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860-933-0197 - Dan With influences ranging from various jambands to Pink Floyd to Mozart and P Funk, Big Meat writes songs that uniquely travel and have a live experience that uses chemistry built over eight years to improvise in unknown musical territory.


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To be perfectly frank, Big Meat is bigger than the bun.

Voted “June ’06 Band of the Month,” Big Meat plays music that is surging energy, circulating through soulful, subconscious lines of creativity. Their effort is relentless, on stage and off, and reaches out with an experienced, exploratory philosophy in the form of rock ‘n roll, raw funk, trance, disco, jazz, and bluegrass with occasional Latin and classical tinges.

Big Meat is an electric live act. The foursome jives with their audience and smiles with every note. Perhaps they’ll play the spoons, do a small, choreographed dance or booty shake, or wear humorous apparel such as a large hot dog hat, afro wig, or pilgrim and turkey outfits. The first time Big Meat headlined Orlando’s Hard Rock Live, the drummer wore an entire “Burger King” costume. At another headlining show, the New Years Fest, “Camp Jam ‘06,” Big Meat’s guitarists did a choreographed kung fu battle, which segued out of the song, “Kung Fu Fighting”. At a Halloween festival in ’06, Big Meat dressed as Mario Brother’s characters, and played nine theme songs from the game series throughout their set. The band keeps you guessing. Their antics are sporadic, but Big Meat can always be counted on to play music that saturates your ears with unforgettable flavor.

Big Meat originated in a rural town in northeast, CT.

Dan Griffith and Kevin Rees grew up playing guitar together. In 1997, Ryan Marks met the duo in their first year of boarding school and began playing bass with them. For three years, the threesome went through drummers like hamburgers until Dan’s good friend, Geoff Leonard, stepped in and solidified “Big Meat” in the March of 2001.

From 2001 to 2005, while Big Meat’s members were all in college, the band constantly wrote new material, created and maintained their website and booked shows for weekends and during vacations. During this time, they played at such venues as The Webster Theater and Underground, The Living Room, The Woodbury Ski and Groove Fest, The Becket Fest, The Satori Awakening Fest, Connecticut College, Muhlenberg College, and Trinity College.

In mid 2005, the band temporarily moved to Orlando, FL where Kevin was completing his degree in musical engineering and entertainment business. Big Meat immediately submerged itself in the Florida jam scene, stirring the local scene with a buzz that could not be ignored. Weeks prior to their first gig in Orlando, the band distributed thousands of fliers around the city. From August 2005 to July 2006, they played over 100 shows in FL including two well attended headlining shows at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando and other shows at renowned venues such as the Bank, The Social, and The Free Bird Live. A specific highlight of Big Meat’s time in Florida was headlining and co-organizing the New Year’s festival, Camp Jam ’06. Over 500 people attended.

In July 2006, Big Meat moved back to the North East where they plan to permanently reside. All members are completely focused on gaining ground in the industry. The band has played hundreds of shows since the move, including performances at Harpers Ferry in Boston, The Lion’s Den in NYC, Nectars in Burlington, VT, and the Reggae/Jam Fest and Harvest Fest in Starks, ME. They regularly play The Riverside venue in North East, CT, where they headline at times and open at others for bands such as Granola Funk Express. On Nov 4th, Big Meat finished their most recent tour in Stamford, CT. The tour went from Connecticut to Florida and back, making stops in NY, PA, VA, NC, SC, GA. In Florida, they headlined several shows including the festival, Spook Jam, where their first Halloween show and the renowned “Mario Set” was played.

Big Meat is young, energetic, and has years of professional and musical experience. Their stage presence, show production, and studio work show maturity well beyond their years. The band has a nine-hour repertoire of over 45 original compositions and 30 covers. Each member’s desire to succeed is remarkable.

Big Meat is looking for long lasting and mutually profitable relationships with venues, booking agencies, promoters, and management firms.

National Acts that Big Meat has played or will play with:
New Monsoon
The Code Talkers
Granola Funk Express
The Breakfast
Green Lemon
Gavin Degraw
The Samples
The Burnin Smynans
The Press
Barefoot Manner
The Recipe

Festivals Big Meat has played/pending:
The Becket Fest ’02 (MA)
The Satori Awakening Fest '03 (PA)
The Woodbury Ski/Groove Fest '03 (CT)
Camp Jam, New Years ’06 (FL)


Dirty Bird - She Don't Jump Rope - Dirty Bird (copyright 2005)

Written By: Dan Griffith

I counted my sheets just a litle too soon.
I went crazy, crazy as a loon,
barkin into space like a dog at the moon,
I went crazy, you will to soon.

He's a dirty Bird.
Yeah, I'm a dirty bird.

I looked up straight into her eyes.
She was huge, ten feet in size,
So I jumped on her back, hopped into her sack.
That's how I got to this side of the tracks.

And I just heard this might be
the best damn place a dirty bird could ever be,
but I hopped off, jumped into the road,
and that's where i found my permanent abode.

Suddenly the sullen path
Blisters into Milky laughs.
guiness guessing holding fast,
What are you waiting for?

I can find my peace of mind
beyond the silky strands of time.
We could build a lofted nest
watching down on all the rest.

(She Don't Jump Rope)
She don't jump rope on Saturdays,
cause that's when she pays the bills.

Trapped inside a traveling slide,
a three dimensional extra-terrestrial
looking out from both sides,
it's a crime wave syndicate,
I gotta be a part of it
Maybe if I lose some pride,
I would not be so blind to see this just apart of me.

