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Pensacola, Florida, United States | INDIE

Pensacola, Florida, United States | INDIE
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"Lost At Sea Magazine"

A pleasant surprise arrived this month in the form of Tallahassee, Florida's Big Lo and his new album, Mindstate: Freedom (So-Lo Productionz). Lo certainly carries a torch for Wu-Tang Clan, from the sped-up soul samples of "Good Music" (produced by Sealy) to Killarmy member Beretta 9's involvement on tracks like "How We Do." Vast Aire also puts in some time on "To Be Strong" - obviously this unknown MC is well connected. And he earns it, both behind the boards and on the mike. - Jonah Flicker for

"2007 Florida Music Festival Performance Review"

"...I returned to AKA and walked in on Tallahassee's Big Lo ranting a very political rap. He had conviction in his eyes while tackling such touchy subjects in society as our president, Allah, material commodities and the things people do to make the rent, standing out from most of today's mainly commercial brand of hip-hop....Back at AKA Lounge, Mobella was held back an extra 20 minutes or so by a young, crass D-Feezy whose rap seemed to be a crowd pleaser for a little bit, but when every rhyme started to sound the same, lots of trips to the bar were made by all. And then the eyes started to roll. His performance was a perfect example of what Big Lo had been describing in terms of commercialism earlier in the evening."

- Alicia Lyman - Alicia Lyman for

" "MindState: Freedom" Review (Canada)"

MindState: Freedom is a keystone release and a sure shot cornerstone addition to any hip hop fans collection. Featuring an assortment of fifteen dazzling tracks, MindState hits fans hard. The beats are exceptionally tight. The lyrics are well forged and smoothly delivered. MindState : Freedom features fifteen of the best songs fans need to hear. The album contains no filler material. Every song commands undivided listening attention and the respect of countless loops and repeats. The songs are packed with quotables that get minds wide open. The music is absolutely intense and full of hip hop charge.

Big Lo is an exceptionally talented artist. His flow is flawless and always seam effortless. His words are full of wisdom, intensity and powerfully messages. Each line in every rhyme is perfectly tied to its predecessor. Big Lo rides the beats like the beats are one with his rhymes. It’s evident on listening to the music on this album that the name Big Lo is synonymous with flavor, intensity and delivery.

The juiciest tracks served on this delicious buffet of fantastic hip hop music include “Good Music”, “How We Do”, “Too Be Strong feat. Vast Aire”, “Snatched” and “The Dawn of Armageddon”. All of the tracks are exceptional. These are simply the select few that shine beyond shinning. There are no filler songs featured on the album. The album does contain an introduction and an interlude which some fans would deem as better served if removed; however, the introduction and interlude are more like mini-tracks containing strong beats and interesting cuts. Fans are glued to the musical experience down the whole nine.

The beats are exceptional through-out each song. The scrumptious cuts and mouth-watering sounds serve up flavors to sooth fans salivation by providing hearty music for them to sink their teeth deep into. Each song flows seamlessly into the next giving the album an overall flow that satisfies. The album is pure harmonics. Fans never suffer from a displaced moment where songs jaggedly intertwine. The album is unified with harmony when it comes to the mix.

The lyrics have an excellent overall flow. Each song contains meaningful, thought provoking lyrics. The lyrics are well written and perfectly delivered. The guest appearances add positively to the music. For example, Jade Foxx is explosive in “Present Becomes Your Past” and Vast Aire is breath taking in “Too Be Strong”. Fans get the message loud and clear, learning about Big Lo and his views on life and its facts.

The production and sound quality is strictly top level. The album artwork is well designed, but lacks in providing a good amount of informational content about the artist and his music, tailored for the inquisitive fans. So-Lo Productionz has done incredible work in putting this album together. Aside from his brilliant performance, Big Lo deserves additional credit as the Executive Producer on the album.

“MindState : Freedom” is an incredible album that every fan should hear. This album is a future classic and a keystone release. Every song is brilliantly put together and delivered, a true rarity in the industry. The messages in the music are profound and intense. The beats are packed with flavor. The production is exceptional. Big Lo is exceptionally talented and this album is a sure shot testament to that fact. Fans need to get connected without delay. “MindState: Freedom” leaves no disappointments.


