Big Lips and the Skinny

Big Lips and the Skinny


Johnny Cash, high on pills starting a forrest fire with wayne Fontana...


As with most bands, Big Lips and the Skinny started out with a few people jamming and became an actual gigging group after discovering they had fun and an original sound that should be shared with more people. Although the band is officially from Albuquerque we are all transplants with only one native New Mexican. Matt writes the songs that make some of the world sing.(Others yank their nosehairs out and swallow them with a chaser of kerosene, but in a joyful way.) What are the songs about? Where is he coming from? Listen, digest and you will see the light. The lineup has changed, the songs have evolved, but the spirit remains the same. BLATS is better than ever and wants you to join the fun. By this, we mean, show us your tits!!! (Even man tits?)
ESPECIALLY MAN TITS!!!! (mitties or moobs if the wee ones are around and you are reading aloud.)


Hindsight, 2006.

Set List

No covers, set lists are for the weak!