Big Moves

Big Moves


Big Moves offers more pounds of entertainment per square foot of stage, guaranteed! Musical theater, jazz dance, burlesque, comedy, bellydance, hip hop, spoken word, audience participation. ... We're the nation's premier size-diverse dance/performance company, and we're a great fit for any stage.


Big Moves is dedicated to creating high-quality, multi-genre dance productions featuring performers of all sizes. Because performance dance in the Western tradition has historically been restricted to thin bodies, Big Moves is particularly focused on providing training and performance opportunities for dancers who are larger than dance world norms. Our outreach and education programs promote self-acceptance and self-love for all dancers, of any size and all skill levels, as they work toward growing and fine-tuning their range of abilities, technique, and expression through movement. We are a community of pioneers, banded together to support each other in expanding and exploring the boundaries of the dancer’s body. Ultimately, these explorations are directed at nothing less than a paradigm shift, toward a society in which size diversity is celebrated, not feared.

Big Moves was founded in 2000 by Marina Wolf Ahmad, a plus-size dancers who wanted to create community, training opportunities, and performances for herself and other dancers who otherwise were left out of the dance mainstream. The organization began operations in the San Francisco Bay Area, and expanded to Boston in January 2005, and to New York in May of 2006. These three areas have their own branches of Big Moves, and Boston additionally is the home base for a touring company that reaches to Montréal, Philadelphia, and other locations along the East Coast.

Big Moves is award-winning. Internationally award-winning. Our revival of Gargantua got rave reviews from audiences and thumbs-up from the critics, and we brought back the prestigious Spirit of the Fringe award from the Montréal Fringe Festival in June 2007. Naturally, this sort of honor just makes us leap higher at the brass ring of greatness, which means that our fans and sponsors can be sure they are supporting some of the best and most groundbreaking performances in the field of size-accepting dance and theater.

Set List

Selected set list for revue-type shows (as of March 2008)

- Fat-Bottom Girls (burlesque with live singing, cover of the Queen song)
- Dance 10 Looks 3 (Broadway parody)
- Feather Fantasy (slow burlesque)
- Lover Boy (drag king/burlesque to the Queen song)
- One-Ton Tango (Broadway parody)
- All That Flab (Broadway parody)
- Big Spender (Broadway)
- Le Jazz Hot (Broadway)
- Bouncin' Back (hip hop)
- The Fat Song (Broadway parody)
- Finding My Ass with Both Hands (spoken word/dance/burlesque duet)

Other numbers are being added all the time. We can compose sets ranging from 20 minutes to an hour-and-a-half full show with an emcee, audience games, and snack girls.