"Big Lo - Nové album -MindState: Freedom + nový videoklip (Czech Republic)"

Nedávno jsem se zde zmínil v jednom èlánku o floridském producentovi a emceem - Big Loovi. Jeho dílna aka Solo Productionz nabízí stále nové a nové beaty. Big Lo pøed nedávnem vydal také nové album MindState: Freedom, 2007. Mùžete na nìm slyšet kvalitnì provedenou hudbu, vìtšinou zamìøenou klasickým smìrem, ale o to více originálnì. Mezi nejvìtší pohodovky øadím osobnì How We Do feat. Beretta a také track Good Music, jež byl zfilmován. Tento videoklip konèí opravdu netradiènì, vesele, až vtipnì, jinak je vcelku obyèejný bez nìjakých vìtších efektù. No, posuïte sami. Ale klip si pus?te celý, jinak konec nebude mít takové grády:) Vra?me se ještì s pár slovy k již zmínìnému albu Mindstate: Freedom. Album lze samozøejmì zakoupit a to za vskutku parádní cenu. Více informací a 5 pecek k poslechu najdete na mujšpajz.kom/So-Lo Productionz. Pøeji pøíjemný poslech. Brzy také èekejte nìkteré tracky od Big Lo v našem pøehrávaèi - Allelements Player. - Jahoda for

"Chronic Magazine Interview (Namibia, Africa)"

In a sea of hip-hop fish taking a bite of commercial bait, it’s good to know that there's still some schools that use intellect to avoid getting caught. For some, staying submerged and avoiding the mainstream might not be viable option. Big Lo however, is one fish who chooses to swim the indie ocean,surviving and gaining respect by lacing beats and kicking conscious raps.

Describe a day in the life of Big Lo.

I usually wake up early in the morning, burn one, get some reading done than get to work. I take careof all my phone calls and e-mails I need to, than it's off to the lab, either working on beats, recording for myself, or other people. I run a full studio, so my days are very busy. I hardly have an off day but when I do I like to go crate digging at a couple different spots here in Tallahassee or just relax with my people.

You're based in Florida. How does your environment influence you to kick conscious lyrics?

The environment I live in is very backwards. There is still a ton of racism, the cops are mad dirty, and a lot of people still live with that slave mentality. Most of the other emcees around here talk about selling dope and other shit and I've lived that life when I was younger and it's nothing to glamorize. I'm trying to wake people up and build for future generations.

You were incarcerated for a short while. Did that play a big role in you converting to Islam?

Not directly. The biggest thing being incarcerated did for me was it got me into reading things with a lot more substance. Prior to being locked up I wasn't really going to school or reading but when I got popped I began to realize the importance of the quest for knowledge.

You have very interesting origins. Give us short brake-down where you're from.

I've lived around Florida my entire life, but I come from a different background than most of the people I know. My mother's side of the family is from Macedonia which is the historical home of Alexander the Great, so that's pretty dope. They immigrated to America thru Canada in the early
20th century. My father's side of the family is Basque, they come from Northern Spain but were forced to flee to Morocco because of Franco tyranical rule. My father was born and raised in Morocco.

You've just completed touring in Orlando. How did heads in the South respond to your shows?

People usually respond pretty well to my shows because I'm a good live performer. Orlando for the FloridaMusic Festival was dope. I made a lot of good connections and the AKA Lounge, Full Sail, and OrlandoCityBeat.comshowed a lot of love.

You're an independent artist putting out your own product. Do you see yourself being signed to a major label?

I would like to be signed and given the freedom to focus strictly on the art. I also realize that a lot of the subjects I touch on the major labels are scared to support. Also, the harder that I'm working as an indie artist is earning respect from more and more people so God willing I won't need a major label in order to live off my craft.

What kind of music other than hip-hop do you listen to?

I listen to some of everything. I was raised in a very diverse musical environment, but I would say for themost part Im a fan of Soul, Funk, Classic Rock, Latin Jazz, and Orchestral Music.

You're on the verge of releasing "MindState:Freedom" How many albums have you released thus far?

I've released two official albums so far, "Where Am I Going?" and "Guerillas In Tha Mixx Vol. 1", but I've also relased 4 mix-tapes with Kill-A-Foe Records and have been featured on 5 other projects as an MC and have done beats for a multitude of people.

What's next for Big Lo?

I'm getting ready to release MindState: Freedom and have a few more shows lined up for the summer which is cool. I'm always working on new music and just trying to network and build with as many people as possible. Maybe one day I'll be blessed with the opportunity to come rock in Africa. PEACE
- Kold Stone for

" Interview"

Where you living, where you holdin it down?

