Big Rhythm Wine

Big Rhythm Wine

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New Englands best Grateful Dead tribute act. WE are a fun upbeat Dead act that palys all over New England and headlined the Maine Vocals festivals in Maine in 2008 and coming up in 2009.


Big Rhythm Wine is comprised of 8 (but no more than 6 at one time) unique and talented professional New England musicians. All of whom respect and love The Grateful Dead and their music. All of whom are "deadheads" through and through. Since the band's inception in January 2004 we have been about a celebration of Grateful Dead music, of teamwork and of stretching the musical boundaries of this music that we love. Big Rhythm Wine are not constrained to the work of just The Dead. At any given BRW show the band easily sways through classic Jerry Garcia Band songs to original compositions from 2007's original CD "Uncorked" to more modern covers from Ratdog or Phil and Friends. The finished product is a high energy 'Shake yer bones' Grateful Dead Experience.


Uncorked - 2007 - Originals

Set List

9:30 - 11pm
11:30 - 12:45am