Big R aka Clean Rich

Big R aka Clean Rich

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Fun, inspiring, holy (most definitely), "outside of the box," edgy, metaphorical, and is something you may have to listen to over and over again to grasp the deeper concept. I would call it "Jesus music."


Big R - also known as "Clean Rich" - whose real name is Richard Macon, is a gospel rapper and songwriter. At an early age, he witnessed the voice of God. Richard has experienced both sides as a rapper, having been a secular artist, but is now representing Christ.

Graduating from Livingstone College, he received his BA degree in history/liberal arts. He began his experience first with the youth as a teacher and since then he has been inspired to lead children to Christ. Richard is also the pastor of Faith that Works Christian Church. He is also founder of Cross Road Youth Services and Macon Ministries.

He is married to his beautiful wife and father to one child.


"Show Y'all" (2003) as a member of Holy Rollaz

"Give It Up For Success" (2005)