Big Memph

Big Memph

BandHip Hop

His music is appealling to all age groups. It is energetic, dynamic, and motivating. It soothes your conscious, it is phenonmenal, and uplifting especially to the youths of today.


Big Memph began writing poetry as early as 9 years of age. By the age of 10 he was rapping. He began performing at high school talent shows at the age of 15. His drama teacher recognized his talent and asked him to audition for Talent Force. He went on to represent Memphis City Schools at the 1996 Tennessee Talent Force in Nashville, Tennessee where he was astounding. All of his lyrics are original and he finds the beat to each song.

My first and strongest influence is God. In saying this He is first in my life and I owe all that I am and hope to be to Him.

I am what one would call a holy hip hop rap artist. My rap lyrics sends out positive messages. They do not have any degrading or negative connotations or innuendos.

I am gritty and definitely not a cookie cutter artist. My new style sets me apart from other artist in the same genre.

I also starred in the short film titled, "Heal the Hood", that was filmed in Memphis, Tennessee and am on the sound track to the movie. You can look forward to seeing me in other movies coming soon.


My first single bares the self title "Big Memp". It features Souljah Cee & I.B.G. and sound track to short movie "Heal the Hood". "Grindin Season" (Luke 14:23) is the title of my album due to be released this summer

Set List

My sets are 15-30 minutes. Gangstas, God's Family ,Will I See You in Heaven, Queen, and Green Tea.