Big Malcolm Little

Big Malcolm Little

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandHip HopR&B


While most rappers talk about it, Big Malcolm Little is living it and has been for all of this adult life. Arguably the most lyrical artist of Best Ever, his depiction of street life is so vivid that the listener would have no choice but to realize he is giving them a firsthand account of what actually goes on in the “hood."

Hailing from the Eastside of Chicago, Big Malcolm Little has adopted the birth name of revered human rights activist, Malcolm X. With a definitive presence and an unquestioned intelligence, he is well-suited to carry the name of the former hustler turned minister.

An original member of underground Chicago clique, PCP, Malcolm has been honing his craft for several years and has the respect of all those who have ever had the opportunity to record with him. His insight on music, politics, and pretty much any general subject are second to none, and he is always willing to share his side of things whether it is in accordance with your views or not.

One to be known not to pull any punches, Big Malcolm Little delivers true-to-life stories that have been missing in hip-hop since the days of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. It is his mission to bring what was once mainstream back to the listener without compromising the quality of music production that audiences are accustomed to today.

Also known by his God name, Infinite Divine Allah, Malcolm is set to turn the world on it's ear with what some classify as the "best sound coming out of Chicago."