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BIGKev is classic hiphop and comedy. Old school east coast vibe, with a silly and high energy performance. Memorable. Many say he looks like Dave Chappelle, others say the love the music. All will say they had a great time!


This guy is a Rapper in Real Life. Not in the stereotypical sense that might lead you to think of Bentleys and Half-naked women, but the kind where the lack of showboating brings you closer to who he really is as a person.
Originally from Dayton, OH, Big Kev was always a true fan of hip hop, Even as an ashy little kid, he loved music that had both personality and content. At Tennessee State University (TSU), his college hustle was producing tracks, recording demos, and making press kits for other local artists.
Stepping into his own, Kev became a fan favorite, claiming his status as a Top Performer at the best known open mic in Nashville, TN known as Lovenoise. Here is where he rocked crowds with his comedic persona, engaging flow, Busta-Rhymes-like energy, and not-to-mention his likeness to comedian Dave Chappelle.
At the release of his label's mixtape Hood Celebrities: We Don't Starve, We're The Stars, Big Kev shined on his solo "Came Back for You". Produced by Kanye West, only to follow up with more hits like the crowd favorite "Sunny D", "Take it to the Top", "Marti Mcfli", and "Move it like a Robot".
Big Kev is currently doing club dates, writing hip hop and R&B for other artists, and promoting his current release CRAM SESSION preparation for the new album WHEN KEEPING IT REAL GOES WRONG due out in 2009. He's also promoting his blog (THE BIG KEV BLOG) featuring his daily adventures, performances, and commentary on everything from hip hop, male/female relationships, sex, and politics.
It's clear to see why Big Kev is in demand and is showing a very successful music career. Now Based in Atlanta, the only place to go is up....
He has worked with DJ Pocket, Fate Eastwood, Robin Raynelle, Bo Streeter, Nashville Chance, Taylord Entertainment, Dj Aaries, Baby Ghatti aka Capo, Cory Sparks, Al Lozano, Janiro Hawkins, Dj Bad Ideas, Tony Montana (Bang Out), Nyse, Fluid Outrage, Diablo, Dj Brandi Garcia, Toni Delono (Ebb Tight), STIX, Dj Dimepiece, Tekneke, Broadway, Acapella, Mr. Wannabeat, Joey Stratton, Joe E. Rich, JC (Block Ent.), JMC, Dj C-Wiz, NLZ, Makeba Mooncycle, E-Dot, Dox, DJ C-Lo, Dj Sound Bwoi, and Hustle & Star
AIM - bigkevspoke

BOOKING INFO 615-243-1362


RICK JAMES (2008) single
Sweetbottom CherryTop 2008) single
Sunny D (2007)
Take it to the top (2008) single
Cram Session (2008)
Came Back for you (2006) single
Chicago:The Low End theory (2007)
Till the Wheels Fall of (2005)

Set List

Intro (30 sec)
Sweetbottom CherryTop (2min)
Sunny D (3min)
Rick James (3mins)
Piss on you (2mins) Cover
Take it to the top (3mins)
Asking Me why (4mins) Cover
Can I holla (3mins)

20 mins is an average set time. Can be extended or reduced depending on time restraints