I'm holdin down Tallahassee, Florida, the home of FAMU
homecoming and the world famous Marching 100. A lot of
people sleep on Tallahassee but don't get it twisted,
it's a hot-bed of talent. Everyone knows about T-Pain,
but most people don't know that George Clinton, the
King of Funk himself is from right around the corner.
Dead Prez is from Orange Ave., Common went to school
at Famu for a hot minute as well as jazz greats Nat
and "Cannonball" Adderley. Music is definately a big
part of the city.

What is the significance of your name?

I've always been called "Lo" which is short for my
last name, "Lopez". In 2000 I was going by "That
Ma'Fucka Lo" but that was a mouthfull so my long time
homie, Dub just started calling me "Big Lo" cause I was
bigger than most of the boys size wize, Im like 6'1,
205 now, which is down from 230...I've been in the gym
trying to get right, ya heard?! Also, the "Big" can
symbolize the fact that I'm making "big" moves.

When did you first become introduced to hip hop?

I first got into Hip-Hop in the late 80's...the first
tape I ever copped was Kool Moe Dee's "Knowledge is
King" which I believe dropped in 89. Since then I've
been immursed in the culture, and although I got in
a lot of trouble as a jit, I thank Hip-Hop for getting
me thru many trying times. I remember how much we
would anticipate different projects and just wait for
that Tuesday to cop the illest shit. I don't anticipate
albums like that anymore...its kind of sad, I get more
out of finding rare LP's when Im digging.

What artists/people in your life intrigued you to start emceeing?

First of all, my mother, she was always real open to
all types of music and kept all sorts of crazy shit
from all genres playing. Plus we was never on that church
shit, I wasn't sheltered so she didn't really mind the
cursing and shit. She actually likes Pac and Wu! In
the mid to late 90's I started fuckin round with Dub
and Russ who were more serious than me, but when I
got popped and locked down in 99, I took this writing
and music shit a lot more serious. So I would have to
say the State of Florida is an influence. Musically,
I really fucked with Wu hard, as well as Scarface,
Outkast, Goodie Mobb, C-Bo, Yukmouth, Killarmy,
the Gravediggaz, and of corse Pac.

How would you describe your style?

Im pretty versatile as an MC and a producer. But I
definately get put into the "East Coast" box by most
people which is cool with me, I'm just making good
music and being me. I spit about all sorts of shit
including life experience, politics, battle shit,
sci-fi shit, and a little something for the women, ya
dig?! As far as production goes I do Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul,
and West Coast shit all with my own twist.

What artists are you currently going to be working with?

On "MindState: Freedom" I've collabed with Vast Aire,
Beretta 9 of Killarmy, Jade Foxx, and 14th Century. I've
also got additional production from Alkota, DaShin, Sealy,
and Shadowville. I'm part of the Future Chamber movement
so I fucks with some of them cats, I also fucks with
DainjaRuss, Dub Tre, Oktane, Savage Adonis, Midax,
and Inferno.

Who would you enjoy to work with?

I would really enjoy working MF Doom, he seems like a
crazy dude and I know we would trip in the studio. Devin the
Dude is somebody I got to fucks with before I die. It
would be nice to hit Cali and do a joint with Yuk too,
I know he's smoking good!!!

Tell me about your current projects, whens your album drop?

My current projects include my album "MindState: Freedom"
which will be released in May if all goes right. Im also
doing a mixtape called "Track Terrorism" with Alaskan
producer Alkota. On top of that I'm about to launch
my online station, "Rugged Land Radio" which is going
to play nothing but that uncut raw shit from people
I personally fucks with. Im also producing some neo-soul
joints for Indya who's known for her work on "My Boo" by
the Ghost Town DJ's.

Who is doing the production?

The majority of the production is done by me. I've been
making beats for almost 8 years so I got what it takes
technically, also, I know what kind of music I want. Other
than myself I got my mans DaShin from the Netherlands
for a couple joints, Shadowville from N.Y. for a joint,
Big Huskey from N.Y., Sealy from Paris did a joint, and
Alkota did a couple joints. All the recording and mixing
is done by me in my lab.

Who are your favorite producers?

