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Unseen. Unmatched. Unheard. Unbelievable...Big Lan The Heavyset's lyrical firepower and aggressive flow proves to be a deadly combination for any would-be contender in the rap game.


1995 witnessed an enormous shift of momentum in this juggernaut we know as hip-hop. Fans began turning their attention from the classic, hard hitting and melodic rhythms of the West Coast G-Funk era, to the gritty and grimy verbal assaults of East Coast artists such as Notorious BIG, Wu-Tang Clan and Nas. Some say the difference in creative styles, music and substance was the calm before the “East Coast/West Coast” storm, but for one student of hip hop it was an opportunity to learn from his teachers and manifest that knowledge into something epic. This is his story…

Orlando Quion Sadsarin aka Big Lan the Heavyset was born on December 21st, 1978 in the Philippines. His father, who was serving in the United States Army, was able to relocate Orlando and his mother to the United States in order to provide them with a better and brighter future. Lan’s passion for music showed at an early age. By the age of 3 he was already singing along with one of his all time favorites, Lionel Richie. At age 4 and 5, he was singing and performing songs by Michael Jackson, Daryl Hall & John Oats, James Ingram, Jeffrey Osborne, etc. But it was not until the age of 12, with the help of LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out album, where he would find and fall in love with HIP-HOP.

3 Year Increments…10 Years Strong

1995… Seventy-First Senior High School in Fayetteville, NC. Lan connects with fellow emcees Vince “D-Cent One” Nauta and Leroy “Buddy Leroy” Abner. While the three constantly pushed and motivated each other through lunch room ciphers and after school battles, Lan began to study and develop his own style.

1998…3 years later and armed with an arsenal of rhymes, punch lines and metaphors, Lan began entering in local battles and talent showcases in Fayetteville and neighboring cities. He then met Alex Lozano, aka DJ Lex Luthor, who heard about a “nasty Filipino rapper” through word of mouth. Lex, a Virginia Beach native who was also Filipino, was so impressed with the young emcee that he agreed to help produce Lan’s demo. While the two worked on completing the demo Lan entered 99.1 “The Big Stick’s” “Battle In The Park” contest in Fayetteville, NC which offered the winner a spot as an opening act for their annual Summer Fest. Beating out over 50 contestants, Big Lan went on to win and open for the headliner, Ginuwine. With the concert under wraps and the public wanting more, Lan and Lex decided to release the demo as an EP. Lan went on to appear on numerous mix tapes produced by DJ Lex Luthor and continued to open for acts such as the Outsidaz, Rah Digga, Canibus, 95 South and Kwame.

2001…New City, New Scene. Lan relocated to Jacksonville, FL in the fall of 2001. There he quickly began networking with different individuals, at the same time trying to get a grasp on the Florida Hip-Hop scene. He began working with Jose Ayalin and DJ Qualaam from Koncentration Kamp records. Lan completed a 6 track EP titled The Gravitee EP, and went on to move units, focusing in areas such as Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas and California. Having created a small buzz within the Filipino community in Jacksonville, Lan was approached by business owner Romel Layug, who owns and operates JAK’S CLUB, a small nightclub which doubled as a venue for up and coming artists, to perform for the Filipino community. The response was positive and Lan began performing regularly at JAK’s, and also emceed the weekly “Hip-Hop Spot” which featured an open mic showcase, b-boy/b-girl battles, emcee battles, DJ battles, etc. Things were on the up and up, but due to a job relocation Lan found himself back in the “Middle East” aka North Carolina.

2004…Lan finds himself back in North Carolina and back at square one. Fayetteville, NC will always be home, but this time Lan sets up shop in Greensboro, approximately 100 miles north of Fayetteville. New City, New Scene…New People, New Things. Lan linked up with Tonshia Fluitt aka Tabu, a New York native and avid music lover, while working for the United States Postal Service. Tabu’s frequent visits to NYC and numerous industry contacts have created an avenue never before available to Lan. Striving for one more chance, Lan is hungrier than ever. Patience is a virtue –but in Lan’s eyes it’s now or never.

2006...Having had a productive year, the long awaited LP dubbed "THE GRAVITEE LP" will be released first quarter of 2006...with production work from Dymond Productions (Young Genius, STU, Triple M, Beatz 4 Dayz) and producers Repeat Ophenda (UK) & Justice Born (ATX), and collaborations with Rashad, Fame the Sensasian and Buddy Leroy, Lan's first release is looking to reshape Hip-Hop's structure..."IT'S TIME TO SHAKE SHIT UP!!! NO SUBLIMINALS!!!" - Big Lan The Heavyset

Performance Venues:
Crash Mansion, NYC
Platinum Lounge, NYC
Dizzy G's, Greensboro NC
Club Orions, Greensboro NC
Club Blur, Greensboro, NC
Hams Palladium, Greensboro, NC
Carolina Theatre, Greensboro N


DJ Lex Luthor's Mixtapes Volumes 1 - 6
The Gravitee EP 2002
The Gravitee LP 2006

Set List

Typical set list consists of anywhere from 4 - 8 songs depending on the venue and the show sets are usually anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes, again depending on the venue and the show itself...