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Detroit, MI | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Detroit, MI | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
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"On The Rise: big O"

Of course MCR loves our local artists, but this one particular artist stands out greatly! With a rare combination of Eminem & Childish Gambino, you get Big O. But Big O isn’t just unique in his music; this guy is also an attorney with a law degree and a firm, which is good business for him and those around him. But besides the fact that you probably couldn’t sign him to any bullshit contract, his resume of work is commendable.

Big O started recording music in his apartment, perfecting his craft years before he released his debut project, mOOdydreams. With his animated and imaginative wordplay, it would be hard to forget this guy. As an addition to his overdue success, Big O’s single, “psycheO,” was featured on “Hot New Hip Hop” 23rd edition of “HeatSeekers,” which isn’t easy to do. Big O also plotted his steps and partnered with Ordinary Kidz LLC to add to his foundation for his breakthrough in the industry. After performing with COAST 2 COAST Mixtapes at “The Shelter” and having his upcoming show on May 19th, 2014 back at The Shelter, it shows that this guy is in it for the long run.

Big O is planning for a second release titled “Le Renaissance “ sometime this year with amazing underground acts to feature. Put Big O in your playlist because he’s definitely in ours. He’s a hungry artist “On The Rise.” - MotorCityRagers

"Tastemaker Tuesdays - bigOmuziq feat. Ali Imam "ms.teriOus""

Detroit artist bigO, member of rap collective and label OrdinaryKidz, delivers his latest offering today in honor of Tastemaker Tuesdays. He’s distinctive because he is an attorney by day and a passionate artist/poet by night. Different right? - SheBloggin


Why we like bigOmuziq: BigOmuziq definitely has unique delivery, flow and style, and that's one of the reasons we like him. Besides for that though, his content is also quite unique. Listen to his Heatseeker-submitted "psycheO" to see what we mean, and go on to listen to "gOne" if you're not yet convinced. BigO's single "psycheO" really describes the feeling he gives the listener-- but in the best way possible. Artist Bio: bigOmuziq (DetrOit, MI) bigOmuziq (aka "big O"), is an attorney by day, and an MC by night. His debut mixtape, mOOdydreams (2O13), is set to be released for free download this Summer. http://www.sOundclOud.cOm/bigOmuziq Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "psycheO" Also check out another song from bigO, "gOne" - HotNewHipHop HeatSeekers

"bigOmuziq - intuitiOn"

bigO, an attorney/emcee based out of Michigan, teamed up with Detroit-native Pierre Anthony to create "intuition", a new-aged hiphop tune with a funky old-school feel. bigO is set to release his 2nd project and 1st full-length album, titled "LeRenaissance", this June. bigO has gained recognition throughout Michigan for his debut mixtape, "mOOdydreams", an amateur project recorded in his basement. Through his funky flows and innovative wordplay, bigO ventures beyond the surface of the conscience; exploring issues of anxiety, heartbreak, depression, and doubt. A rarity in today's hip-hop scene, bigO makes a conscious effort to remain authentic in his style and lyrical prose, discussing issues and topics other rappers neglect to touch on. - SGCLifestyle

"Album Review: “LeRenaissance” By bigOmuziq"

From the first second you hear the indigenous type feel to the intro, “theOpening”, to the lyrical skill over guitar riffs in the last song “rudeawakening”, this whole album is definitely a storyline of bigO’s distinct topics of addiction, heartbreak, mental health, and existential crises. With a total of 23 tracks on this project, there is no lag on content and music. You always have to respect originality, and lyrical perfection, “LeRenaissance” will leave you appreciative to the lane bigO has paved for himself, setting himself apart from the typical Hip Hop you hear.

This album has a sound for every type of mood, from dark and thought provoking tracks like “Openwide” & “Overpriced”, to uplifting boom bap lyrical type tracks like “intuitiOn” & “fOund”. We really haven’t came across an impressive album like this for ages, and we are proud that bigO gave us an opportunity to review the project. “LeRenaissance” is pretty much a novel in lyrical form, which takes you to a different world every time to listen to it. - UndergroundHipHopBlog

"bigOmuziq: “Le Renaissance” – an album of finely honed and skillful hip-hop"

bigOmuziq has often been referred to as the “Bruce Wayne of Hip-hop”, as he is an attorney and community activist by day, and a brutally candid emcee by night. His interest in music emerged at a young age as he began writing poetry at 14. In August 2013, from his basement, he digitally released his official debut project “mOOdydreams”, while on September 15, 2015, he released his 2nd project, “Le Renaissance” which is a 23-track album revolving around the physical, mental and spiritual rehabilitation of an individual. The album features several Detroit artists and producers, such as Pierre Anthony, Nappi Devi, Mekato, and Ali Imam.