I'm probably one of the few people who wouldn't say
Dre. Don't get me wrong, I like Dre's shit, but he's
not in my top 5. The RZA is dope, the Wu-Tang sound
changed Hip-Hop as we know it. Madlib is crazy, he
flips a lot of obscure shit, and his drums are nasty.
Timbaland makes my favorite "pop" music, even the
shit he's done with Nelly Fertado and Justin Timberlake
is nuts. I really dig Allah Mathematics' tracks too,
his shits nice. Is Organized Noise still around?
Their production on all the old 'Kast and Goodie Mobb
shit is real nice too.

What producers would you like to work with?

I think Madlib, Stoupe of Jedi Mind Tricks, and the RZA
could capture my sound the best. Out of those I believe
Madlib would be the most fun to work with, he seems
laid back and I know he's burning lovely. I've always
dreamed about working with the RZA, but he seems like
he's probably pretty serious all the time, I could be
wrong, he's burning lovely too! Stoupe probably would
give me what I like off bat, but I've heard he only fucks
with JMT and their affiliates now.

What one reason would you give your fans, to go out and buy your album?

Only one reason? Haha, I could give them a million, but
the main reason would be that I'm giving my fans something
that they will rock for years to come. I don't want
to give them some bullshit with one or two hot songs. My
peoples expect a lot from me, so Im going to give them
what they want. I'm putting a lot of time, blood,
sweat, and tears into this joint. Ya heard me?!

Will you be doing any touring?
What shows/events are you going to wreck?

Performing is the best high on earth. I've got the
Florida Music Festival & Conference in Orlando coming up
in May. Im putting together shit with my mans Inferno
throughout Florida and Im trying to get an East Coast
college/nightclub tour poppin for this upcoming fall.

What would you say makes you different from the average MC?

First of all, I'm not lying in my music. If I had a
Bentley I could talk about one, but I don't, so I don't.
Don't get me wrong, I want a nice whip one day, but
for right now I can talk about my shoe collection, I've
got over 30 pairs of sneakers...haha. Secondly, I say
shit that some MC's are scared to say. I'm a proud
supporter of the Palestinian cause! If that keeps some
of the majors from checkin for me, than fuck 'em. I
don't need cowards or snakes in my life.

What emcee's do you currently listen to?

Currently I fucks with MF Doom, he's rediculous, plus I've
never heard him repeat himself. Also, Ghostface is a
mainstay in the CD player, he's complex and he's fierce
on the mic, plus he seems to be getting more hungry.
Scarface is a legend and his music is real and timeless.
"G-Code" is the ringtone on my phone...

Whats your formula, how do you come up with the concepts for your songs?

Jeezy has a formula, I don't really have a formula.
Sometimes the beat influences the direction the song
goes. Sometimes I find a topic before I make a track,
for example, Im doing a track based on the original
"War of the Worlds" radio recording that people took
seriously. Sometimes I write shit without a beat based
on some shit that happened to me, or I learned about
from reading, or I saw on the news. Ya feel me?! I
believe if you have too much of a formula you end up
doing what everyone else is doing. I don't want every
track to have 16 bar verses and 8 bar hooks. That
shits played out in my eyes.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years in hip hop?

I see myself as an underground icon. I see myself eating
descent off my art, getting constant airplay on
college and indie-radio worldwide, and moving 40,000 -
50,000 units of everything I drop. I see myself touring
worldwide; hitting places like Japan and Europe. I
also see myself producing for a lot of other people. I'm
telling you, don't sleep on my beats!

Where do you see hip hop in 5 to 10 years?

Hip-Hop ain't going away...It's here to stay in all it's
various forms. A lot of people would say crunks killing
Hip-Hop, or people are dumbing down their lyrics and it
ways it could be viewed as such, but I think there's
still a lot of quality music out there. There's a lot
of garbage too! 5 or 10 years we will see more fads
come and go, but Hip-Hop is more than just music, it's
a lifestyle, it's a culture.

So you have any final words for our community and the prospects of hip hop?

I just want to thank y'all for reading this far into
this interview, haha! Nah, but really thanks to everyone
who's supporting me, and if you want to get at me hit
me up. I'm a layed back dude and I'll speak to everyone.
- Owl for

" Interview"

Where U representing?

I'm representing Tallahassee, Florida. Tallahassee has been a good town for spawning talent. Maybe it's the political climate due to it being the capital of Florida. FAMU and FSU also bring people from everywhere. Tallahassee is more culturally diverse that most towns of this size. Dead Prez and George Clinton is from here! Plus Common as well as Nat and "Cannonball" Adderly both went to FAMU. The thing is about this town is that you got to get out of it to do something, so that's what I'm doing. I'm taking my show on the road, as they say.

You aren't the typical Florida rapper..Its seems like you have more depth the to "pop lock n drop it" or to "make it reign" ..... why not just follow the trends?

Fuck trends! If I do what the next man does than I'm not being me. I'm a complex person who will touch on many issues. Furthermore, I dont want to blend in with everybody else. I'm going to stand out. I'm going to follow my own path. That "pop lock n drop it" shit has its place, but I don't consider that Hip-Hop music. It's kind of like comparing 70's soul to disco. Soul music was from the heart, just like real Hip-Hop, ya know?!

Do you feel like most south music is preserving hiphop or damaging it?

I don't consider most South music Hip-Hop. Most of these cats is garbage! They live shows is wack. They tracks is layered a million times. That's not Hip-Hop. I wouldn't say the South is damaging Hip-Hop, I would say that DJ's who spin bullshit records is damaging it, ya dig?! We still got people in the South who go hard! I don't think anyone would question Scarface or Outkast about their skills as emcees. Plus I know a lot of underground cats here in Florida who is real nice. Don't get it twisted either, it's not just the South, Mims and the whole Dipset!? What the fuck?! Them dudes is pre-school. They got all that fame and money, but in my eyes they toddlers on the mic.

How did you get your start in HipHop?

In the late 80's I copped my first tape, Kool Moe Dee's "Knowledge is King" and since then Hip-Hop's been the only true love in my life. It's been my only source of release, ya dig?! As far as rhyming goes I would have to say my two partners Dub Tre & DainjaRuss got me serious in the mid 90's. When I got locked up in '99 I started writing more and when I was released in mid-2000 I started playing around with the beats too.

What emcees did you look up to coming up?

Growing up I looked up to a lot of cats. I was on that Wu shit hard. I was rocking Killarmy and Gravediggaz shit like there wasn't any other tapes out. I loved Outkast and Goodie Mob. The Organized Noise sound was lovely, ya dig?! Scarface and 2pac were a heavy influence. C-Bo and Yukmouth was the West Coast stuff I fucked with the most.

Who are ya favorite 5 alive right now?

Right now I fucks with Ghostface, MF Doom, Scarface, Nas, and Yukmouth. I say Yuk cuz he's probably the most slept on dude in the West. He's a beast on the mic, he's takes that "g" shit to a whole nother level. Doom never repeats himself plus he always entertains me. Nas is just nice, and he really captures all the contradictions of manhood well. Ghostface is just nasty, and he's seems to always be hungry. Scarface is a fucking legend in my circles!

Do you have any albums or mixtapes coming soon that cats need to look out for?

Yeah, I'm currently finishing up my sophmore opus, "MindState: Freedom" which also features Vast Aire, Beretta 9, Jade Foxx, & 14th Century as well as additional production from DaShin, Sealy, Big Huskee, Alkota, and Shadowville. If all goes as planned it will drop this May and be available worldwide. I'm also doing a mixtape called "Track Terrorism" with Alkota on all the beats. Me and my dude Inferno have talked about getting on some cannibal animalism shit, haha. I'm also producing the majority of Indya's (famous for "My Boo" with the Ghost Town DJ's) new neo-soul project. All of this shit is gonna be fire!

Real Talk??? Why is your shit worth checking before the next man???

Real talk, the next man usually sounds just like the next man, but not as good as the man who did it before. I don't sound like the next man. All my lyrics and beats is on point. Plus, "MindState: Freedom" has no filler songs. Every joint on there is dope. I'm not only giving you something that you can rock to, my music has substance. I'm touching on shit that some emcees is too coward to touch on.

Any shows coming up?

Yeah, I stay performing, that's how I get my rocks off, haha. My next shows are for the Florida Music Festival & Conference in Orlando from May 16th thru May 20th and I will be performing every night. After that, I'm trying to put together a promo tour for "MindState: Freedom" so God willing that works out. I also do spot dates all the time, so just keep checking on me to see if I'm gonna be in your area.

You did a song with Beretta 9 from KillArmy .... how did that come about?

Killarmy has always been a major influence of mine. Especially Beretta 9 and PR Terrorist. I just reached out to dude to see if he was feeling my joints and would be down to collab. He said yeah, and the numbers were good so I sent him some beats. He chose one and we killed that shit. He's definately a humble, cool cat.

Ok whats a typical day like for Big Lo?

