Peterborough, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
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"The Way Things Used To Be Album Review"

The opener "Who I Am" is in your face Rock from the get go. The track brings the melodic vocals, rockin' riffs and guitar solos that don't overpower the tone. The title track is next and has that old school Rock flair. It has some tempo changes and really mixes up the old with the modern style. "Feelin' Alright" is high tempo and perfect for the Summer. The track blazes ahead and shimmers with a Rock confidence that not too many bands have nowadays in the genre. "Whiskey Down" is the longest track on the album, clocking in around the five and a half minute mark. There's a lot packed into that run time as it shows off the true range of the band perfectly. "Death of Me" has shades of Bon Jovi to it. The track veers into a more Rock ballad path but still has a bit of bite to it. "Hold On" picks the pace back up. The track is full of energy and will surely get the live crowd moving and singing along. "Party Like A Rolling Stone" is purely instrumental for the first minute and then switches things up. The tempo is a bit more funky and shows off a different sound for the band. "Iron Horse" has a bit of a lengthy intro before it really sinks its teeth in. The track then moves forward with its classic Rock sound. "Whiskey Weed" is perfect for blaring with the windows down. The track is absolute gold for driving and keeps things tight and polished with its high octane Rock sound. The closer "Raise a Whiskey" wraps things up nicely. The riffs work incredibly well, the vocals keep everything moving at a steady pace and the melodies are on point. It's a closer that'll make the listener yearn for more.

Bigmotorgasoline keep their high octane Rock sound at a full clip with their new album. - From The Depths Entertainment

"Band Review"

If you’re a first-time listener, you’ll just shake your head about why BigMotorGasoline isn’t being heard more on modern rock channels. Let’s face it, when you start tapping your toes, slamming your knuckles in the dashboard with raw enthusiasm, and yelling out “YEAH” at the top of your lungs, you know this is the kind of music that makes life a party and the kind of tunes you want in your ears as you ride into the sunset on your Harley, road trips in your supercharged Camaro, hanging out with friends, and rockin’ it with your favourite refreshments
BigMotorGasoline is a working man’s rock and roll band with music about topics that they know best – motorcycles, fast cars, life and drinking. Their songs are best described as cutting edge rock that is loaded with guitar riffs, a bluesy swagger, and a
southern rock flavour. - Click Your Radio Classic Rock and Blues

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“Really more masterpieces. Will be on air for sure! Your rocking style is simply amazing!” - Radio TFSC/Germany

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“Love that new album. Great southern rock and metal style.” - Manamal Streaming Radio – Virginia/USA

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“Thanks for sharing your great music. I only play the best!” - The Brett Anthony Rock Show – Chicago, Illinois/USA

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“This band occupies that very fun place where country and hard rock meet”, “every song is a party in your pants”, “Blood, sweat, cursing, booze and sex!”, ”well-crafted and have hooks for days”. - 365 Radio Network (10 stations/400K listeners)

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“These guys are a straight up tight rock band. Their originals don’t disappoint.” - Brian Ellis, Morning co-host, 101.5 The Wolf Radio, Peterborough, Ontario

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"Great, tight band. A well deserved opening slot for Sebastian Bach in Peterborough. Check them out when you can.” - Carey Walker, Promotions & Media Director @ CHEX Television & 100.5 Fresh Radio, Peterborough, Ontario

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The music of bigmotorgasoline has “an almost southern rock flavour, the energy and licks take me back to the 80’s and 90’s rock, will be added immediately to heavy rotation.” - Q108 Radio, Kingston, Ontario

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"Honest rock desperately needed on the airwaves." - Code Zero Radio

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“Instantly heard a comparison to fellow Canadian rockers Monster Truck as well as Texas rocker Tyler Bryant . The guitar driven rock with a touch of country is evident in such tracks as ‘BYOT’, ‘Lately’ and ‘Put It On Me’. They are great rock and roll songs… could see these tunes getting air play alongside Glorious Sons, One Bad Son, The Black Crowes and many others” - Koatic Music Reviews

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"BMG is one of those bands that when they play for their audience, they give it their everything. BMG just doesn't stand for BigMotorGasoline, but it also stands for BestMemoryGiven. These guys rock the stage!!" - Rick Gibson, Music Talent Buyer & Promoter, Lindsay, Ontario.


BigMotorGasoline - Fuel To Burn 2016

BigMotorGasoline - The Way Things Used To Be 2020



BigMotorGasoline (BMG) continually plays the music that the average working man can relate to. BMG brings you music that you want to hear in your car, at the cottage, or riding your Harley.  

BMG has been successful in gaining airplay worldwide from Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Mexico, South Africa, Australia and Malaysia.  With the release of "The Way Things Used To Be" they have been featured on well over 200 radio shows, networks, and podcasts that can be heard on the internet.  Reviews from radio have included Code Zero Radio (Iowa/USA) describing the band as “honest rock desperately needed on radio”, From The Depths Entertainment (North Carolina/USA) describes the music as “absolute gold for driving” and Q108 Kingston (Ontario/Canada) adds “an almost southern rock flavor, the energy and licks take me back to the 80’s and 90’s music” Videos of “The Way Things Used To Be”, “Iron Horse” and “Whiskey Down” that accompanied releases to radio have exceeded 40K in views with “Whiskey Down”  surpassing 53K in views in six weeks of release. “Whiskey Down” was picked as the number three song on Cashbox Canada’s Top 20 for April/2021. BigMotorGasoline continued to deliver a working man’s style of high energy, blues injected southern rock to a Music City Mondays taping at the renowned Empire Theatre in Belleville, Ontario. The airing of this performance in early May/2021 resulted in over 1,000 views and is still viewable with numbers growing. 

BigMotorGasoline has shared the stage with Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) and the all-star collective Bonds of Mara, and enjoyed a write up in UK’s Rock & Metal Magazine with notable rockers like Monster Truck, Deep Purple, Michael Schenker and Night Ranger. BigMotorGasoline was featured in Lazy Indie Magazine, been nominated in the Indie Star Radio Rock Awards in September/2021 (California/USA).  Airplay highlights include:  “Artist of The Week” with Rochester/NY radio network – KFGRocks;  with “Whiskey Down” ranking Number 3 on the 2021 chart at Wigwam Radio in the United Kingdom and Number 9 on the year-end rock chart at Pet Rock Radio – Peterborough, Ontario. 

Now peaking at over 250,000 total streams, the listeners and fans keep growing.

BigMotorGasoline is finding new audiences, and music fans are taking notice!

When it comes to live shows, you can literally feel the energy going back and forth between the crowd and the band. BigMotorGasoline is there to entertain and that is exactly what they do! When BMG is live on stage, the crowd is always 100 % responsive and totally engaged with the band!!

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