Here’s someone making music with talent and sincerity and courage. It’s rare to find an album that doesn’t have you skipping tracks. It’s even rarer when the album is produced by several producers but manages to stay focused and close to its central theme throughout. In fact the beats really stand out for the best part of this 2 part album. The soulful, melodic arrangements loaded with luscious samples and vocal hooks almost take you on a sonic trance, while bigOmuziq weaves his energetic verses about fighting inner demons, self-discovery and then optimistic confidence. But bigOmuziq does not steer clear from more controversial themes such as police brutality, racism, war, greed, and corruption, which is all wrapped up in the second half of the recording.

Most of the songs rely on flamboyant instrumentation and sample usage, taking inspiration from divergent genres, such as: Jazz, Soul and R&B, lending a lilting zestfulness to the album. Lyrics-wise, it’s about what you’d expect from a rapper with the cultural caliber of bigOmuziq. It’s evident however, that he also put a lot of effort into the production, crafting an album of finely honed and quite skillful hip-hop.

Choosing standouts or favorite tracks is a rather arduous task, considering the amount of quality songs this 2CD album contains. The best thing to do is go with your mood and current state of being. Then flip in one of the two discs and just press play. There is no need to skip any filler tracks, because this album simply doesn’t contain any. It’s a straight through listen. This is the album that so many other forward thinking artists have wanted and tried to do. Its imperfections are nonexistent, and its importance is assured. bigOmuziq also has one of the most listenable voices, which adds a great deal to the communication – his flow is tight, he is socially conscious, passionate and creative.

Furthermore, it is a breath of fresh air when someone with creativity in terms of rhymes, lyrics and dedicated intention like bigOmuziq comes along and conveys his thoughts in such a clear and unpretentious way that is sorely lacking in Hip-hop music. Though it’s just too hard to narrow it down, if I was forced to choose a handful of tracks that captured my attention, it would be: “drOwn [prOd. by Ali Imam]”, “ynOt feat. Dana Basha [prOd. by Sigh]”, “illusiOns feat. Nappi Devi & Pierre Anthony [prOd. by AUG]”, “writersblOck feat. Ali Imam [prOd. by Mekato]”, “well$pent feat. Dana Basha & Nina [prOd. by FlashBeats]” and “Godmyback [prOd. by MekatO]”.

bigOmuziq is bringing back the true meaning and substance to Hip-hop. I recommend this joint to anyone seeking to hear the voice of an all-encompassing culture examination as well as an insight into a personal state of mind. - Rick Jamm - JamSphere Magazine

"bigOmuziq - "pursuit 2.O""

In a catchy hip hop/house fusion, Michigan’s bigO’s “pursuit 2.0” talks of the passion, power and ultimately pursuit of love. He’s a rapper by trade but bigO’s voice makes for an awesome melodic piece of fun on the chorus. The verses cover bigO’s particularly tumultuous relationship with a former love. Production is a head bobber and a shoulder shaker, with a driving bottom half. Listen to “pursuit 2.0” below and check out more from bigO here. - BuffaBlog


"mOOdydreams" - August 22 2013

"LeRenaissance" - September 15, 2015

"Letters4MyXs" - September 15, 2017



bigOmuziq, also known as Omar or bigO, is a recording artist, producer, writer, and attorney from metro-Detroit, Michigan. He made his first major mark in the local Detroit hip-hop scene from 2013-2017 as he was crowned Detroit's "The Air Up There" free-style champion twice and released 3 mixtapes, "mOOdydreams', "LeRenaissance", and "Letters4MyXs", a self-produced project. bigO's original work could be described as "diary raps", as his storytelling touched on anything from mental battles and heartbreak, to confusion and existential crises.

 In 2018, bigO released BeLoved, his first beat-tape under his birth-name, Omar Abu.  version of his birth-name, Omar Abu. The impulsive and uninhibitedly created project showcases bigO's production potential through a unique combination of hip-hop, r&b, and electronic elements mildly fused with Middle-Eastern percussions, strings, and vocals.

As a son of Palestinian refugees and a proud believer in a superior power [God], bigO creates with an unapologetic and responsible nature, and an aim to speak truth while inspiring and representing his roots and story. With funky flows, animated wordplay, and unique production, Omar's sound and content is diverse, heartfelt, and unpredictable. 

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