Sam Pace

Sam Pace

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Sam Pace's fearless showmanship is an experience like no other. "The Big Dog" is a dazzling performer, leaving audiences spellbound with his diverse repertoire and soulful approach. An artists' artist, Pace will satisfy and mystify with his humble humor and mischievous charm.


Sam Pace (a.k.a. "the Big Dog") has been been performing for over 8 years. Known for his "big bark" (his booming vocal style) and "big bite" (the unshakable impression he leaves), the Big Dog has been wowing audiences since he was just a little dog.

After 4 years with the explosive rock n' roll unit Blackdog- Pace broke away in the Summer of 2009 to work on his Solo debut album: "Let the Big Dog Eat".

With "Let the Big Dog Eat" set for release July 1, 2010, the months and years ahead promise to be filled with soul-drenched recordings and awe-inspiring performances.

Hellbent on old school integrity, Pace's pride in his artisanship is one-of-a-kind and he guarantees the highest level of professionalism available on planet Earth.


"Let the Big Dog Eat" (2010)
(track included)
"I Know Something"
"My Love is a Burning Fire"
"In the Bedroom"
"Mr. Pop Chart"
"Love 2 Give"

All songs Written and Recorded by Sam Pace Reicher
Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved