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"Big Lou Wins a Record 3 Underground Music Awards"

CAMDEN, NJ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 28, 2006 -- Rapper Big Lou led the way at the 4th annual Underground Music Awards with an unprecedented 4 nominations and by winning a record 3 awards. Big Lou walked away with the highly sought after "Song of the Year" award for the underground smash "Takin Over." Other categories Big Lou was victorious in included "Best Male Rapper" and "Most Original Male Solo Artist." He was also nominated for "Best Live Performer."

When asked about his huge night, Big Lou stated, "This is not a personal victory by any means. This is a statement that real Hip-Hop and true lyricism in rap will always outlive trends and fads. With all due respect to the shoulder leanings and finger snappin', that's not what true rap is. Nas, Biggie, Pun, Big L, Rakim, Talib Kweli, Jay-Z, Eminem, and all those dudes that can spit with meaning is what real rap is all about. I respect all artists, but I'm here to resurrect the great emcees that passed; and as God is my witness I will continue to carry that torch with respect for this game and continue to represent Hip-Hop the way it was meant to be."

And that he does. Without a single write up in any major publication, or appearances in any DVD series, this Camden veteran has amassed a following that is hard to fathom. With nearly 26,000 fans and over 177,000 plays of his records on Myspace, it appears that the next great true emcee could be from what is known around the country as "The Most Dangerous City in America; Camden, NJ."

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- Yahoo News

"Big Lou Nominated for a Record 4 Underground Music Awards"

CAMDEN, NJ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 07/11/06 -- Rapper Big Lou will be leading the way at the 4th annual Underground Music Awards with an unprecedented 4 nominations including "Song of the Year" for the underground smash "Takin Over." Other categories Big Lou was nominated for include "Best Live Performance," Best Male Rapper," and "Most Original Male Solo Artist."

"Obviously, the nominations are a tribute to my fans. I don't do this for awards. I do this for the love of the game," said Big Lou when notified of his nomination. And he certainly is right. Big Lou boasts over 22,000 fans on MySpace and countless others on the streets of Camden, Philadelphia and New York. "I hate to sound cliché, but the man has a serious buzz. People don't just hear his music, they're feeling it," said Big Lou's manager Frank Urban. That may be an understatement considering that in just over 7 months, Big Lou has become the number 1 ranked Independent Artist on MySpace in the Rap, Hip Hop, and Freestyle categories for the entire state of New Jersey.

"As long as my music is respected on the streets, the rest is gravy. There's a lot of people out there who believe in what I represent. I am their voice. These awards aren't a badge of honor. They just open doors and create a bigger platform for me to spread my gospel. The way I see it is, if I win then real Hip Hop wins," adds Big Lou.
- Marketwire

"Camden, N.J. Rapper Big Lou a Huge Success on MySpace"

NEW YORK, NY -- (GOOGLE) -- 07/05/06 -- You look at the numbers and shake your head. Barely 7 months since Big Lou shared his music to the world via MySpace; this underground veteran has been putting up numbers that overshadow many artists that are signed to major labels.

"Just look at the numbers. Nearly 22,000 fans, over 119,000 listens, over 71,000 profile views, and the types of comments from fans that make you wonder if we have a legend in the making," says manager Frank Urban. And wonder you must. Just last week on MySpace Big Lou took over the #1 Top Artist spot in both the Rap and Freestyle Genre category for an Independent Artist in the entire state of New Jersey. In the Hip Hop rankings, Big Lou has rapidly climbed to the #2 position and has taken the #1 spot on occasion. By Comparison, you take a Def Jam artist like Joe Buddens who is ranked #1 in the Major Label Category for Jersey and he doesn't have any where near the fan base or support that Big Lou has.

Overall, there is no clear reason why an artist attracts this type of attention from the masses. Urban doesn't quite know the answer either. "Look, Big Lou respects the legends of this game. He believes in Hip Hop in its truest form. It's that simple. People are starting to miss the days when Biggie, Pun, Pac, Big L, Nas, and Jay-Z dominated the airways. Maybe people see him as someone who will continue that tradition. Either way, the support has been mind-boggling."

- Google News

"Big Lou CD Gets 3.5 out of 4 from!"

