Big Leg Emma

Big Leg Emma

 Jamestown, New York, USA


Big Leg Emma was formed in the summer of 2001 after long time musical partners Steve Johnson (songwriter/vocals/guitar) and Charity Nuse (songwriter/vocals/mandolin/djembe) met Amanda Barton (fiddle/vocals) through mutual friends. Although musical styles varied, the three immediately melded their sounds to create a unique genre of music mixing folk rock, bluegrass and alternative country.
In April, 2006 they joined forces with Steve French (bass) and Rad Akers (drums). This union created a very energetic sound including influences ranging from progressive rock to hip hop; intensifying BLE’s ability to jam. Our newest member, Steve Davis (keys/organ/vocals) was added in February, 2007. His jazz/funk/blues sty lings completed what is now known as Big Leg Emma. Even though BLE is often described as a Fiery Americana Roots Rock band, they appeal to audiences of all ages and musical preferences. With the front three original members still in place, the addition of the newest members has enabled BLE to reach new ground without losing their original chemistry.

BLE is a nationally touring act that creates their music on feel, vibe, and deep hearted lyrics.
The band's tour schedule has led them from the scenic hills of Western New York to the
Great Northeast, the Midwest, the Deep South, and all points in between. BLE has built a strong following in the festival circuit sharing stages with Rusted Root, 10,000 Maniacs, Gin Blossoms, The Sam Bush Band, The Wailers, Keith Anderson, Los Lobos, Old Crow Medicine Show, Peter Rowan and Donna the Buffalo, just to name a few.

The band is now out in support of their latest CD "Big Leg Emma LIVE", just released in July 2007. Big Leg Emma has grown in many positive, professional and personal ways over the last few years and is looking forward to a great summer! The band will be on tour in a town near you. See YA ALL ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!!


Perfect World copyright 2006©

Written By: Steve Johnson

Build all your life
To slowly watch it fall
Is it the knife that cuts
Or the writing on the wall
Do you dream in color
Do you see all you could see
If this is a perfect world
We're bound to be free

It's the idea of nature
It's the marriage of life
So reach your hand in the water
Make this world your wife
Can you see the future
Did you slip and hit your head
They say it's a perfect world
Well I guess it's better than being dead

Hold your head up high
Hold your head up high
Hold your head up high
Hold your head up high

Did something spill on the floor
Did someone tell a lie
I know that there's something wrong
By the look that's in your eye
Can you tell me what happened
Did the world do you wrong
If this is a perfect world
Then this is a perfect song

Hold your head up high
Hold your head up high
Hold your head up high
Hold your head up high


'Gramma Don't Like That' released 7-3-02
'Color of Wind' released 7-3-04
'Big Leg Emma live at Corning Museum of Glass DVD' released 8-26-05
'Big Leg Emma LIVE' released 7-6-07