Big Lake

Big Lake

 Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Moody post-rock shoegaze with harmonies.



Borne of nebulous shoegaze, post-rock and early punk influences, Big Lake is an indie rock project headed by NYC area musician Lysa Opfer. Lysa spent four years and many late nights building her own studio, which she uses to record all her own instruments and vocals. She began work on the EP in the spring of 2011, eschewing any kind of social life to completely devote herself to creating music. She then tapped friends Thomas Barrett to play drums and Jeff Maiore to provide additional guitars, rounding out a moody, provocative sound, which has drawn comparisons to My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Garbage and Ride.

Big Lake's debut EP "Do You Love Me? Yes / No" is a tribute to childhood and embraces the nostalgia—sometimes dark—of early life. Growing up at the edge of the woods in a small lake community provoked an imaginative obsession with many spooky things that lived in those woods when the sun went down. Trees became menacing shapes, winds became ghosts and windows were to be avoided altogether. "Do You Love Me? Yes / No" is a five-song collection of these haunted memories, told from unique points of view, and finds an easy home in indie shoegaze and post-rock.

Lysa has been hooked on making music from the time she was able to bang a wooden spoon against her mother's metal pots. She has since been in or contributed to many bands, including HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS, STUYVESANT, THE WRENS, THE DEMANDS, and currently, WJ & THE SWEET SACRIFICE. Her enduring passion for pursuing her own solo project very recently and suddenly exploded all over her apartment and completely drained her savings. But she couldn't be happier.


Homecoming Game

Written By: Big Lake

Missing boy you've gone away
They said you'd be on 28 days
Hung out on strings of drug love laundry line
They took you in and pumped a different kind

A light came through is what we say
A darkness on Thanksgiving Day
All hands around a proud ballet
We all enjoyed your homecoming game

You held a stage you held my hand when we were we
Now floating in your chair you don't see me
But you made me promise not to tell them
As your eyes rolled away on your holiday

A light came through is what we say
A darkness on Thanksgiving Day
All hands around a proud ballet
We all enjoyed your homecoming game

I Never Left

Written By: Big Lake

Getting on in late October
Letting on, I wake up and you're gone
You know I never left you, Home

Window down I'm breathing older
Washing wind it's singing all night long
You know there's beauty in your song

I miss the marsh light up
I miss the nothing going on

On a deck watching planes fly over
A strip of night the stars go on and on
A wish you'd never leave alone

I kissed you at a friend's field party
Headlights from cars they knew what we had done
I wish I never left you, Home

I see all the wrinkles in your face
and mine we never stood a chance

Scary Things at Night

Written By: Big Lake

A dark woodsy house window and I found you there
You're never gonna stop me I just want to be clear
You can run as fast as your little girl feet will take you but
I will hunt you down I will hunt you down I will find you

Throw it on open and please join me outside
Swollen moon rising you can see where I'm hiding
I hiss through my teeth when I see your window open
I will take you down I will take you down I will take you down

The family's all gone you're alone in the dark an empty home no one will notice
Come play with me run through the trees I'll catch your legs and eat your bones

Your face at the window I just gave you a scare
Back away slow but I can still sense your blood there
You can wait it out long but you know I like to linger
I will wait for you I will wait for you I am waiting


EP "Do You Love Me? Yes / No"
Released Nov 15, 2011