Big Pants

Big Pants


Well-crafted country and indie rock with a dose of soul. Music with a kind of accessibility that puts it at home in the city, the 'burbs, and the sticks.


Big Pants transcends generations and genres with universal themes based in the traditions of American music, building on the solid rock foundation of such artists as the Band, Marvin Gaye, the Replacements, and Steve Earle. John Fielding formed Big Pants in the spring of 2001 upon returning to his hometown of Washington, D.C. after traveling and honing his songwriting skills in Brooklyn, Seattle, and California. When his childhood friend and bassist, Rory Lovett, moved back to D.C. from L.A. they recruited the hyper-talented jazz player, Ed Barnabas, on drums. After three weeks of rehearsing they started gigging and began recording with producer Bob Hitchcock soon thereafter. Local legend Tom Guernsey (of the late 60's Garage Rock icons The Hangmen) added lead guitar in the studio rounding out the bands sound. They now comprise a formidable quartet as a live band as well as in the studio.


Modern Faith

Written By: John Fielding

MODERNFAITHs keep it safe souls heard fate in the name Solomon pardons on come back home do your time singing old time rhymes kingdoms reign ends with the mighty slain by hands hands that were saving for i kinda like my baby she keeps me warm she keeps me up all night and theres nothing wrong past days songs keep me strong i heard love when i heard lay lady lay almightys down with the rhythmic sound i saw god listening to kinky reggae peace is right figured it out one night im a soldier child fighting for d boon wrong steps been saved by the friends i made i love their love and the songs theyve played elijiah came lifted up the pain he set his way to show what living is for that baptist john walked into the sun to show theres really nothing to be afraid of dont know what ive seen but i heard al green he made lonely seem like a great place to be


Big Pants - aka Pantalones Grandes

Set List

1. Modern Faith
2. Reprieve
3. Came on Strong
4. Fourth of July
5. Lake Champlain
6. Tumbleweed
7. That’s All
8. Made You Cry
9. Always Waiting
10. The Kid
11. Edifice
12. 3000 Miles