Epiphany (Solo or w/ band "Tomorrow Maybe")
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Epiphany (Solo or w/ band "Tomorrow Maybe")

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Band Hip Hop Soul




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http://allhiphop.com/stories/multimedia__music/archive/2010/10/20/22446243.aspx - Various Internet Sites

"DXNext: Epiphany"


One would think the path of gold need only to be walked by a Stanford graduate yet this is not the case. The manifestation of a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence literally must have occurred within Epiphany to move in the opposite direction towards a rap career. Many would view this as either dumb or extremely courageous, either way those boots must drag heavy in the music business.

Trying to avoid the gimmicky pitfalls of ringtone circus freak shows, 'Piph is on a quest to maintain superior music at its peak. This no doubt is a timeless mission that many have stumbled before him, yet he feels his plight makes his personal entertainment goals attainable. Epiphany has never underestimated the world’s capacity for doom, but maintains that the individual possesses the power to greatly impact the masses.

It would be easy to treat this guy like crab meat and lump him in with every notorious stereotype that Arkansas has become associated with. However upon a closer examination and open mind, you will discover that there is nothing gangsta or gang affiliated plaguing 'Piph’s lyrical content. Whether performing solo, with his female vocalist counterpart (Gina Gee) or within his six-piece Hip Hop/Soul/Jazz/Rock band ensemble (One Night Stand), Epiphany holds to a standard of being anything but your typical emcee. - HipHopDX.com

"KevinNottingham.com Interview"

LINK: http://kevinnottingham.com/2009/12/14/introducing-epiphany/

Arkansas emcee, Epiphany, recently released part one of his 4 part Respect series, hosted by DJBooth.net. Just as the name of the series claims, Epiphany deserves every ounce of it. We had the opportunity to catch up with Piph and see what this emcee is all about. Hit the jump to get to know Epiphany…

Where you reppin:

I’m from Pine Bluff, Arkansas but have been in Little Rock for a second or three now.

Introduce yourself:

Epiphany/Piph/Big Piph/Hollywood Cole… an emcee who is a student of the game trynna maintain my IRaps4Real mantra.

Where did the name Epiphany come from?

The fact that I was gonna rap hit me as an epiphany. I was on a different path and then I realized that this was who I am and what I would further become. Also, just taking the Piph simplified definition of epiphany: “a sudden, divine revelation”, and that’s how I hope my music hits folks on whatever level. Just make you realize something about yourself and situation through this simple dude’s music. I’m just a vessel blessed with a mission really. Helps that I can rap too.

Main musical inspirations:

Things that sound good. I know it sounds broad and generic and that’s good. I still roll heavily w/ hip-hop, gospel, soul, and whatever, but nowadays I just like whatever makes me feel something. Not even what makes me feel a certain way, but just feel something. Since so much music seems “dialed in” nowadays that’s harder than it sounds.

When did you fall in love with hip hop?

I was at school and a cat was bumping 8Ball & MJG’s “Lay It Down” hella loud. When I first heard it, I just stopped in my tracks and absorbed what I felt was the best fusion b/t beats and rhymes at the time. After that I was sold. Hip-hop began meaning something. I found and began consuming as much as I could and since I was somewhat late in the game, besides seeking out Suave House I went and peeped everything that came before them as well. Although I had respect for it before, it seemed like it was all played on new ears.

Current projects we should be looking out for:

Definitely this RESPECT series I’ve got poppin off co-signed by DJBooth.net. It’s a 4 part mini-mixtape series based on items that should be respected. The first part of the series already dropped and is available to listen or download HERE. Part 2 will be coming for people’s throats in early January.

Previous work that we should know about:

Ehhh…I’ll roll with Theme Muzik (Conduit compilation album) and Low Tide (my mix-tape). Some folks would probably name some of my music before those works, but I’ll stick with those as I was extra comfortable in my “voice” by then.

As for before that, ya’ll will have to wait until I blow up and then die so then folks will put my extra old verses on some new tracks and act like that’s hot. I actually briefly described this on a track on RESPECT pt1 entitled “Quite Like I Can”.

