Like comfort food for some, BigLugDoug is like comfort music, although entirely original, it gives you a feeling of association with catchy hooks and melodic sensations that will leave you wanting more. Indie rock with a pop sensibility that appeals to a wide audience.


A time-stand-still audible feast of catchy riff-oriented guitar pop rock cleverly interwoven with lyrics of life's real experiences to date, its attempted to be told from one's perspective through the music both written and also with the attempt to show the emotion of the song in a live environment. The music spans a wide range of emotions and the music and lyrics reflect this. Big Lug Doug is a brand new band with a fresh outlook on the current music culture, but don't be fooled by the fact that the band is new, the members that make up this live band has years of real world pop rock experience. Influences range from early pop icons like the Beatles, Queen, ELO, The Cars, The Police and Cheap Trick to bands such as Dinasaur Jr. , Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World.

BIGLUGDOUG is the future of rock and/or roll and the many faces of its members have years of pop rock experience from bands such as Porterhouse, Gravy8, Birdhouse, Altered Statesmen and other projects. Doug Staab has enjoyed modest success with some of these projects while touring regionally for a short term and had releases in 2002 on J-Curve/Rykodisc and also 2 releases on the small independent label GSpot Run Records. Staab also has penned a handful of commercial jingles that played nationally.


Full-length CD due out in early October of 2005.

Set List

A typical set list is 1 hour but the band is capable of doing multiple sets. Usually plays only original material with an occasional exception being doing our version of a classic.