Big Shag

Big Shag


We are a very good live band and every gig we've played has left people very happy with our performance. Music is played with great dynamics trying to highlight the features of the song. Our front man talks to the crowd and gets them into the music which makes the night very enjoyable.


The great thing about our band is that we all like the same style of music. Mostly main stream rock and always the good old ones too. We've been in the same band for over 6 years and learned a lot together. One big thing that sets us apart is that we all have full time - well paying jobs which means that we are playing music because we love it, not because it's an income. We practice regularly twice a week in our studio and usually have an audience at every one. We rehearse hard and try to perfect every mistake that may occur. We love to show people a good time and rock the crowd.

Set List

Our usual set list is around 10-12 songs and we usually play 3 sets in a night. Right now we play mostly covers and a few originals that are finished.