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Big Six @ iStandard Producer Show @ Fluid

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Big Six @ Da Revival

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Big Six @ iStandard Producer Show @ Fluid

philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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There are a million and one stories of how to make it in the industry and a million more yet to be told. In these times, it’s hard to tell an artist that a magical chance occurrence [without a reality show] could launch them to their dreams. But that my friends, is exactly what happened when Big Six stepped on the scene at the 2003 Source Awards in Miami. Armed with an ingenious marketing plan and a hustler’s maneuverability, Jersey’s own Big Six is after the crown.

Big Six - Living Proof [prod. J Banga]

“The first thing I did, i made up some shirts that had my name on them and where I was from and then I made my CD to have all that on it too. So when i had went down there, i was in the streets pushin’ or sellin’ them or giving them away…There was a lot of people out there pushing CD’s but a lot of people didn’t have their whole situation together, they were dressed in regular clothes, so it was easier to pick me out of a crowd. People were seeing me, and I caught the ear of a couple people, and things jumped off when I got back to New York.”

When he got back to New York, he was able to secure a deal with Nervous Records [looking to build their Hip Hop Catalog again--they released Black Moon's 1st album Enta Da Stage son!]; but due to some label politics, the deal fell through. On the flipside, he was able to tour with the likes of Ghostface and Tyrese and learn enough about the biz to launch his own independent label, S&E Records.

So what’s next? Everything. Six already has a video out for his current single, Living Proof off of the upcoming mixtape, cleverly titled, “Your Next Favorite Rapper”. It will prove to be a combination of old and new material and from what I heard, it sounds like it’s going to be very ill, [that Cook Crack joint stayed in my head for like a week!]. “Your Next Favorite Rapper” will be dropping before the year’s end and we shall see if Big Six lives up to the mixtape’s title.

Big Six - Living Proof [prod. J. Banga] - Aisia

1. I have to ask you about your name, Big Six, did someone give you the name and is there a meaning behind it? Also, how long have you been in the game?

A. I gave myself that name; it stands for the next to shine. I kinda named myself the sixth man playing ball when I was a kid, and as I got older I switched it up to big six.
I been in the game officially for about 3 years but I started my journey about 5.

2. For anyone who has never been to your home town, Asbury Park, New Jersey, can you describe it for us and how the hip hop scene is there.

A. Its hood, a small city about one mile in size. We call it dark city cause it’s a lot going on down here. It’s a heavily drug populated area. It’s got the good and bad spots but it’s all good. Aint nobody really big where I’m from but it’s a lot of rappers n singers running around so I would say it’s real in tune with hip hop out here.

3. I read you did the national promo tour with PMD of EPMD/Hit Squad, what was that experience like and have you opened for any other artists our readers might know?

A. I've toured with Ghostface, Tyrese, and a few other artists but those were the big names. I had a great time I got to learn the ins and outs of that aspect of the business.
Its a great feeling when you go places and meet new people but I really had the chance to sharpen up my networking and social skills.

4. What’s your favorite part of being an artist, recording and creating new music or performing in front of the audience? And why?

A. I would say performing, it’s nothing like when the crowd loves you and you’re out socializing. As an artist the people’s response to you really means something so you really get to know what’s up when you’re out there doing your thing. Plus that’s when you have the most fun.

5. “Living Proof “is your current single, what the concept behind the song is, and who produced it? Will it be on your mixtape with DJ Lazy K you are working on now?

A. Living proof was produced by my man J Banga from The Contingency. The concept is basically do what ever you got to do to make things happen for yourself. No matter how you do it, it can be done. I haven't decided whether I’m going to put it on the mixtape or not but definitely look for that along with the video as well.

6. You also have a video for “Living Proof”. How much influence did you have in the creative process for the video? Who directed it? And talk about the video making process for you as an artist.

A. The video was directed by Jay Rodriquez, we put some ideas together and he actually had a big influence on the concept. I like for my videos to have some kind of story line that has something to
do with the song so we think of a concept then we go out and make it happen. I have a lot of fun. I bring the family and we kind of do it gorilla style. We take a few days and we get it in.

7. How important do you feel it is for up coming artists to have the video media in their resume?

A. You gotta get your face out there so I would say its one of the most important aspects of promoting yourself because people need to see your face. When anybody listens to you
the first thing they wanna do is put a face to the voice. It gives them something to visualize so you need that in your arsenal but you also need to be able to get it out there.

