Big Nick

Big Nick

BandHip Hop

Gospel ministry based, real world applicable, Rap that is meant to reverse the curse of sin by the introduction of the one and only true Savior, Jesus Christ.


A change that could have only been made by the potters reconstructive power, was made the day Nicholas "Big Nick" Crenshaw created Crenelja Records. A full production Gospel Recording Label that started in January 1st of 2006. His professional experience entails working with major recording labels and radio broadcasting within secular music such as Def Jam Records, Music World Entertainment.under the guidance of Matthew Knowles, Deep South Tycoons Records with the management of Charles Key, and radio station Power 97.5 in Houston TX. This was mostly in the field of promotions and marketing. His experience was unknowingly preparing him for his true purpose Crenelja. Colosians 1: 10-14

Nicholas “Big Nick” Crenshaw brings a sound to the stage that will move a crowd as they engage in praising God’s Holy name. An entertainment experience filled with a Spiritual anointing, prophetic word, and a Hip-Hop beat!
Big Nick’s excitement and worship opens the door for the Holy Spirit to descend upon him and release words of encouragement that feed the lost soul and/or the saved soul.
Big Nick is a radical God-fearing man and he would love to join you and your patrons in praising the Lord


New Life
Not Alone
Crenelja Platinum Pass
Heaven Bound Grindin

Set List

1. New Life
2. Mount Up
3.Kingdome Culture
4. Walking in the light
5. In My City