Big Rude Jake

Big Rude Jake


Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Big Rude Jake creates moody, quirky, articulate songs by drawing on his vast knowledge of Americana and roots music. part Tom waits, part Leon Redbone, part Noel Coward. His reach extends from Traditional Jazz to Blues, Ragtime and Gospel.


The evolution of Big Rude Jake has given way to a new collection of songs called “Quicksand.” This coming of age release is akin to Tom Waits in its gritty sensitivity, while maintaining its jazz and blues origins. Due out in Summer 2008, “Quicksand” tips its hat to the brilliant musical craftsmanship of ages past. Jake is creating another niche for himself in contemporary music yet again. Though Jake’s big, rude, biting persona is still a staple of the live show, his new laid-back approach to his performance will ensure he continues to develop broad appeal. In addition to Jake’s regular performances and upcoming tour schedule, he has created a program called AQUA Vitae, which in conjunction with Phoenix Community Works Foundation, makes live music accessible to the elderly in nursing homes and hospitals.

Big Rude Jake’s lyrically witty Whorehouse-Jazz carried him from the seediest punk bars to the most prestigious rock clubs in the world. The success of his early-‘90’s recordings took Jake on a whirlwind tour around the globe, impressing audiences with his new brand of swing-jazz. Jake’s focus was always on the lusty allure of the music, which was the punk rock of its time. His success at bringing swing-jazz to the punk audience is evident in world-wide record stores, where you can still find Big Rude Jake CDs classified under the Alternative, Rock and Punk categories.

In true punk fashion, tragedy struck when Jake was hit by a taxicab while riding his bike home from a performance. Due to his injuries, he was forced to cancel a national tour and was left with few options but to take some time off. The time away from the music industry has served him well. His body is fully healed, and he is actually in better physical shape then he has been since high-school. He’s not so big any more… and not as rude! Don’t fret; you can still count on his Big Rude stage persona to be at the forefront of his live show and podcasts.

While maintaining his roots as an old soul musically, the shifting dynamic of the music industry has afforded Jake new levels of creativity and sophistication in his songwriting. Like a fine whiskey, Jake’s music has matured while maintaining its edge. The dark humour and irony have made way for a more hopeful and vibrant Big Rude Jake. The contrast between the big-band-punk-jazz of his neo-swing releases and the more soothing and emotionally uplifting tones of “Quicksand” will be employed in Big Rude Jake’s live tour, commencing in July 2008. Look for dates following the release.


Gotham City Serenade

Written By: Big Rude Jake

Baring a cross in a jerk-water ‘burg,
Where the fact of the matter takes a turn for the worst.
And getting out of bed is too much work,
When you’re dead wide-awake and you don’t care.

When Mike the Spike came into sight,
After shagging a rose in Brooklyn Heights.
He’s says the Big Town is gonna wail tonight,
And don’t you know that I’m gonna be there.

I wish you could be here with me,
On this night in New York City.
I wish you were standing here,
As Broadway opens up her arms.
When the crimson skyline bruises black,
And lights up like a favourite song,
I wish you could be here with me,
On this night in New York City.

And in the project homes in Bedford Stuye,
Some sevens flights into the sky
A sweet young thing talks to her guy,
With one leg on the windowsill.

She says, they might give you accolades,
And they might play at lawn Croquet,
In beatnik shades of pigeon gray,
But they won’t love you like I will…

And she says..

The Geronimo Kid was the new St. George,
With a Gibson guitar for a rapier sword.
Drove a Cutlass Supreme to the Rockaway shore,
Slew a hep-cat dragon, jammin’ on the beach.

And the pork-pied-piper blew that song ,
And the Jericho walls came a-tumblin’ down.
And the rats assembled in the middle of the town
And they danced into the shadows and right out of reach.


Speak Easy

Written By: Big Rude Jake

Cattin’ around after hours,
Speak Easy, my friend, Speak Easy:
I heard a cadence in the rhythm,
And in the rumble down in the street.
And sweet chorus comes to mind:
Speak Easy, my friend, Speak Easy,
As the swaggered slack in my staggered step
Gives into a melody.

And it ain’t ‘cause I’m lazy, baby:
It’s just there’s nothin’ that I wanna do.
‘Cause nothin’ seems worth doing,
If I gotta do it without you.

