Marion, Illinois, USA
BandHip HopGospel

well i'm an underground christian rapper who loves to rap and preach about jesus. I'm a very devoted christian that loves the name of jesus. i have been rappin unknown for about 3 years. I really bet people's attention. I talk about relavant things and unrelavent things also. I was born in illinois.


Kurby Tyler Mulholland
Marion, Illinois

Kurby grew up i Marion, Illinois, he was living the life of a bang banga. he was sellin, smokin, and having sex. kurby met some people that looked just like him. tipped hats, baggy pants, long shirts, but they were christians. they helped me get through my troubles and i got saved at 15. I started to rap when me and my friends were talking about makin a label so i rapped for them. they said i should try to get a contract. so that is what i'm doin.