Big Meridox

Big Meridox

 Tucson, Arizona, USA
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A representation of an element of Hip-Hop that has been deprived of its hunger, and thirst for the underground art of rhyme.


Marcus Meridian a.k.a. "Big Meridox/ Big Ox (pronounced mur-id-ox)" a.k.a. Oxilla Born Allah represents an element of the Hip-Hop/Rap genre that has long been deprived of its hunger, and thirst for the underground art of rhyme. A distinctive artist with devastating lyrical abilities he forms a rebirth of an age-old art of skill. Meridox wishes to deliver the masses from the poisons of industry tyranny, the infectious threat of mainstream disease, and the outbreak of corporate takeover within the art of hip-hop! in the immoratal words of Blastmaster KRS..."Rap is something you do, Hip-Hop is something you live!!!"

To truly comprehend Big Meridox's style, imagine the hard rhymes of Chuck D, the fierce delivery of Rakim, the old school braggadocio of EPMD, rolled into a amalgam called Big Marcus Meridox! With this he brings you back to a time when hip-hop was pure! When thought provoking lyrics and battle rhymes defined skill.

Apart of the local Arizona underground hip-hop scene for 15+ years Meridox has built with fellow gifted emcees and diverse beat professors who all share the same vision of preserving the art form and it's purest aesthetics since the late 80's early 90's. In 1999, Meridox (Then known as Nzyme) together with local underground legends Jamesciphurphace and Scripts God formed a group called Reddirt Specimenz who released an LP entitled "The Monsoon Cometh: Season of Redemption", with over 1,000 copies sold independently in the underground community. They opened up for renowned artists such as the Pharcyde, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah, and Fat Joe. Also voted best Hip-Hop group in southern Arizona, Reddirt Specimenz received an accolade for the 2001 Tammies (Tucson Area Music Awards). Their self-proclaimed underground classic "Green Evil" was selected for The Alpha Project Vol. 1 compilation released by Chris Craft and, which featured the likes of Styles of Beyond and MF Doom. As a solo artist Meridox has shared stages with R.A. The Rugged Man, Copywrite, Verbal Kent, Rusty Chains, Del The Funky Homosapien, Jedi Mind Tricks, Outerspace, T.S.O.I., Akil of Jurrasic 5, and Devin The Dude.
After the super groups break up in 2002 Meridox appeared on local mix tapes "The Mercury Project: Point of Impact" with many Arizona local emcee such as Louis Mercury, Mankind, and Rise 1. He also appeared on "The Mercury Project: Strange Inertia" with his own homage to KRS-1 on 'Quality', and "The Blaze City Mixtape" with his mentally disturbing track "SICK". More recently he has appeared on "Bombatomick Presents: Nuclear Holocaust" with the likes of underground moguls Sean Price - Copywrite - Keith Murry - Main Flow - & Chino XL, not to mention a host of Arizona's finest.

After a long list of guest appearances on mix tapes and miscellaneous songs, in 2003 Big Meridox came together with long time friend & beat master Lee Hybrid and formed THE GREYZ. Together they became defenders of a faith that had been lost for what seems to be decades. With there hardcore style The Greyz single handedly molded their styles into a force of infectious beats and "in your face" braggadocio rhymes. In 2005 they recruited former RDS co-member Scripts God and quickly became local underground legends.

Big Meridox is a monster on the microphone; his stage presence and unorthodox rhymes go unsurpassed throughout the streets of Tucson, Arizona. He has appeared on Jamesciphurphace's "Antique Skies'" and "An Honest Day's Work".

In 2008 he released his debut LP "GIMMIE YOUR LUNCH MONEY! : THE BLOCK BULLY ALBUM" underneath the independent lable of JivinMusic founded by local legends and Furious Style members Jivin Scientists. The album has currently sold over 1,000 copies both locally, nationally, and continentally. It is availible for purchase on Itunes - Itunes Canada - Rhapsody - & Amazon MP3.

After returning from a 30 day road tour this passing summer. Big Meridox is currently working on his sophomore LP due out this Spring, which hope to once again bring you back to the hip-hop you used to love.

In 2010 Meridox released his sophomore LP "If Not The Best At Least A Beast!" The album received national and international accolades. Between 2011 and 2013 Big Meridox released one EP entitled "The Delorean Fuel EP" and another full length LP with local heavyweight beatsmith Gunky Knuckles entitled "Knuckle Rap" which features "Never Scared" with famed Fresno, CA M.C. Planet Asia.

More recently Meridox has released a EP entitled "The 7th Division EP" alongside local beat tyrant Ra Stone, as well as a full length LP with Def Jux legend C Rayz Walz entitled "C Rayz Walz and Oxilla Born Present : Almighty 12 Jewels". Currently Big Meridox is working on his 5th full length LP titled "Street Elijah" which promises more boom bap and classic 90's feel.


Reddirt Specimenz "Monsoon Cometh Season of REDemption" - "Alpha Project Volume 1." - "Mercury Project: Point of Impact" - "The Mercury Project: Strange Inertia" - "Blaze City Mixtape" - "James Ciphurphace: Antique Skies" - "An Honest Day's Work" - "Big Meridox Presents: What Now Chump!" - "Gimmie Your Lunch Money! The Block Bully Album" - "Bombatomik Presents: Nuclear Holocaust" - "If Not The Best At Least A Beast!"- "Dolorean Fuel EP" - "Big Meridox & Gunky Knuckles: Knuckle Rap"  "Big  Meridox & Ra Stone: 7TH Division EP" "ALMIGHTY: The 12 Jewels by C​-​Rayz Walz, Oxillah Born & The SunCycle General Gods"

Set List

Set list is usually 35-to-40 minutes long time varies according gig requirements. All songs are original.