If you had to pick one song that defines your career to date, what song would that be?

I don’t think is this response answers your question exactly, but Common had this song called “Between Me, You, & Liberation”. It’s about 3 stories of 3 important people in his life that had “issues” that led to them being “free”. I choose it b/c for me it speaks to what really matters and part of that is finding your peace and adding to others understanding of it. We tend to make things complex that don’t have to be. Even my short journey in rap this far has reinforced that. Glitz, glamour, womens, whatever is kosher, but it’s the REAL lives that are involved that matter.

Funny, I’m probably gonna throw off 1st time listeners of my music now when they expect to hear some “incense on wax” and then they hear that bass knock. But roll w/ your boy for a bit, it’ll all make sense.

Why should the readers and fans give you a shot and listen to your music from here on out?

This is the part where I’m sposed to give you an extra dope answer, but I really don’t have much for you other than I’m actually going for it. I’m fa real trynna to achieve making not just good music, but good projects. I want to entertain while still injecting me into each and every bar. I’m trynna acheive the experience. Everybody won’t vibe w/ it and truth be told, they shouldn’t. That’s what diversity is for, but please believe you must respect it.

What’s next for you?

We’re gonna finish up this RESPECT series and then follow up with the album soon after that. Ride out some more shows in mostly the southern region and add some strategic cats to the team (such as a manager) to help get me where I need to go in the short/long term. And that’s positioning for prosperous and influential opportunities.

If you could only take one record on a deserted island with you, what album would that be?

One album, huh? I think I’d roll w/ Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Not that it’s hands down my favorite album, but it goes through a large range of true emotions and ideas w/ both dope rhymes and cold vocals. Plus if the island’s gonna be deserted, I’d rather look at her in the liner notes than all these rap niggas albums I have.

Any shout outs or last words?

Man, my Conduit and IAmTheLife fam. Other than that, them folks over at We All Scheme and everybody that gave your folks a chance. You can peep the moves at www.facebook.com/bigpiph, www.myspace.com/bigpiph, and @epiphanyiatl. Don’t worry, website coming to soon to consolidate all that junk for you. - KevinKnottingham.com

"Epiphany - Making of a Beast"

I have to admit – I’ve never heard of him, but he’s nice on the Mic. We listen to everything that comes to our leaks email but this one definitely stood out as something dope to look out for soon.

http://www.flawlesshustle.com/music/epiphany-making-of-a-beast/ - Flawless Hustle


4.5/5 stars on DJBooth.net

http://www.djbooth.net/index/tracks/review/epiphany-5-dollas/ - DJBooth.net

"CD Review: Conduit Fam / Theme Muzik"

Epiphany, the collective’s ringleader, writes material that’s geared towards existential concerns just as often as it is to the ladies. At one point he’s “got money on his mind” and “money in the bank,” but a few songs later, his worries over funds lead to an imagined conversation with his scolding wallet. It’s refreshing to see a rapper conflicted, willing to mix self-deprecation in with the bombast. But Epiphany has never been better than in the piano-driven duet “5 Dollas,” which features local singer Gina Gee, who needs to hurry up and release an album. The hook, “I got five dollas in my pocket, but I ain’t trippin’” is as catchy as anything on the radio. - Arkansas Times

"Flyer Profile: Epiphany"

Last month, Little Rock’s Epiphany took one of the biggest stages in Arkansas in a show with one of the biggest names in the music industry (T.I.) and about 7,000 of you at Barnhill Arena.

A few weeks later, he was back in Fayetteville on a much smaller stage, playing to closer to 75 people at the Smoke and Barrel, but regardless of the attendance or the venue, Epiphany is putting in his time and is on his way to becoming one of Arkansas’ most promising artists.

http://www.fayettevilleflyer.com/2009/03/18/flyer-profile-epiphany/ - Fayetteville Flyer

"AETN Presents Front Row w/ Epiphany (TV)"

One of the top-selling independent hip-hop performers in the state, Epiphany recently performed in the AETN studios.