8. Prior to your latest single, you had a very successful run with your single “Get Rich/In My Hood”, where you at all surprised with the success, or did you know when you were recording it that the single would be well received?

A. Not really, it’s kinda funny because the marketing team wanted me to go with “Get Rich” and I wanted to go with “In my Hood”. At the end of the day I went with my team and come to find out “In my Hood” had a bigger response.
It was kind of a learning experience and now I know not to let people make choices for me about my music. It didn't know how the people were going to take it but I knew I should have went with my instincts.

9. You are currently working with S&E Records, how long have you been with them? And describe how that business relationship came about.

A.S&E Records is actually my label. I’ve been independent since day one but I really been going hard at it since I left Nervous Records. I started out knowing that I was going to have to be independent if I wanted to get anywhere in this game.

10. If you had to describe your sound, what would you say?

A. North-Eastern but versatile.

11. Who are some of the other DJ’s you have worked with and have supported your music?

A. I've worked with DJ Faze on a few joints but I got a mixtape dropping called "Your Next Favorite Rapper" It’s hosted by Lazy K.

12. As an artist, I am sure you get beats upon beats. Is there something specific you listen for or require in your beats?

A. Sound Quality is a must. After that it’s pretty much whatever I like. If it’s hot I run with it. It’s gotta be hot to me or else I can - Kai derringer

For Immediate Release

Big Six Releases His New Street Smash With A Full Length Video for 'Living Proof', Preps for 'Your Next Favorite Rapper' Hosted by DJ Lazy K

Straight out of Asbury Park, New Jersey, Big Six is making a big splash with his new single 'Living Proof'. Already impacting radio in several states such as WGCR (Chicago), WJZE (Detroit), EXDU (Durham, NC), WKDU (Philly), WHRW (Binghampton NY) to name a few. Big Six's 'Living Proof' borrows a powerful and realistic line from Jay Z 'I'm Living proof that crime do pay'. When asked about the concept and message of the song Six Says, 'I want people to know that it's real and that I'm actually speaking what I'm living and I just want people in those situations to be able to relate.' Currently Big Six's video for 'Living Proof' has combined views of over 100,000 between,,, and various other sites featuring the video.

Not to mention, Big Six has been very busy of late in the press, having interviewed with,,, Jusswords DVD, Protege Magazine as well as featured on Bedtyme357's Hate Money Radio and more. Big Six will also be the feature 'Next 2 Blow' Artist on for Dec 2008. But Big Six isn't stopping there, in weeks to come he will be releasing his highly anticipated mixtape 'Your Next Favorite Rapper' Hosted by Justo Mixtape Award Winning DJ, Lazy K. Big Six is also one of the headlining features for Inasirkl Music Group's 'Get Your Buzz Up' Artist Showcase Dec 3rd 2008 @ Don Hill's in NYC. No rookie to the industry grind, Big Six has also toured with Ghostface, Tyrese and the Legendary PMD of EPMD.

Poised with a new single , new video and a new mixtape, Big Six is claiming his spot as one of the brightest stars out of New Jersey destined to get his message across to the masses and make his mark in the new climate of the music industry. - iStandard

Six what's poppin'?

A. What’s good, just chilling, grinding as usual.

What's news, I understand your next mixtape dubbed "Your Next Favorite Artist" hosted by DJ Lazy K soon. Tell Hip Hop Ruckus' readers why you will be their next favorite artist.

A. Cause I'm keeping it real and staying true to myself. I ain't just making records cause I think it's what a work or trying to follow what's out there, I'm making good music it's hot and I’m going to continue to make good music until it gets to the point where you gone have to listen to me.

What kind of tracks can we expect on the mixtape?

A. I got a lot of beats that people are already familiar with from old to new mixed in with some originals but I'm keeping it street so expect to hear that hot street music that you been waiting for.

You come from a small town in Jersey, Ashbury Park, what is the Hip-Hop scene there like?

A. It's a lot of rappers and aspiring singers out my way. We really don’t have anybody that made it big coming from there but we are very well in tune with hip hop. It's the hood so you know how it is especially in the summer time you'll hear the beats heavy on the block.

You've gone on tour with Tyrese, PMD of EPMD and Ghostface. How have those experiences influenced you as an artist?

A. It just gave me a different perspective on things in life and gave me the inspiration I needed to go harder. I got to travel around and go places I've never been before and like any time I travel it always inspires me to work harder at my goals.

