Big On Blondes

Big On Blondes


Rock Cover Band - Some Current, Some Classic


We are all seasoned musical professionals. We like to play stuff that 'drunk chicks like to dance to'. That pretty much sums it up! :) We play Cheap Trick, Kiss, Skynyrd, Aerosmith, 3 Doors Down, Puddle of Mud, STP, Green Day, Velvet Revolver, Tom Petty, ZZ Top, Fountains of Wayne, you name it...if it rocks out, we're all over that!


No singles...we just do covers. We have more fun that way! And that's exactly what we do....get the crowd into it and have a blast...and we're ALWAYS asked back.

Set List

We typically play 4 hour shows, using 3 setlists. Sometimes we'll play 2 longer sets for a shorter show. We know about 100 songs and mix our set lists up depending on the place. But here's an example of sets we'd play:

Sample Set 1

1. Hey Jealousy - GIN BLOSSOMS
2. Learn to Fly - FOO FIGHTERS
3. Inside Out - EVE 6
4. Santa Monica - EVERCLEAR
5. All the Small Things - BLINK 182
6. My Own Worst Enemy - LIT
7. Basket Case - GREEN DAY
8. Kryptonite - THREE DOORS DOWN
9. Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ TOP
10. Surrender - CHEAP TRICK
11. Mama Let Him Play - JERRY DOUCETTE
12. When I Come Around - GREEN DAY
14. American Girl - TOM PETTY
15. Jack & Diane - JOHN COUGAR
16. Jenny 867-5309 - TOMMY TOUTONE

Sample Set 2
1. Stacey’s Mom - FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE
2. Crazy Train - OZZY OSBOURNE
3. You Really Got Me - VAN HALEN
4. Rebel Yell - BILLY IDOL
5. Banditos - REFRESHMENTS
6. Ice Cream Man - VAN HALEN
7. Radar