“Epiphany is one the most professional and gracious entertainers I have had the pleasure to host on the AETN Presents: Front Row series,” Producer Casey Sanders said. “He and the band were a joy and a blast in every way.

“The band's jazz, soul and rock-and-roll infused hip-hop was a musical performance so original – this is something you won’t want to miss!”

Chane Morrow (Epiphany) was born in New Jersey, moved to Pine Bluff at the age of eight and earned his mechanical engineering degree from Stanford before switching gears and jumping into the world of hip-hop. He then moved to New York, met his business partner Brian Rikuda (BDot, winner of BET’s “Ultimate Hustler” reality show) and formed Conduit Entertainment. Epiphany returned to Arkansas to pursue hip-hop and in 2003 debuted his first album, “1st of a Dying Breed,” becoming one of the top rappers in the state. He has since recruited four bandmates and a vocalist to form a sound that is a fusion of hip-hop, soul, rock and jazz. Joining Epiphany in the AETN studios were vocalist Regina Gulley (Gina Gee), Oliver Thomas (OT) on bass, brothers Jonah Hill on keyboard and Frank Hill on drums, and Joe Beck (6 String) on lead guitar. Making a return appearance to the “AETN Presents” stage was special guest Rodney Block, whose earlier episode was nominated for an Emmy. - AETN (TV)

"Video Clips"

Epiphany Montage Promo Clip:

Epiphany & One Night Stand Opening Highlights for TI:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyOs8mOufJU&feature=related - Video Clips


The debut album from Epiphany
"Such is Life"


RESPECT pt3: The Wait
RESPECT pt2: Womens
RESPECT pt1: Epiphany



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“No heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity.” "The Alchemist" (Paulo Coelho)

The Mighty Pine Bluff. A small city in Arkansas more so known for its lacking educational system, backwards ways, and big city problems then its music, progressive minds, and opportunities. However, the boundless parents of Chane Morrow refused to let him be confined to the physical or mental limits of his city. He instead focused on the overlooked positives in the area and when they couldn’t be found, he worked to create them. Still, at an early age, he knew he would have to leave the confines of his city to further develop, so after graduating valedictorian of his high school, he went to attend Stanford University.

The prestigious institute of Stanford often boasted of the corporate and professional intellectuals it produced and Chane seemed to be on track for its traditional success story as he pursued his Mechanical Engineering degree. However, that plan derailed after being introduced to the on-campus recording studio and the small, yet lively entertainment scene. He began, not only to understand, but develop a passion for the powerful medium and its creators’ ability to impact and transform. Ultimately, to the chagrin of his advisors and surprise of his classmates, he chose to wake up every morning doing what he loved as opposed to the “clearer” path set out for him and as a result, Epiphany was born.

After graduating with that ME degree and moving to New York to learn from the Mecca of Hip-Hop, Piph chose to settle back into the capital of his home state to build grass roots style. In the efforts of honing his craft and growing his name, it was in Little Rock he confronted the many doubters who thought he was merely “caught up in the hype” or couldn’t get past their perception of this scholar turned emcee. It would be nice to say that he quickly proved them wrong through captivating music and dominance on the scene but, this wasn’t the case. Rather he floundered through label drama, personal disappointments, financial issues, and a struggle to find his “voice” in the music. But in retro, maybe this was needed…

Because here Epiphany stands today as a relatable, yet fully entertaining artist who has honed not only his recording craft, but also his showmanship. His captivating shows are delivered with dominance, crowd interaction, and often implementing vocalists, visuals, and his band “Tomorrow Maybe” to inject jazz, funk, soul, and tinges of rock further enhancing his music’s appeal. Also, his refined work ethic, business savvy, and skilled team are further positioning him for prominence and influence rarely seen in this new digital era of music. He completely embraces the vast influences of his life to channel through his art and empire, without becoming a mockery or mere depiction of them. Furthermore, he’s just getting started.

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