S&E Records is your independent label. What is your day-to-day role?

A. CEO and Artist. I coordinate efforts with my team to make sure things get done. I like to play the artist and take care of the music side but I have to take care of business also so I'm right in the middle of the whole situation. You got to know your business these days or at least have some common sense and knowledge of what's going on, on the business side.

Your single "Living Proof" has gone viral all over the Internet and has received airplay in several cities like Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia. Speak to us about the song's success and how it has been received by fans.

A. It's doing real well right now, we got the video out I've been getting good feed back on that. We're still pushing it through various other doors and gateways so expect to see alot more of it. The fans love it. I get phone calls people come up to me so its been a good look so far. The best comment I get is that its not like nothing else or what other artists are trying to put out so its a good look.

"Living Proof" samples a Jay-Z bar - "I'm living proof that crime do pay." Whose idea was it to sample the lyric?

A. The producer of the track, my dude Banga. Shout out to him. The sample was already there I just built the hook around it and put my swag to it and it came out hot.

How do you approach a beat you hear and like? Take us throw your mental process when making a track.

A. There's really no set process if I like it I vibe with it and I picture what it brings to my mind then its my job to relay that to you on the song, sort of like a mini movie or a short story. The best time for me to make a song is when I’m not trying to but the beats running through my head. That's when i come up with most of my ideas.

Any last words for the people?

A. Yeah, Shout out to Big Kas, my artist J-Live, Lazy K, all the fans, Hip Hop Ruckus and everybody supporting Big Six. My mixtape "Your Next Favorite Rapper" look for that, the video for Living Proof and check me out on
- javi

Q. Big Six, what it is? Welcome to the Mogulstatus Blog, tell the world who you are and what the f*ck you do!
A. Everything’s good, I’m a new hip hop artist reppin’ S*E Records.

Q. How did you get your start in the game?
A. I was working on a mixtape with some friends which lead to me working on a street album. I took a trip to the 2003 source awards with my work and started handing them out on the streets. I met a few good people down there and we been grindin’ it out ever since then.

Q. What’s your strategy to make it to your goals in this rap game?
A. To keep putting out consistent hot music and get better and better, if not, at least maintain a constant quality of music and at the same time make myself accessable. Every show, every event, everywhere I can possibly be you'll see me there I wanna keep in touch with the fans.

Q. Talk about your tour experience with Ghostface, Tyrese and PMD? What did all that do for your career?
A. I got the chance to travel around the country a lil’ bit meet new people and see different things so it gave me some inspiration and at the same time it taught me the ins n’ outs of that aspect of the game so I know how to move and how not to.

Q. How did you link up with Nervous to start your joint venture with your label S*E Records?
A. Through a good friend of mines that I’ve been working with, he brought me there and we made it happen at that time.

Q. Who are some of the artists and producers your currently collabing with on your upcoming mixtape 'Your Next Favorite rapper?
A. Mixture, my boy Rob, and J Banger

Q. Aside from music, what other endeavors do you intend to embark on in the future?
A. Movies, clothes, product lines and maybe a little bit of franchising. I got an open mind for whatever opportunities that may come my way.

Ok I gotta do it...
---Lets go...
Q. Top 5 Dead or Alive?
A. 50 cent, Jay Z, Biggie, Tupac, Big L

Q. J Lo in 96 or Gloria Velez?
A. Gloria Velez all day

Q. Buckey or Tocarra?
A. It gotta say Tocarra.

Q. Henny or Grey Goose?
A. Definitely the Goose.

Q. SUV or Drop Top?
A. SUV, I’m a big car type of dude

Q. Platinum or Diamonds?
A. Diamonds
Q. Ok back to Big Six, What’s next on the agenda?
A. The mixtape "Your Next Favorite Rapper" The album coming soon, my artist J-live, and the crew album coming soon.
Q. Whats your myspace?
Q. Shout your peoples out!!
A. Big shout to Kas, all the fans, all the people behind the scenes and everybody supporting Big Six. we bringing it in.
- J Hatch

A lot of new artists on the come up disregard the grind and don’t really experience all aspects of what requirements of being a fully blown entertainer are. Many throw the word ‘grind’ around like a basketball and use it loosely when people ask them about their career choice. Truth is, the grind is a lot more difficult then most may think. One artist who truly went through, is going through and will continue to grind is Big Six out of Asbury Park New Jersey. Experiencing a label deal with his company S&E Records through Nervous Records, being tour support for artists like Ghostface, PMD and Tyrese as well as putting in that underground mix tape, showcase and internet work, Big Six is here to prove his grind is much different than yours.

