big machine

big machine

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We play the songs people want to hear that other bands forgot to play. Are philosophy is simple-the way you get people at your show is by bringing the women to your show. The men will follow after that. Simple yet effective. Bars want a crowd so they can make money-we bring that.


Three of the band members went to high school together -we added our bassist this year after forming Big Machine. All of us have played in other bands around town. Our music is a simple collage between some classic, pop and hard rock...We do not believe in just one genre. There is to much good music out there to just focus on one. We respect the fact that someone else wrote the songs we do and don't want to butcher any of them-ever!


We are a cover band

Set List

We play 3 sets of about 10 songs each set...Our sets run about 50 minutes each. Sometimes we add songs sometimes we cut songs-depends when we start and how long we can go...