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The best kept secret in music


"Spreading Gospel with his music"


This might be yo last day, Last time you can do it your way,
This might be your last day,
Stop frontin' turn your life around,
Put your feet on solid ground.
-- the Rev. Richard Macon, aka Big R, from the CD "Let 'Em Go."
This might be yo last day,
Last time you can do it your way,
This might be your last day,
Stop frontin' turn your life around,
Put your feet on solid ground.
-- the Rev. Richard Macon, aka Big R, from the CD "Let 'Em Go."

By Scott Jenkins
Salisbury Post

Growing up in the small eastern North Carolina town of Louisburg, the Rev. Richard Macon embraced hip-hop culture. By the age of 12, he was performing, winning rap battles and fashioning himself after such stars as Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J and Heavy D. "Hip-hop, at the time, was my life," he said recently. That life took a sharp turn when Macon, now 32, gave his life to God in 1994. All of a sudden, spiritual treasures replaced the trappings of rap -- money, cars, bling. That transformation, however, did not diminish Macon's love for the style of music he grew up on. So when he discovered that his faith had a place for hip-hop, he got to work. After teaming up with another artist to produce two CDs in the 1990s, Macon, under the name Big R, recently released his first solo offering, "Let 'Em Go."
Macon, who is the pastor of Faith That Works Christian Church in China Grove, said he is not trying to become a Gospel rap star, just a Gospel messenger. "It doesn't matter how many albums I sell but how many souls I can win to Christ," he said. Macon was a sophomore at Livingstone College when he became a Christian. He thought then that he would have to quit hip-hop altogether, that he couldn't even hear it anymore.
"I knew that I had to change some things in my life," he said. "I was automatically convicted that I couldn't listen to that stuff."
A Christian friend gathered up all of Macon's CDs and tapes, took them outside and broke them.
"I got angry at first," he said. Later, he thanked the friend for doing it. Macon befriended a man who came to the campus to witness. He attended church and shared his interests with Craig Thomas, who later gave him a Gospel rap CD by Disciples of Christ. "When I first heard it ... it turned my life inside out," Macon said, "and it warmed my heart because I knew God was a good God if he could reach me through what I was interested in." Macon started giving the CDs to others. Then, he had an epiphany about the music: It was essentially what he had done and loved, only for God. "I listened to those guys and listened," he said, "... and finally got a revelation that I could do the same thing." About a year later, Macon started working with Gospel artist and independent producer Mayhew Cuthbertson. As Choirboy Entertainment, they released the CD "Virtuosity." Macon took the tracks and drove to Tennessee, sleeping in his car to get the music heard at Goatee Records. Nothing really came of that effort, he said, and he let it go for several years. In 1999, Macon and Cuthbertson regrouped as Holy Rollaz for the CD "Show Yall." That album sold on the Internet, which he calls a "blessed tool" for underexposed Gospel hip-hop. He called that project a "moderate success" in sales but hopes it had a bigger spiritual impact. Performing fell by the wayside again while Macon pursued other avenues of spreading the Gospel. Three years ago, he started Faith That Works Christian Church. Originally meeting in homes, the church now holds services in China Grove. He owns a faith-based operator of homes for troubled youth. A masters candidate at Hood Theological Seminary, he's taking time off but plans to return next semester. He and his wife, Elizabeth, are expecting a sister for 7-year-old son Joseph. Macon thought many times after college about leaving Rowan County, he said, but "the Lord never let me leave. The Lord told me there was work to do in this area." Now, he believes, Gospel hip-hop is part of that work. Writing "on and off" since 2000, the busy pastor had decided to leave the music behind, but his wife and others urged him not to.Macon started working on "Let 'Em Go" about a year ago and released the CD on Dec. 21. Besides writing and performing the songs, Macon served as executive producer. Tony Stone, who has produced Gospel hip-hop artists, including the Dove Award-nominated DJ Maj, co -produced "Let 'Em Go" and co-wrote and performed on the track "Time to Fight." Songs range from the melodic "Fly Away" to the thumping "Do You Want Christ." Macon challenges listeners on "Your Last Day" and takes a militant stance against the devil on "Time to Fight." Macon recently performed in Cleveland, Ohio, and had a CD release party Dec. 31.
"Let 'Em Go" is available at Christian bookstores in Rowan County and Kannapolis and on Macon's Web site, He's also discussing a distribution deal.
While he's working on a second solo CD, Macon said that won - Publication Salisbury Post

