Big House Pete

Big House Pete

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Ever have one of those days you'd like to forget? Big House Pete will help you smile and get back to normal... Sort of Pscycho removal therapy... Aggressive blues... comedy rock... smokin guitar... Watch the video..!! ( video link) You have got to see BHP live...!!!!!!


Big House Pete is the result of years of hard life and the twisted way of letting people know what can happen to you.... if you let it...! Of course Big House Pete tells you how to avoid it too.... sort of Pyscho Removal Therapy....

Daddy Sac CD - demo 2003
Junk Punch CD - 2006
Wheres My Check! CD - 2011

River of Darkness 2011
Death From Above 2011
Limo Driver 2011

Butternuts - YouTube
Live videos

Winner - American Idol Underground - Explicit comedy contest
Semi-finalists - Emergenza Battle of the Bands
Fifth place - "Best Hard Rock Song" Just Plain Folks
Second place - "Best Hard Rock Song" Just Plain Folks

Live shows:
NYC, New Jersey, Baltimore, Miami, Detroit, Cleveland, Denver, Las Vegas, Columbia MO, Tucson, Dallas, Nashville, Los Angeles, Vero Beach, Raleigh, Virginia Beach, Culpepper VA, Philadelphia, Norfolk VA, Murfreesboro NC
Myrtle Beach Bike Week - Broken Spoke Saloon
Ohio Bike Week - Jack Daniels Saloon
Sturgis Bike Week - Broken Spoke Saloon
Laconia Bike Week - Broken Spoke Saloon
Rock for Life 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 RFL Christmas, RFL Spring, RFL End of Summer, RFL Octoberfest
Bag Lady Sue, Cycle Source Magazine
Many, many, many bars and clubs in the Pittsburgh tri-state area

2 East Coast tours 2007, 2008
1 West Coast tour 2009


Video on YouTube (link at
Junk Punch (2006)
Daddy Sac (2005) demo

Set List

Clutch, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, Robin Trower, Social Distortion, Buck Cherry, Tom Petty, Black Label Society and more

Junk Punch CD
New Album