I usually wake up with the roosters. Spark the swisha on my nightstand to get my head right. Than I sip some coffee and read. I'm reading all sorts of ill shit lately. I take care of all the business shit I need to than it's to the lab for the rest of the day. For fun I go digging. We've got a couple spots with crazy record collections here in town so its cool. My family, my girl, and my peoples are pretty understanding of how much this music means to me so they don't really bother me when I'm working.

Here at we are known to ask "not your typical" interview questions sometimes because the fans have things they would like to know personally.So these may be a little out of the norm but paint a better picture for the people to know you better.....

What 5 artists are in heavy rotation in your Ipod right now??

I don't have an iPod! Haha, I keep some Doom, Ghostface, Scarface, Killarmy, and old Goodie Mob in rotation. I've really been rockin that Afro Samurai soundtrack a lot lately. That shit's dope, I'm really feeling the joint with GZA and Big Daddy Kane.

Whats the 2 hottest albums you checked in 06?

The two hottest albums...damn, that's a tough question when most of the shit out is wack. I would have to say Ghostface's "Fishscale" was definately one of the top projects last year. I also liked the Outkast "Idlewild" soundtrack. It wasn't your typical album, but them dudes just make great music. When you listen to that record it really brings you to that time and place. I can appreciate a good conceptual album if it's done well.

What is your ultimate goal in the hiphop game?

I want to make my mark as one of the pillars of true Hip-Hop. I'll be happy to eat well by moving 40 to 50,000 units of every album I drop and getting airplay on college and indie radio worldwide. I want to travel. I would love to rock Europe and Japan they really respect and love the art in those places.

Nas titled his album "Hiphop is Dead", Do you agree with that?

No disrespect towards Nas, but Hip-Hop ain't dead, and it's not going nowhere anytime soon. There's tons of good music out there, you just have to know where to look. Ya feel me?!

Is it hard with your style to be recognized in Florida due to the current climate of the industry right now?

It's crazy. I'm getting a little love here in Florida, but it's mostly from underground heads. I seem to get more support out of New York and overseas. I think all this heat and sunshine down here has fucked up some of these peoples minds, but it's all good, I still got hope. I think people need to wake up and see that everything in life is not a party. The world is fucked up everywhere.

Out of all the people you have ever crossed paths with in the industry what person made you feel just a little bit starstruck?

I would definately have to say Emmanuel Lewis. I used to watch him as Webster when I was a kid, and I had the opportunity to meet him in Georgia a few months ago. I ate some cheesecake with dude and had the chance to speak with him for a hot minute. He was cool and humble.

back to the norm----

Who will you be working with in the future as far as Producers and Artists??

I'm gonna always fuck with a few of my close assosiates including Dub Tre, DainjaRuss, Inferno, DaShin, Alkota, Oktane, 14th Century and Indya. People who I would love to work with include MF Doom, Madlib, Yukmouth, the Rza, and Devin the Dude. I have mad respect for all them dudes work.

Out of all the tracks your recorded what 1 will make cats no you are for real!!!?

You can listen to all my joints and know I'm for real, but if I have to choose just one, I would say "Good Music". It definately has a lot of emotion and I'm expressing how I'm trying to do the right thing, but keep getting caught up in the day-to-day bullshit. I'm really feeling that joint.

Where can cats check you on the web?

I've got the internet going bananas. You can check for me at all of these beautiful places:

10 years from now where do you see yourself?

I see myself as a pillar of underground Hip-Hop. I see myself eating well off my art. I see myself traveling the world. I see myself doing production for all sorts of talented artists. I'm telling you, don't sleep on my beats.

Is there anything else you want people to know,or anything you want to plug?

Yeah, I hate garbage emcees! I take this music shit seriously, so if your wack you need to stop making music. You're making it tougher for quality artists to be heard. Call it what you want, but some of these cats is a waste of oxygen! Other than that, check for "MindState: Freedom" coming soon! Check out all my websites, get at me bout anything. I'm a laid back cat and I'll speak to everyone. I also want to say PEACE to everyone showing love and PEACE to for taking the time out to get at me for this interview. Thanks.
- Tha Advocate for

"Nemáš do èeho rapovat, zkus napsat na Floridu! (Czech Republic)"

Ano, slyšíte velmi dobøe. Na jsem se seznámil s Big-Lo, producentem z Floridy v USA, který poskytuje své beaty na svém webu v sekci BEATS. Blíží se prázdniny a kupa z vás, co normálnì ještì nechodí do práce, se jistì chystá na nìjakou tu brigádu. Nìkdo peníze narve do zvuku, jiný do vinilù a najdou se i tací, kteøí to narvou do beatù s kvalitním zvukem. Zde máte právì pøíležitost dostat se k beatùm , jejichž cena se pohybuje kolem tisíce korun! - za již hotový a ozvuèený beat (non-exlusive). Více na již zmiòovaném webu. Mùžete si i poslechnout nìkolik ukázek v profilu Big-Lo na myspace.