What’s good Big Six? Let everyone know a little about your movement.

Well I been grinding since 2003 with my label S*E Records. I’ve been on a few tours had a video out, just shot another one. I got the mixtape coming out "Your Next Favorite Rapper" and getting ready for the album coming soon.

Let's talk about where you have been....Explain to the readers your situation
at Nervous Records with your label S&E Records?

That was kind of a one off single deal that was supposed to turn into an album but the label didn't do what it was supposed to do, so we left that situation.

You had some radio and video recognition with your single 'Get Rich/In My Hood'
and handled a lot of the work through your own company, what was that
experience like and how did it help your career?

It was a good experience, very hands on. I got to meet a lot of good people and get my learn on so it pretty much helped prepare me for the business aspect of the game and also helped develop my social skills as far as the networking goes but the video and radio helped establish my presence so when I go into certain circles people have heard of me or seen me already.

You also did a national promo tour with PMD of EPMD as well as supported the
A A-likes on Ghostface's 'Fishcale' tour, what was your actual role on both tours?

I was an opening act for PMD and I supported the A-Alikes as part of the team so that was a good experience as well.

You was also involved in Tyrese's 'Alter Ego Tour' as well, any difference in
supporting a major R&B act on tour versus more of an underground Hip Hop artist?

Yeah man big difference umm, it’s just on a bigger scale like hotel accommodations we were in some really nice hotels. The crowds at the shows were better the stations are the more popular stations and stuff like that so it’s definitely a difference.

So let's talk Where we are at... your current single and video for ‘Living Proof’ is making some serious noise on the indie level, what’s the concept behind the song/ Video and what do you want the masses to take from listening?

Well basically the concept is to do what you gotta do to survive. In the video im playing a crime boss that gets approached by a crooked cop and when he attemps to ask me some questions i kinda bring him into my world. I want people to know that its real and that im actually speaking what im living and how i have lived and for people in those situations to be able to relate.

You seem to have your finger on the pulse of what a real radio record is supposed to sound like do you have a formula or a specific approach to making music?

Nah, I just do what I feel. When I get a record I respond to how it makes me feel so it’s sort of like I’m vibing and if the beat talks to me then it’s my job to translate what its saying to me, to you.

What are you doing, as an artist, to be a relevant part of the new music industry?

Basically I’m making music from my heart. I try to stay on fresh beats when a can but I’m also just doing me and not following the trend of everybody else right now. At the same time I’m making music that’s current and that you can relate to. I’m every where I can be so that you get to see my face and I’m a continue to do so.

Who were some of the emcee's that helped influence you into the rap game?

I gotta say Jay-Z, definitely B.I.G. he was the first to make me feel like I wanted to rap R.I.P. Big L. R.I.P Mase and Nas.

When can the streets expect to get your new mixtape 'Your Next Favorite Rapper'?

September 2008

Where can fans find you online?,, or you can just Google "Big Six"
"Get Rich" or "In my hood" all in parenthesis and the list goes on from there.

Any shouts or plugs?

Shout out to Big Kas, Jay Rodriquez we just shot a killer video my artist J-Live and all the fans. Mixtape "Your Next Favorite Rapper" look out for that and the album coming soon.

- Cartel/

> Q. What's good Big Six, Jerz is in the building! Let everyone know about your movement.
> A. Yeah, what’s going on. Everything’s definitely good man jerseys here and umm basically I been on my grind. I got my new street single “Living Proof” its out now. I got the video about to drop. I’m dropping my new mixtape "Your Next Favorite Rapper" it’s hot and I’m here to put my mark on the game. The album is coming soon.

>Q. Being from Asbury Park, and really Jersey in general, do you feel any pressure holding up the states name in regards to those legends who came before and paved the way for artists like yourself?
> A. Nah, I got this. It’s a new day.

>Q. What was your introduction to rap and what made you choose it as a career path?
> A. B.I.G. was my first favorite artist, R.I.P. I started rapping listening to him at about age 14 and when I was about 21 I did a mixtape with some friends who ended up convincing me to do an album. I liked the way things turned out and started pushing myself as an artist since then.

