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"Simple Salvation - Spotlight Testimony: Shane "Big Shizl" Coleman Jr."

To look at Shane Coleman Jr. (a.k.a. Big Shizl) now, people see an exuberant, Christ-loving man who's passion to share the fun of faith leads him to pour out sweat as he shares his story to churches throughout the Los Angeles area. With his hat tilted to the side and rap shooting out his lips, he seems to have everything all together. But that only touches the surface of his full story.

Today we can see Shane on stage or behind the scenes with his father, Shane Coleman Sr., working to reach kids through the arts. Together they operate Heroes of Life out of Pacoima, CA. This non-profit organization helps kids to make albums, rap, mix, master, engineer and make beats. On it's own, this is a miracle. God brought together a father and son who's lives could have easily parted forever.

By the age of 5, Shane lived solely with his mom because of the tragedy of divorce in their lives. During that time he experienced horrible beatings and abuse. Then, one day his mother dropped him off to visit his father and she vanished, leaving Shane scared and abandoned at the age of 9. His father was also not up to the task of parenting Shane and he found himself in a group home by the age of 10.

Shane's loneliness consumed him in these foreign surroundings until someone reached out to him. Jeff looked out for Shane. He protected Shane and made him feel cared for. Jeff was a member of the Grape Street Crips. Jeff became Shane's best friend. When Shane got out of the group home, he was welcomed into Watts and the Grape Street Crips. He had family.

In the Crips, Shane gang banged. He did drugs, cooked dope, sold drugs, the works. At the age of 17, his life showed the results of those actions. He found himself facing charges for a gunpoint robbery and the possibility of 17 years to life in prison. Today as he reflects back, he declares God's graciousness at having those charges dropped but he still faced lesser charges and ended up at Camp Karl Holton, the youth authority camp.

While at the camp, Shane faced huge trials, but in the midst of it all, God's simple love revealed itself to him. Two older people regularly visited the juvenal detention center. They brought donuts, a radio and the joy of the Lord. It was so simple.

In a room away from the main population, young men were invited to come and eat the donuts, listen to music and hear them talk about Jesus. Initially, Shane went because he loved donuts. He ate and listened. Occasionally they sang to the Christian music on the radio. Shane knew that going off to spend time with these older people meant the other young men at the facility would say he wasn't hard. But Shane also knew he needed a change.

He said, "I could feel the presence of God with them. God had to be real."

One day, they asked the boys to raise their hands if they wanted to receive Christ. Shane raised his hand.

Following Shane's time at Camp Karl Horton, he spent four years in the State Penitentiary. Upon arriving, someone who was leaving the Pen handed him a Bible and Shane dedicated this time to studying God's word. Life in the State Penitentiary wasn't easy, Shane faced fights and abuse daily. He also held Bible studies every day. Upon reflection, he refers to that time as, "One of the best times in my life and I hated it."

Shane said, "I got to know God for who He is.....the word of God saved my butt."

Now that he's free, physically and spiritually, Shane's passion is sharing Christ through his music and helping people know that a life of Godliness isn't boring or restrictive. He's made an album called Jacob's Son because he feels a close connection to the story of Joseph found in the book of Genesis. He regularly participates in ministry to the men of the Correctional Detention Center and those at half way houses. He even brings donuts.

Because of Christ in his life, he's found a new relationship with his father and is working on developing one with his mother. He's discovered that God brings all things together for good.

For Shane, the music is a utensil to reach out to this generation. He wants people to know you don't have to compromise to the world's standard of "having fun", you can have fun in God. - Paula Whidden (


1. Creative as an artist, songwriter and producer. Owns his recording studio in Los Angeles California.

2. First single off his album is “Down the Block “.

3. Has Interviewed with Trinity Broadcasting Network Youth Channel “JCTV”.

4. Music has been air on Stevie Wonder's radio station in Los Angeles (102.3 KJLH) interview with DJ Elvee.

5. Co-wrote and produced with Bobby DeBarge Jr, Buster & Shavoni, Rahmlee from Earth Wind and Fire.

6. Collaborated and performed with Christian group “Press Play” of Dream Records/ Universal.
Also shared the same stage with Mali Music, ‘P’ Dub,Tye Tribbett, Flame.



As a song writer and producer, Big Shizl is remarkable at any musical genre and is exceptionally memorable when representing Christ. Shane Q. Coleman Jr. was born June 23, 1980 to Shane Coleman Sr. and Margi Coleman. His father is a professional song writer, drummer, and head of a non-profit organization based in Southern California. His mother, Margi Coleman is a recording artist who once was signed with MCA and Priority Records. Big Shizl is encouraged by his parents to succeed.

He is now sharing his testimony through music, major outreaches, various church events, youth organizations, and the School Districts. Big Shizl strives to reach the hearts of many with uplifting words of encouragement.