Welcome Big Lou to Hailing from Camden NJ, he's an MC with strong ties in the tri-state area who knows the importance of building a fan base. If you haven't caught him performing live you should and to these other "no stage presence" MCs that already made it in the game, you could learn a thing or two. Kayslay is hosting throughout so you already know the hoods gonna love it. I don't usually mention the art work on mixtapes but Lou himself has a unique sound and now he's got a unique cover to compliment it. I don't know if you other MCs are taking notes but one things for sure Big Lou has got his shit together.

If you get a chance, lyrically break down "Paying Homage". The thing that stands out to me the most is if you listen real close when Lou is introduced he gets some mild applause but after that first a capella verse you can hear the crowds energy grow. That's how you know your words are hitting people in the head. There are few accomplished "Rappers" that can do this, selling records is out the window when it comes to connecting to a crowd. Big Lou takes it back on "The Ressurrection " and proceeds to "kill Kanye west with a hand granade." To say Big Lou attacked this track is a gross understatment. Click the link and listen....damn! He said "blending nouns and verbs / infatuated with words / my future was looking blured / so I emerged hugging the curb"; Lou got the word play and flow on lock people. He's got that Smooth Da Hustler/ Trigga Da Gambler flow but with a real life conscience to just tell the truth. "Hey, Hey, Hey" got Lou shifting gears on the flow, I'm diggin' the versatility and the punch lines are mad sharp. "Takin Over" got a beat with some club appeal but the rhyme is all pissy stair cases and fiends in the hallway type shit; plus that Jay vocal on the hook holds your ear something proper. Oh so you wanna know if Big Lou can get deep with it? Peep "Spiritual Metaphysics" and you got your answer. You get even deeper with "Poppa Poppa". This is that music cats can relate too. These new jack Hip Hop fans still in ya teens need listen to "Grown Man" and learn you some shit. That's right Big Lou got a message in the music too. As far as well rounded tracks goes, "Hold On" got that thump and it got that mass appeal. Let me slow my roll on the highlights real quick but before I go the sleeper/classic track of the mixtape hands down is "Jackin' For Beats". I'm not gonna say no more.

I don't know how Big Lou does it man. I'm exhausted just after running through the CD back to back a couple times. He attacks every track on the project like it's his last doesn't get much hungrier than that. As far as an artist mixtapes goes this is how you come off to the public. The CD is truly a showcase; from the word play to the flow, to the content, to the versatility, to the realness of the whole project.
-Big Chew (


"Big Lou Signs to Kay Slay’s Streetsweepers Entertainment"

(New York, NY) December 4, 2006 — The Drama King has done it again, and has signed another street credible artist to his label.
This week Kay Slay signed, Latino emcee, Big Lou to his growing label, Streetsweepers Entertainment that also helped launch the
careers of Amerie, Saigon, Grafh, Thug-A-Cation, and Papoose. Big Lou, a Camden, NJ native, also known as The Spanish Frank White,
has developed a fan base over the years, and continuingly impresses them. Through Lou's unique skills and lyrics, he was able to peek
the interest of mixtape king, Kay Slay. Like many, Big Lou started on the wrong path, but was able to turn things around, and started
spending more time in the studio then on the streets. He made his own independent album, and impressively sold 3,500 units under his
own Lost City Records Imprint.

Big Lou has worked hard to create a buzz, and it has worked, the underground hip-hop circuit loves him. He took home 3 awards during
the 2006 Underground Music Awards for Best Rapper, Most Original Artist, and Song of the Year for "Takin Over". Big Lou has been
performing incessantly in the tri-state area, from showcases to opening up for artists such as Freeway, Fat Joe, KRS One, Papoose,
Remy Ma, Busta Rhymes and D-Block. The hard work paid off, when Kay Slay heard Lou’s lyrical skill. The union between these two has
produced the new street certified mixtape album, hosted by Slay, called Big Lou - Resurrecting the Dead, which is already gaining rave reviews.
When talking about his skill, Big Lou states, “Some people say I'm an artist that deserves to be heard by the world. An emcee that one day
could be compared to the elite rappers of hip-hop. I'll let you decide.” The streets have decided favorably. The mixtape is truly a showcase of
Big Lou’s raw talents, from flow, to creativity, to content; he truly shows his versatility and proves he is here to make an imprint in hip-hop.