>Q. Let's talk about your new single 'Living Proof' w/ Jay Z sampled on the hook, what's the concept and what do you want those who listen to take from the song?
> A. Basically just when your down n’ out and everything else fails you gotta do what you gotta do, so whatever people take from it I just want them to know that you should never give up no matter what it takes to make it happen for yourself,
do it.

>Q. You also have a video for 'Living Proof' as well, how did you come up with the treatment and what did you want to get across to those watching visually?
> A. I put my head together with the director and wanted it to be like a real life situation from the streets so we made it happen and I want people to know my life is real. These are the type of things that are going on out here and for those who can relate to understand where I’m coming from.

> Q.From what I understand you have vast experience in touring and actually providing tour support to major artists like Tyrese and Ghostface, can you share some of what you learned?
> A. I learned the ins n’ outs of that part of the business. It has helped prepare me for things to come. It’s hard work. I had a lot of fun but you definitely gotta put in work, be humble and learn how to handle each situation accordingly.

>Q. I understand you have a new mixtape about to pop, what's the title, who is hosting it and what can we expect to experience?
> A. The mixtape "Your Next Favorite Rapper" hosted by DJ Lazy K. I wanted to showcase my talent not only as a rapper but as an artist so you can expect to hear a variety of actual song material rather than a bunch of freestyle over some beats. It’s hot, I know the fans are going to love it so I ain't even got no concerns right now.

> Q. Who are some of the producers your currently working with?
> A. Mixture and J-Banga both from The Contingency.

> Q.What's next for Big Six?
> A. The Album coming soon, a new single and new video coming soon and it’s just moving forward from there.

>Q. Where you at on myspace?
> A.

>Q. Shout your peoples out!
> A. Big Kas what’s good, Dark City, Jersey, Jay-Live, my fam, everybody behind me and all the fams. And big shout out to
- Big Chew

What's good Big Six, for those new to the name, let them know about the movement.

What's going on. Basically it's me Big Six, my artist J Live, my label S&E Records. I'm about to drop the mix tape "Your Next Favorite Rapper" hosted by Lazy K. I got my single and video " Living Proof" and I'm working on my album coming soon.

When did you get your start as an emcee?

I started in the late nineties and got my professional start around 2003 - 2004. I attended the Source Awards in Miami in 03'. I did a mix tape and went down there to push it and I was working on my first album. While I was out there pushing I met a few good people, and it was on from there!

You did a deal with Nervous Records to gain your own distribution and label S&E records, what's the overall goal for the company?

The goal right now is to drop my album, along with my artist's album, and to venture off into a couple of other projects. I'm preparing to make the label as strong as any out there a few years from now. By the way, I'm totally independent now and no longer distributed by 'Nervous' Records. It's all about S&E now!

A lot of people claim they have labels, and you actually do, what's the most important part of having your own company?

It's all about control, you should be able to control your material and your career. To be able to move how you wanna move to get where you need to go.

Let's talk about your new single 'Living Proof, definitely some real life issues outlined in the record, what type of message do you want people who listen take with them?

Sometimes when it's all on the line you gotta do what you gotta do. I just want people to know no matter what do what you gotta do to get where you need to go-Do It!

You also just dropped your video for 'Living Proof' as well, who directed it and what's the feedback been like?

My man Jay Rodriguez, we've done a few things together and the feedbacks been great so far. He is like our pseudo in-house director now, a real good dude.

Your definitely not new to the game, you have put in a lot of work in the tour support area for artists like Ghostface and Tyrese, what did that entail and what type of experience have you gained to help you to be a better, more prepared artist?

I pretty much learned the ins and outs of the game and the politics on the road. From the position of opening up to being support is hard work, time, and patience.

You have a new mix tape coming out w/ DJ Lazy K called 'Your Next Favorite Rapper', what was your approach to the cd and what can listeners expect?

I'm showcasing my talent and showing people I'm an artist and not just a rapper. So I gave them actual song material over some familiar beats and some new beats instead of just some random freestyle. So expect raw talent and good music.

Now that the internet game is just as important as the streets in regards to determining who's hot, how does Big Six balance his presence between the two?

Every event and party that I could be at I'm there in the streets, and I'm on over 20+ social networks on the web. I'm looking into my own channels and web sites so expect to see me all over in a minute.

What advice can you give other aspiring artists who are looking to be successful in the music industry and follow a similar course?

