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Written By: Malcolm Clark

in the Universe yes I've been spinnin' round
have heard what's been goin' down

dressed up in blue I glow bright
all the day and thru the night
I love the sun, how it burns
how it strokes me every turn

what's in a day or a rhyme
but a heartbeat keeping time
we stand so close, seems so far
when we don't know what we are

in this world we are not apart
will you learn to have a change of heart

over the ocean across the land
that's my body in your hands
I fell all of you next to me
bound together--gravity

what are the rivers thru the plain
but the red blood in your veins
what are the clouds that fill the skies
just all the thoughts behind your eyes


can you imagine how life might be
with compassion
end your sleepwalk thru the darkness
sifting thru scenes
empty action

now is the time to awaken
there is a Light for us waiting
let's take good care of each other
we're not alone

is it so hard to be kind
see the Truth or speak your mind
hang up your hatred, all your hurt
for a mouthful of loving words

Love is the axis we spin around
open your Heart see what we've found
we need each other to survive
we're the planet, we are alive

say the Word yes you know it's true
just One World and It is me and you
in the Universe yes we're all spinnin' round
call us Earth we are what's goin' down