How many times will you hear the call.
Before you take what you hold
and let it fall

She don't jump rope on Saturdays
cause that's when she pays the bills.

Warped behind a series of blinds,
Murky light is piercing through,
an everescent greenish hue
that begs to glow ahead of it's time,
so we cool doen and melt a bit,
an alloy from two elements,
so nothing can be recognized
until the light comes crashing through and stirs something inside of you.

(Dirty Bird)
I counted my sheets just a litle too soon.
I went crazy, crazy as a loon,
barkin into space like a dog at the moon,
I went crazy, you will to soon.

He's a dirty Bird.
Yeah, I'm a dirty bird.

Aint Got no Job (copyright 2005)

Written By: Dan Griffith, Ryan Marks

I aint got no job,
but I gotta find a way to pay the rent,
I aint got no food
except for the vegetables I grew underneath my deck.

What are we gonna do to make it through?

The Real world's starting.
It's the end of easy livin kind of blues.

I got a beat down car,
bottoming out all over the place.
I used to have a nice phone,
but then I left it on the top of my beat down car.
I got a twin air bed
I blow up every night just so I can rest my head.

Dreamin 'bout what we could do
to make it through.

The real world's starting.
It's the end of easy livin kind of blues.

I ain't got no heat.
Lightin up the stove just to warm feet.
I ain't got no heat, but luckily for me, I think cold showers are sweet.

What are we gonna do to make it through?

The Real world's starting.
It's the end of easy livin kind of blues.

Shenanigans (copyright 2005)

Written By: Dan Griffith, Ryan Marks

Over asunder, you thought that I'd say under,
Before I looked into the skies all I heard was thunder.
Then there came lightening like that behind your eyes, promising with certainty that everybody dies.

It's a hooligan holiday HAH!
I declare Shenanigans!

Disgusting but trusting and holding his head high,
The only thing Gree writes about I flying in the sky.
Persistant and ridiculous he'll try and try and try,
all the while staring with a crazy look in his eye.

And his lion partner a year apart in age,
the bag may seem lazy, but man can he play,
so whoa we'll keep him happy with one spliff in his hand, cause Pun your the reason why we named this band.
Big Meat.

It's a hooligan holiday, HAH!
I declare shenanigans!

The Russian, a mess, drunk and what a pest,
Jumping on me while I sleep and shouting out Griffiiiiiiiiiiith.
Oh and i could slap him,
but I love him anyways,
I just hope he sobers up,
He's way to drunk to play.

Soda pop soda pop soda pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop

The Mick, what a dick he needs some drinks or he won't jam,
then he'll watch us move his drums while he sits with his hog in his hand.
Kevin I can't drive you home, you'll have to stay three days.
Tel your dad to pick you up it's way out of my way.
Well he is the original, the head of the hooligans,
but I don't think I'd like him much without his shenanigans.

It's a hooligan holiday, hah!
I declare

Lost My Head (copyright 2000)

Written By: Big Meat (Dan Griffith)

Lost my head two months ago,
can't find it,
so I'll run around for a while.

Dancing out in my front lawn,
burnin' all night long,
enjoy the show.

Chorus: We're not done yet,
Outside with our Chia Pet

Strolling underneath the stars,
really haven't gotten far,
so just relax for a while.

Glance down, look and see,
What is that we'll really be?
You'll have to wait for a while.


Lost my head two night ago.
How'd I do it? I don't know.
Better think for a while.

Burnt my hand two weeks ago
making brownies. We'll there you go.
Better chill for a while.


Pete Peters (copyright 2005)

Written By: Dan Griffith, Ryan Marks

Pete one day found him a hill.
With a bulldozer, kill that hill
Pete! Pete! Kill that hill.

Pete one day gave me a rake.
Said, "You can have it, just don't take advantage of me."

Chorus: But he doesn't know that I'm of the kind
people who inhabit this young world.
We know lifes a thrill, full of many obstacles, that you have to overcome
to have your fun.
But have fun anyways!

Pete one day caught me in a lie.
Said that he could tell just by the look in my eye, well he thought that day taht our friendship might end, but I'm Panama Red and I won't do it again.



Written By: Dan Griffith

Left home to take a chance.
Left some friends and left romance.
We could lose our shirt and pants
just to make the people dance
all night long.

So I brought my pest friends with me,
so we see what we could be.
Maybe if we drank the tea
we'd fullfill the prophecy
of a long life on the road.

And as far as we know...
This is home.

Good, good, good, good, good, good gracious!
Poeple all around searching for a sound.
Dancing in a way vivacious.
Through the mist and lights,
captivating sights.
Maybe if we stay tenacious
we could find a way to do this everyday
All night long.

And as far as we know...
This is home.


Full length CD's
1. "It's Whats for dinner" Copyright 2001
2. "Bigger Than The Bun" Copyright 2002
3. "To Be Perfectly Frank" Copyright 2005

1. Econlockhatchee

Online Tracks
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-We also have a number of studio recorded songs available for download free!

Set List

Every set list is different. Every show is new. Big Meat strays from predictability and leaves their fans saying, "Wow, where did that come from? Whatever it was, it was awesome!" Along with moments that are unique to each show, Big Meat also maintains some solid ground for their fans to groove on by performing songs that people have come to know, love, and hope to hear at the band’s concerts. Big Meat has a repertoire of over sixty songs with more than forty originals. They perform covers from bands ranging from Talking Heads to Prince. No genre is left out of consideration when performing live.