Just keep going and never give up. You gotta be out and about. Wherever it's at you need to be there networking and promoting. Don't wait for it to happen, make it happen.

Where can fans find you online?

All over. Just google: big six living proof. Get at me at

Any shouts?

Big Kas, my artist J Live, Lazy K,, all the fans and everybody supporting Big Six! Check for my mix tape "Your Next Favorite Rapper" online and in a hood near you, go get that!
- Dub


Big Six
Opening Performances for PMD/Hitsquad: Club Speed, NYC Club Show, NYC Lionz Den, Georgetown, Washington DC
Virgina State 2004 Homecoming Petersburg Civic Center, Richmond, Va Club Picasso’s, Norfolk Va Joe Angelo’s (Music by Statik Selektah) Brockton, MA Bar with no name, HARTFORD CT Performances in Raleigh/Durham, NC and Atlanta, GA

Performances: Chrome Nightclub, Philadelphia PA City Hall, Asbury Park NJ (opened up for Paul Wall) The Berkely, Asbury Park NJ The Get Your Buzz Up Showcase @ Don Hill’s

Mixtape Appearances: DJ Faze: Need To Hear Music ’Your Next Favorite Rapper’ Hosted by DJ Lazy K
DJ Ecko ‘Life In The Trap’ Pt 4
DJ Lazy K ‘Street Treats’ 9

Press Appearances: Frequency 2 magazine Cost To Cost Magazine Eurbanlyfe Magazine Hood Stories DVD VOL. 3 In The Streets Mixtape DVD Aug 08 Aug 08 Sept 08 Nov 08 Dec 08 Dec 08
Get Ryte TV- Jan 09
Video City TV- TBP
Grind Hard TV- TBP TBP

Radio Appearances/Interviews: Cost 2 Cost Hip Hop Countdown on Hot Jamz 50 (Sirius Satellite Radio)
w/ Ralph Mcdaniels, Hot Dog & Diedre Luv Raw 66 (XM Radio) w/Leo G & Ms Kitty Rap Attack 92.3 WERQ interview with Tutt Live on 106.5 WBTJ The Beat interview with DJ Bee on WOWI, Norfolk Va interview with Pezzo Coconuts on WWHV/ WWBR, Virginia Beach VA interview with Chubby Chub on WBOT Hot 97.7 Boston MA interview on WERS 88.9 Emerson College Radio interview with JAY MIX on WQTQ Hartford CT One Nation Hip Hop show 93.9 WKYS
Thermal Soundwaves on WHCR 90.3 fm (NYC) w/ C Truth
Howard University Radio Hampton University Radio interview with Kevin “The Moose” Anderson Maryland University Radio George Washington University Radio Morgan State Radio Promo Radio w/Jessie Jess and Mr.Raw 91.9 NYC
Soul Pitch Radio Hate Money Radio
Crack Distributor Radio
Spate Radio
Major Movez Radio

Radio Play (College/internet): DJ Toast – WRPI DJ PrizMatik – WFTU The Enigma – WXCI Solo – WECI DJ OB1 – WUPX L-Percise – CJSF DJ EarthQuake – DJ Buddhabong – DJ Stv – CHSR Papa D – WRBB DJ Stereotype – WHUS DJ Kazzeo – KHDC Matt Chan – CJSF DJ Kristyles – Witnes – KPFT Edgie Kokoski – WUNH Darin Gloe – Jon? Doe – KCPR DJ Nesto – inthecrates DJ Resident WKNC Dave Burgess – WSKB DJ Primetime – WRFT Doug Dilly – KXCI Jim Tess, Jimmy Sprinkles – WUML Phil Bendsen – WRKC Lam – WLSO Lee L’Heureux – WHMB DJ Jason D – KHDC#2 Nate Abney (Jesse Mack) – WKDU DJ A-Beats – DJ Chill Will – WCBN The Underground Railroad – WVFS DJ Spider, DJ Steve1der – The Wonder Twinz – Sirius Radio The Philaflava Show – WOWL DJ Taz – KPCA / Sirius Radio DJ Mr. Groove – KGNU Anthony Pukalo – WECS KIZ-One – WSKM DJ Raw B – KUSF J Tyme – KMIH Bumrush – WKNC DJ Ev - WUAG Shareef Hakim – WRFL DJ Killatone – XM Radio
WGCR.US (Chicago)
101.5 UMFM (Winnipeg Manitoba Canada) (Atlanta)
Sprint Radio/Fleet Flavers (Atlanta)
WJZE HOT 97-3 (Vancouver, BC Canada)
WSMK SMOKIN 99.1 (Vancouver, BC Canada)
WMHB 89.7 FM (Waterville, ME)
WHUS 91.7 (Storrs, CT)
WJZE HOT 97-3 (Detroit)
WSMK SMOKIN 99.1 (Detroit)
WKDU 91.7FM (Philly)
WXDU 88.7FM (Durham, NC)
CHSR 97.9FM (Fredericton, New Brunswick E3A 4E3 Canada)
WJFX-Hot 107.9 (Ft. Wayne, Indiana)
WHRW 90.5 FM (Binghamton, NY)
KUSF 90.3 FM (San Francisco)
CKUT 90.3 FM (Montreal)
KSJS 90.5 FM (San Jose, CA)
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“Ain’t Nothin’ Like…“ Big Six

