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Fractured Lives

Written By: Bill Aspinwall and Tracey Timpanaro

Fractured Lives
by Bill Aspinwall and Tracey Timpanaro


Day started out in an ordinary way
but nothing’s ordinary about a combat day
you’re never sure where the enemy’s at
he’ll cut you down in seconds flat

and that’s what happened to me that day
a rocket grenade blew my legs away
my best friend tried to carry me from harm
a bullet cut him down and he died in my arms

we are your parents, your sons and your daughters
in the pain of war we’ve been baptized
try as you may you might not understand
what it’s like inside these fractured lives

even though I’m back over here
I can still smell the bitter sweat of fear
I still look for snipers on every rooftop
and the nightmares just won’t stop

on good days I’m down, depressed and frustrated
the rest of the time I don’t think I’m gonna make it
I’m either in therapy or some empty room waiting
and the pain is still just excruciating


when I was there, I was doing what I could
they shipped me home cuz I’m damaged goods
now who is going to want to be my wife
and help me take off my legs at night

every day my body is so sore
every night I break down and cry
I don’t know how much more of this I can take
I hope it was worth it, for heaven’s sake




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"Pick Yourself Up"
Tracks played on and live performers on KPFT 90.1 Houston, Texas on the HAAM radio show.