Bigode Groove

Bigode Groove

 Curitiba, Paraná, BRA

"The pop-samba-surf-rock experience" Time Out New York
100% Original from Brazil
100% made in NYC
aFamilia is a fun musical journey to Rio-Sao Paulo with the traditional samba influences and the result of the international crossover of urban world sounds and rithms. Dare to stand still


Tiago Machado, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, was born in São Paulo. At the age of 14, he discovered the malady-healing and female-hypnotizing power of the bass guitar, which led him through the ranks of professionals in São Paulo and international tours with Braddigan (of Dispatch) to New York City, where he has begun a slow takeover of the Brazilian music scene over the past two years.
Having paid his dues to the evil music industry empire, Tiago now makes his auspicious debut with the EP Tiago & aFamilia, singing originals of what he so calls "Pop- Samba-Surf-Rock" which is not so much a business move as a personal one. As he says, “I just play guitar to make friends.” I believe you should listen anyway and maybe take a crack at this friend making adventure deal with him and the band.
Hints visibly inherited from Os Originais do Samba by bloodline, nephew of their long time bass player Nenê Machado. Plus a little Hawaiian aloha from school days. A bit of electronic taste and plenty of Brazilian Mojo that mix to might make you look funny at the dance flor( impossible not to move to the first single "Solta o som")
Promising act, great news, exciting!


2011 - Miss Favela - single
2011 - Creme Bruile - Single
2012 - Solta o Som -EP