- PR Newswire


Performed at

NY - Club T NY, Remote Lounge, Pyramid, China Club, SOB’s, BB Kings, Club 2686, Rapture Ultra Lounge

Philly- Tragos, Fluid, Transit, 8th Street Lounge, Emerald City, Club Polaris, All Star Weekend
10 Spanish Day Parades

Opened For

Remy Ma, D-Block, Mobb Deep, M.O.P, Freeway, Papoose, Bossman, Serius Jones, Joell Ortiz, Peedi Crack, Styles P, Jae Millz, Fat Joe, KRS One, The Lox and Mr Cheeks


Bedtyme357 ‘Respek The Arkitek’ Hosted by Guru (June 06)
Bedtyme357 ‘Nickel bags’ Get High Off This Sh*t Vol 8 (Aug 06)
Bedtyme357 ‘Hate Money’ Pt 5 Hosted by Jae Millz (Dec 06)
Big Lou ‘Resurrecting the Dead’ Hosted by DJ Kay Slay (Oct 06)
DJ Boy Wonda ‘ Fuck The Radio’ Vol 4 and 5 (Dec 06)
Mic Check Mixtape Series Volume 6 Hosted by Sly Boogie (Jan 07)
The Devil’s Advocate II (Jan 07)
DJ Kay Slay ‘Sign of the Times (Jan 07)

DVD Magazines

Drahma DVD Magazine (Jan 07)
Whatz really Hood DVD (Jan 07)
Hood Certified DVD (Feb 07)
Video City TV (Feb 07)
Street Knowledge DVD (Feb 07)
Lyfe Sux TV (Feb 07)
Unda Dog TV (Feb 07)
Mad Ciphas TV (Feb 07)
Well Connekted (Feb 07)
One on DVD (Feb 07)


Rap Fanatic (Oct 06) (Nov 06) Review (Dec 06)
Streets Mos Magazine (Jan 07)
Foundation Magazine (Jan 07) (Jan 07) (Jan 07)
Hip Hop Weekly (Jan 07) (Feb 07)
Mic’d Magazine (Feb 07) (Feb 07)
Parle Publication (Feb 07) (Feb 07)
Hoodgrown (Feb 07)
Spate Magazine (Feb 07)
Parle Magazine (Feb 07) (Feb 07)
Straight Stuntin Magazine (Feb 2007)

Radio Shows

Hot 97.1 Drahma Hour w/ DJ Kay Slay
Sirius Sattelite Radio Shade 45 w/ DJ Kay Slay
KNDS 105.9 (ND) with Big O and VA
1FM Jamz – iTunes
Next Up Radio – D.W.I.
Royal Takeover 106.3

* Currently spun in regular rotation


Best Male rapper UMA (2006)- won
Best Hip Hop Song UMA (2006)- won
Most original artist UMA (2006)- won
Best Live Performance UMA (2006) Runner up


Big Lou has own Charity called ‘Lost City 4 the kids’
26,000 legitimate Myspace Friends
137,000 Myspace profile views
145,000 Player listens



Known in the hood as "The Spanish Frank White" Big Lou was born in Camden N.J.; The Worst City in America. Big Lou was raised by a single mother (Maria Rodriquez) and grew up with 4 brothers and 3 sisters. At the age of 14 Big Lou started growing fond of music. He began writing songs on the struggles of his hood. Before his music career would blossom he became a product of the streets. He started selling drugs. Although he was living the fast life, he never lost his love for music. he was determined to make a better way and started investing his dirty money into buying studio equipment. Little by little he spent more time in the lab than on the streets. After successfully finishing his first Independent album he gave up the street life and focused on selling his music. Amazingly Big Lou sold 3,500 units in a city that's only 8 square miles, creating a buzz that traveled to Philly and parts of Jersey City fast. As Big Lou's success kept growing He decided to start his own Independent label called LOST CITY RECORDS. He began booking his own shows and opened up for acts such as Freeway, Ms Jade, Fat Joe, MobbDeep, KRS One, Mista Cheeks, Papoose, Remy Ma, Jae Millz, Busta Rhymes, D-Block and many others. He also performed at over 10 Spanish Day Parades and had Latin's comparing him to the great, late Big Pun. Taking it a step further Big Lou invested his CD money into doing a charity event for the local schools in his neighborhood which he called LOST CITY 4 the KIDS. Some people say Big Lou is an artist that deserves to be heard by the world. An MC that one day could be compared to the elite rappers of Hip Hop.