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Big Sir Loon

Pomona, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2001 | INDIE

Pomona, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2001
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop




"Big Sir Loon is moving fast"

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1997 : Street institute records S.I. Riders
1998 Kokane :They call me mr. kane
1999 Big Sir Loon: Sinful generation
2001 Big Sir Loon: The sinners train
2003 Big Sir Loon: hood language
2005 Big Sir Loon: Back slinding
2007 Big Sir Loon: The difference
2011 Big Sir Loon: Sleep Walkin



* Born: Pomona, CA
* Years Active:1997-2009
* Genre: Hip-Hop
* Influenced by: Big Daddy Kane, NWA, Ice T,  Slick Rick, Special Ed,  Nas, WC, DJ Quik,  , Snoop Dogg, EPMD, Dj Fresh Prince
* Followed By: Young Loon,Calhoon,  Amazen A, Creeper Loco,  S loc, The westerners
* Similar Artists: 2 pac, Daz, Kurupt, Scarface, Snoop dogg, Andre 300, Big Boy, Pharrell Williams, Mos Def, 5o cent, Diddy, jay z, Swiss Beats

In the decade of ten long years, Big Sir Loon went from Gangsta Rap lyricist to a self made song writer, producer, manager, under ground hit maker and graphic design artist, as he works hard to land a major-label recording contract and, ultimately, a wildly successful solo career. Big Sir Loon paired years of hard living and closed doors with creativity, beats, and life changing situations old and new school raps and self-motivation. His strong faith set him apart from many of his worn down peers, and his confidence keeps him going. Loon comes across as hard core, albeit amusingly so. This hood style appearance , of course, made for good survival tactics in the concrete jungle style living of california , something that Loon found to be a story in itself during his rise to adulthood wile in search of celebrity status. He was a roll model to some of his younger buddies for taking his feet out of the streets in order to find his destiny in music, appearing and performing at countless clubs car shows and house parties, delivering ghetto famous youtube videos, and spitting about whatever crosses his mind. He speaks out against the history of slavery in America and the tragic exploitaion of dead rap artist, poses as a possible controversy to come, no question about it, but his steady presence in the political world can't eclipse his musical talent. His abilities to be silenced seemed boundless during his initial surge of activity, as he not only released his first solo album (THE SINNERS TRAIN), but also collaborated on underground hits with the likes of Spice 1, Kokane, Vol. 10, Jayo Felony and the Booya Tribe. As his career progresses , Sir Loon is shattering certain stereotypes about west coast rappers, becoming a superstar on his own terms without adapting his lyrics, his style, or his music to fit any one musical expectation.

Coming from left field (Pomona California, a city rarely praised for its hip-hop talent), Loon was an unlikely sensation and more than once defied adversity. Like so many others who were initially inspired by West coast pioneers NWA, he began as just another gang member/aspiring rapper with a boundless passion for hip-hop, albeit a rapper with a Sugar Shane punch when it came to song-making. Indeed, it was his free styling prowess that got his foot in the recording studio door. Though he did quite a bit of noteworthy work during the late '90s (S.I. Riders compilation, They call me MR KANE album ), it was Sir Loon's work as an independent hustler taking his career to the next level. Alongside fellow fresh Whuteve and Grammy award winning producer Rock wilder of New York, Loon is learning how to write better songs, consistently delivering hot tracks to album after album. His turn came on his underground classic THE SINNERS TRAINt (2001) with album standouts "ROAD RAGEr" and "LOON (S.I. loon.)." Both songs showcased Loon's signature gangster style of the time, which was largely DR DRE-based -- in these cases, the tracks featured original production from producer Amazen A.

More productions followed, and before long word spread that Loon was going to release his album of his own, Unfortunately, that album was a long time coming, pushed back and then pushed back again, until he heard of digital distribution. It didn't help that Loon experienced a jail time that almost cost him his career goals in music. He capitalized on the senseless experience by using it as the inspiration for "still down for mine" (a song later released), which would later become the lead single for his second album, 2004's Hood Language. Sir Loon continued to create a buzz online and in the streets wile searching for mainstream distribution with no success, Then, just as "Hood Language" was breaking threw at the tail end of 2005, his cover art caught fire, a drout in west coast demand made a new demand for cover art on the mix-tape market , And Loon's interest in graphic art grew.

In the wake of his graphic success, Loon earned money for the next project by pushing similar artist to do their own independent albums , allowing Loon to get his feet wet in the cover art field. Sir Loon released his next project via online distribution titled Independent Hustlers earning an award for its underground buzz at the IE wards in CA.
Loon's production work continued during this time; particularly noteworthy was his BAY Area album Talk of the turf rele

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