"Album Review/Big R-Let'em Go"


Written by: Aziz Peregrino-Brimah

Remember what they asked about Jesus? “Does anything good thing come out of Nazareth?” The people of the town couldn’t believe that such a powerful and influential person could come out of a place not meant for producing anything prominent. Well, I’m sure that’s what heads will be thinking when they hear of Big R, aka Pastor Macon. “Can any good thing come out of North Carolina?” Yes, someone has stepped up to the plate hailing from the “Dirty South” doing it right for Jesus. Big R makes it quite evident that one of his goals is to put “North Cakalac” on the map with a fat slice of Jesus Christ.

Homeboy is not new to the Hip Hop game by any means. Big R was a former member of the group Holy Rollaz where he was teamed up with Mayhew R.W. Cuthbertson. He actually started rhyming when he was 12 years old! But now, older and much, much wiser, Big R has stepped out in faith with an amazing, first solo project titled “Let’em Go.”

Let’em Go has 14 strong tracks and all with the outstanding production of very well known gospel production genius – Tony Stone of T. Shep Productions.

The song an emcee chooses to open his album is very key. It sets the tone for the whole album. Choosing the wrong joint to drop can throw the whole album off, and you better have some good jams on there to redeem it if you’re gonna impress the listener! Fortunately Big R pulls this off easily. The very first thing that captures your attention when this album opens is the sound of a fairy or celestial sound effect. The song is called “Round N Round.” You’re immediately invited into the world of Big R – the Christian rapper – where he is basically telling you that you are about to be taken for a ride of Christian lyricism. “Round and round they go, where we stop – no-one knows, Yo, It’s God time!”

The next track on this project is one of my favorites. It was a great choice after “Round N Round.” You go from a celestial, mysticism to a soulful, contemporary spiritual, with that church feel. A “big ups” to Tony Stone for getting down on the organ on this one. Do you remember the song Hezekiah Walker made called “I’ll Fly Away?” Well, this is the hip hop version in a sense, but it is completely original. The hook is very catchy. I commend Big R on this song because you don’t find too many emcees singing their hooks. He actually sings quite of few of them on this album. The brother has talent – no doubt.

Moving on… the third track is “Ain’t Givin’ Up.” With so many singing “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child, it’s good to hear someone say they’re not giving up on the Lord and His faithfulness no matter what. Check this line out…

I ain’t giving up / You can beat me down to the ground and I’m quick, up off the ground / Go ahead man, take your best shot / I hold my spot like a dot / Whip me on my back / Act like you like that / Stomp me on my toes / Bust me in my knee caps / Even if I’m crawlin’ I ain’t givin’ up / And even if I’m falling it still ain’t enough

That sounds like someone determined to stand their ground “come hell or high water” (Who came up with that phrase???). We need men and women of God willing to live and die for the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s encouraging to know that people still want to serve the Lord with all of their heart.

Another one of my favorite joints on this piece is “Can’t Nobody.” Initially, to be honest with you, I didn’t like the hook at all. But then I grew to like it and it is now one of my favorite songs on the whole album. Isn’t life funny sometimes? I think Big R flows his best on this song. Don’t get me wrong, the boy can flow, but the lyrics to this song are on point. Listen to the way he flows on the first verse and you’ll see why I’m feeling it. It’s not your normal, straight forward flow, but he stepped out the box with it. I love when emcees just let loose and do what just feels right. That’s what Big R did on this one. Again, the chorus is playing upon one of those ol’ down home church songs we used to sing when I was young and attending a Baptist church. It went something like, “Can’t nobody do you like Jesus, Can’t nobody do you like the Lord.” In essence, this song is original as well. I’m telling you folks, you’re just going to have to peep the album and see for yourself.

It seems today that many are making songs dedicated to their wives. “Genocide” came out just a few months ago and Precise had a song on there dedicated to his wife, and Big R also has a song on here dedicated to his “boo” called “Wifey, Wifey.” Some of the lyrics on this are comical, and they were meant to be. For instance…

Wifey, wifey / Holds me nicely / Melts like butter when she smiling at me / Eyes real chinky like Chinese at me / Early in the morning breath kind of stinky (laughts) / But I don’t even care about that / And what you do for me I do for you right back

When I first heard that, I was like “oh know he didn’t!” I let my wife hear it - Rapzilla/Aziz Peregrino-Brimah

"Music Reviews Big R - Let'em Go"

Quick, name a Christian rapper from the state of North Carolina. Can you do it? Probably not because not too many Christian hip-hoppers hail from the tar heel state. I mean, I could name a few, but most still aren't as widely known as a Cross Movement, Grits or L.A. Symphony. Well there's one emcee by the name of Big R aka Pastor Macon who is starting to make some noise while representing the cakalak. This is his debut album titled Let'em Go.