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"Guerrillas In Tha Mixx Vol. 1" (2004/So-Lo Productionz/Backbone Records) - Compilation also featuring Hip-Hop legends Public Enemy, Afrika of the Jungle Brothers, Michael Franti of Spearhead, and The Coup.

"Where Am I Going?" (2005/So-Lo Productionz) The LP "Where Am I Going?" gained Big Lo airplay worldwide on college and indie radio as well as the internet on the E.P. Radio Show, Madd Radio, Live 365, Ison Radio Live, and Show & Prove Radio.

"MindState: Freedom" (2007/So-Lo Productionz) Available Now! Big Lo's sophmore solo album that also features appearances from Vast Aire, Beretta 9 of Killarmy, Jade Foxx, and 14th Century.

"First Priority" hosted by DJ Epps of Shadyville/G-Unit (2008 So-Lo Productionz) Available Now!

"The Plague" (So-Lo Productionz) also featuring Beretta 9, Tonedeff, G.O.D., Tommy 2 Face, Inferno, and R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. Available Now!!!



Now-a-days the authority look at Hip Hop as a mere sub-culture that will eventually give way to forced societal evolution. They believe that it will become a victim of its own success – swallowing the almighty dollar until it bursts from the inside. Many emcees have stepped away from the truth to follow the glam of commercialism. The state of Hip Hop is under attack from a bitter enemy that has been waging war against freedom of speech and music for decades.

There are a few emcees left that are not afraid to stand on the front line and protect the culture that has given millions of youth a voice across the world. Some have given their lives, both literally and metaphorically, to ensure the future of the movement. Some have sweat blood and tears to bring themselves from being poor in spirit to being rich in wisdom and word. Big Lo has done his time and is staking his claim as a poet of Hip Hop.

Big Lo now lives in Pensacola, Florida, and is one of the true believers and preachers of Hip Hop; taking the empire over one city at a time. With Hip Hop infused with his soul and with inspiration from emcees like Killah Priest, Canibus, Wu-Tang Clan, 2Pac (RIP) and others he began to sharpen his craft and freestyle at the age of sixteen – within two years he began to piece together his artwork. In 2003, he brought his unique gift of word to the people and he hasn’t looked back since. The people of Tallahassee, Ft. Walton, Pensacola, Orlando, Thomasville, Panama City, Miami, Mobile, Atlanta and New York City have already experienced the brutal truth-telling rhymes that he brings to the mic.

Big Lo has featured on many mix-tapes and compilations. His appearance on “Guerillas in the Mixx” placed him amongst music warriors such as Public Enemy, The Coup, and Michael Franti. His album “Where Am I Going?” with the tracks “Where Am I Going?”, “The State of Hip Hop”, and “The Way You Make Me Feel” (featuring Indya) allowed his music to reach the far corners of the hip-hop empire through internet and radio play.

Big Lo has released more music with the help of Jade Foxx, Tonedeff, 14th Century, Vast Aire, Inferno, Tommy 2 Face and Beretta 9 and many more talented Hip Hop emcees. In 2007 he released his second album, “MindState: Freedom”. In 2008 he released the "First Priority" Mixtape hosted by Shadyville/G-Unit's DJ Epps and in September of this year he released his third album, entitled "The Plague".

Big Lo’s political observance and self-awareness within the confines of his rhymes serve testament to his unique style to incorporate his inner-most influences and passions – most notably the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Soren Kierkegaard, Hunter S. Thompson and the never-ending struggle for freedom across the globe – particularly within occupied Palestine.

There is no question that Lo has picked up the banner of Hip Hop and charged full-charge toward the enemy that wishes to see Hip Hop destroyed from within. The societal evolution they are working so hard for will soon be the revolution that devours them and frees the souls and minds of millions. Like Big Lo revealed in his track “Anotha Drop in the Bucket” – “… save the children and pray for the rest.”

Trey Meador - January 22, 2007(Updated October 8th, 2009)