And I know your angry and I know you ache,
But Speak Easy, my friend, Speak Easy,
And an ember glows inside your coat,
And Sizzles next to your heart.
You’re just like all the rest of us,
In this Speak Easy, my friend, Speak Easy,
Hang dog blue and out of breath,
Beat down and out, clear right the start.


Throw back your head,
And swing wild at the moon:
Eye-tothes and crazy,
And torn up in rage.
Ring out your guts like a dirty old rag,
‘Till the tears burn furrows
from your eyes down you face.

3. (half verse)
(Then) Pull up and chair and raise a glass,
And Speak Easy, my friend, Speak Easy.
Some day, some day, we’ll be happy again,
For tonight we rest fallow in the blues.
And I know and old whiskey barrel
Speak Easy, my friend, Speak Easy,
And a song we used to sing there,
And a girl that I once knew.

And a song we used to sing there,
And a girl that I once knew.

And nothing seems worth doing,
If I gotta do it without you.

East Side Jive

Written By: Big Rude Jake

Leaning up and looking large
In a swank Delancy bar
I was aqua vitae and "who loves ya baby?"
I was three fingers tall in a malt whiskey jigger
Knowin' just how far that that jive was Gonna get me

Now, I don't say I got the right,
I'm just tellin' what it's like.
My friends say "What you got to go shoutin' about?
Unsound and senseless, unruly and reckless
And callin' some heavy cat out!"

But I was gassed up and geared up
And brother, don't you know it,
I was greased up and run-way ready
I was two pair better than that cat's high-card bluff
'Till I ran two yards short in the city

Meet me on the East side Baby.
Meet me on the East side of town.
I'm livin' on the outside, baby.
Checkin' in to see what's goin' down

She drove a Mean Mercedes, hard
And death card coloured
She pushed her white wals
Up against the curb.
I said, "That ain't no way to go and treat that good rich rubber."
She said, "You better cart your carriage out of here."

'Cause she got a kid leather gorilla man
And from what I understand,
He's first in line every time and every where that he goes
With a wide stride cock-walk like he owns the whole sidewalk
A brass cheek and a face that nobody knows.

Consequently, she had nerve in her curves,
But that ain't the worst
She could sex you but she sure weren't pretty
She was tore up from the floor up with a fish-eye grin
And I landed two yards short in the city

And the subliminal criminal
At the four transit terminal
Robs you blind when you're just standing there talking
With no scratch until Tuesday and no line of credit
You'll be lucky if you leave and you're still walking

'Cause with everyone sweating'
Workin' hard at not workin',
Big wheels and sweet deals
And angles everyday
I figure one score more and they'll be bodies on the floor
So don't you give truck to what the suckers gotta say

'Cause I had an outstanding plan
To take on the Man
I had green on the hip and cash in the kittie.
I was two Lincolns long at the Chase Manhattan,
'Till I landed two yards short in the city

And I say, who cares if you're
King of the Hill Jack,
In some speck on the side of the road-map
Gettin' fat, pullin' slack, fingers folded in your lap
A frog prince in frilly fancy pants

I say, give me the brush-burn abrasion
And the stinging sensation
Of hunger and liquor and lust
Give me shadows that breathe like true living things
In the din of the ram-shackle rush

And when the devil-may-care
Testosterone stare
And the glare in this eye turn to spaghetti,
(limp like spaghetti)
I'll be two days older, a hundred years smarter,
And two yards short in the city



Butane Fumes and Bad Cologne
Blue Pariah
Self Titled albume (Big Rude Jake)
Liv Faust Die Jung
Defiance (a re-release only availbe off the stage.)
Bootleg (Live at Lees Palace, only availibe off the Stage)
Quicksand (soon to Be Released)


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Set List

a selection of songs from a 90 minute set

1) Gotham City Serenade
2) Queer for Cat
3) Song for Lilly Christine
4) Blue Pariah #1
5) The Lost
6) Speak Easy
7) East Side Jive
8) Dinner with the Devil
9) Andy’s Requiem (Sorry, no chart right now)
10) Brooklyn Blue
11) Sweet Night Sounding
12) Cold Steel Hammer
13) Night of the King Snake
14) Swing Baby!