johnny cash, kings of leon, eric clapton, bob dylan, maroon 5, brett dennen, pearl jam, jay z, tool, citizen cope, rage against the machine, john prine, outcast, 311, and many many more. The band is constantly expanding their list and performs original songs from previous albums as well. Whatever the set list may include, guests can be assured to expect the unexpected as this power duo provides a unique and rare musical experience that will be sure to amaze any and all who dare to tread within earshot

Set List

Typical set is no less than 45 minutes. Typical show is 3 sets. Plus encore

Master Song List

Bullet and a Target Citizen Cope
Sideways Citizen Cope
Call me Al Paul Simon
Me and Julio Paul Simon
Diamonds on the Souls Paul Simon
50 Ways to leave your Lover Paul Simon
Graceland Paul Simon
Folsom Prison Johnny Cash
Ring of Fire Johnny Cash
Walk the Line Johnny Cash
Come Together The Beatles
She Came in…..Bathroom window The Beatles
Another Brick in the wall Pink Floyd
Cocaine JJ Cale (Clapton)
7 Nation Army White Stripes
Crazy Gnarles Barkley
3 Little Birds Bob Marley
Concrete Jungle Bob Marley
As Long December Counting Crows
Round Here Counting Crows
Mr. Jones Counting Crows
You Don’t Know How it Feels Tom Petty
Last Dance With Mary Jane Tom Petty
Stink Fist Tool
I’m Amazed My Morning Jacket
All mixed up 311
Purple Rain Prince
Another One Bites the Dust