Having never heard of Big R, I decided to do my homework and find out more information about this artist, which is what I like to do with any new artist. I went to his website ( and found all of the information that I needed on this brother. After doing my homework on him, I still didn't know what to expect, but I had a feeling that this was an album that I was going to enjoy. Anyway, Let'em Go starts off with a solid track called "Round N Round" that really sets the tone for the remainder of the project. On this track he displays a lot of passion and proves that he is no stranger to a microphone. The project then moves on to present more down south bangers from Big R.

Big R's content on Let'em Go is very Christ centered, but at the same time is still focused enough to deal with other issues that people face on a daily basis. The primary focus of this album is getting you to look at Christ and make you desire to join with Him, as well as give you encouragement in your Christian walk. Some of the more notable tracks like "Your Last Day" and "Do You Want Christ" both show off his lyrical abilities and display how his pastoral heart for wanting to see lost souls come to the Lord. Songs like " Time to Fight" (featuring Tony Stone and Zee) and "Ain't Givin' Up" are perfect tracks to show how Big R encourages current believers to continue walking with their head up high without giving in to the ways of this world. In all, Big R's lyrical ability is impressive and his vocal delivery is unique and catchy. He also does a great job at carrying out his theme and making people aware of the gospel. The production is terrific and does a great job of staying true to Big R's tar heel roots.

As a whole, Big R's Let'em Go is a superb piece of music from a very talented emcee. There is no question that there are plenty of tracks that you're bound to enjoy on this project. It's very well put together and is definitely one of those releases that you should have in your collection. If you're looking for some untapped potential in hip-hop, North Carolina is where it's at, and Big R is it. Big R put it work and I can guarantee you that you'll be blessed by this project. Cop it from him by checking out his site
- Trail Blazin' Ministries/LaRosa Johnson


1) Album Release "Let'em Go" December 01, 2005 songs "Can't Nobody," "Fly Away," and "Time to Fight receives radio and streaming airplay.

2) North Carolina communities in schools: "Geared up for Success" promotional song and video/commercial. Video appeared on "North Carolina public TV" and nonpublic channels such as "WB" and the "Cartoon Network"

3) Holy Rollaz "show yall" Released in fall 2003

4) Big R featured on Z's upcoming album "Living Proof," on the song "Moufs of da South."

5) Big R's second solo album is set to drop in 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Big R was born in Durham NC and raised in Franklin-
ton/Louisburg NC. He first began his rap career as an unsaved 12 year old mc who grew up under the likes of hip hop legends such as Big Daddy Kane, Gang Star, Cool G Rap and others. Through the years he has won many talent shows, street battles, and has worked with a number of music producers.

After becoming born-again at Livingstone College in fall 94, contrary to popular belief he realized through a brother in Christ that he could continue to spit but for Jesus. This brother in Christ would later bless him with Holy Hip Hop CD'S by artist such as DOC/Disciples of Christ, T-Bone, and Idol King. The wait was over, now Big R could fulfill destiny through being who God/Jesus had made him to be.

Big R's plight is to live and preach Gods word in such a practical way that masses of souls can receive (Jeremiah1:5). Big R believes that Christian Hip Hop can be effective and soulful. He also believes that there is a niche for him in Hip Hop.

Big R aka Pastor Macon is also Pastor of Faith That Works Christian Church located in China Grove, North Carolina. He is the Owner of Cross Road Youth Services, and Macon Ministries. He is currently seeking to complete his Master of Divinity at Hood Theological Seminary located in, Salisbury, NC. His number one Goal is to "Soully" Win Souls to the body of Jesus by preaching and teaching the Word of God to the lost(Proverbs 11:30). This will take place through crossing secular barriers (Luke 14:23), and relating to Gods people in the way Jesus did, "Strong as a Lion but Humble as a Dove" (Hosea 5:14, Mathew 10:16).