He has lived a lifetime in a day. Opportunity was not a familiar “face” in his neighborhood. The mantra for survival was “Do what I gotta do…” and so he did.

Big Six might have seen or even owned a couple of silver spoons in his life, but it wasn’t because he was born with one in his mouth. For this Asbury Park New Jersey native, the daily struggle for shelter, food and clothes was a challenge that he faced head on. Six did not have the advantage of a stable home or supportive family structure. Like many young men in Urban America, he had to make difficult decisions which often resulted in uncomfortable consequences. His story is not sensationalized, pretentious lyrical foreplay. Six is a survivor-- a visionary who knew that he owned the power to attain his goals. His story is a raw, unadulterated portrait of an authentic life in the hood. Hip-Hop is the sword he yields and his lyrics speak an honesty which is at times frightening. His story might be exactly what America wants to ignore, but his music is a piece of what is missing from commercial Hip-Hop: Truth.

Six’s journey began when he was 14 years old. With no real place to call home and very few people that he felt he could trust, Six became intimate friends with a notebook and pen. Writing was a way for him to create a mental haven. From a young age he learned that the gift of observation was a strength which could inevitably alter his life forever. He documented what he saw in bars of sixteen spat over whatever tracks he could find. Even when life was ugly, the beauty was that Six was honest in his writing. It was his commitment to authenticity and a determination to succeed against all odds that prompted Six to take a trip to the 2003 Source Awards in Miami. Armed with a duffle bag of CDs and a suitcase full of dreams, Six left the entourage at home and hit the Sunshine State to “…do what he had to do…”

Music industry events always draw thousands of aspiring artists, all vying for the attention of industry executives. Unsigned artists often take to overly aggressive tactics in an attempt to get noticed. When Big Six arrived in Miami, he simply took his CDs to the main hub for the event and proceeded to sell his wares. It was his confident swagger and business-like demeanor that prompted an associate of Kasem Coleman [Jive Records and Nervous Records (Hip-Hop)] to take note of Six. The associate facilitated a meeting between Six and Kasem. After their meeting and successive follow ups, the two decided to work together. Reflecting on their initial meeting, Kasem said “I saw potential--bottom line. The voice was right, he had swag and a good demeanor…” Six became a willing student/partner in his relationship with Kasem. Kasem helped him develop S*E Records and was able to secure a joint venture with Nervous Records. As an independent artist running his own label, Six has the advantage of an established brand such as Nervous Records cosigning for him. The additional visibility and credibility propelled him above the multitude of independent rappers in the industry.

Six went full throttle with the joint venture with Nervous and financed everything-- the entire recording and video process and released the single “Get Rich”/“In My Hood” on S*E Records/Nervous Records. He took one small but crucial opportunity and worked it from every possible angle. The national independent success of the single on college radio chart networks such as Rap Attack Lives and Rap Network, in addition to the regional nationwide support he received for the video of “Get Rich/In My Hood”, had an overwhelmingly positive affect on his development as an artist and a businessman.

He did a national promo tour with PMD of EPMD/Hit Squad fame as an artist, participating fully in the In Store appearances, as well as radio (the College stations, the Hot stations, the Power stations, XM radio in DC, and Sirius in NYC) and club performance dates. Big Six also toured as support for the A-Alikes on the Ghostface Killah “Fishscale” tour. Yet another opportunity came when he toured as support with an opening act for Tyrese’s “Alter Ego” tour. “Alter Ego” was a nationwide House of Blues venue tour. That experience shed light on the challenges one can encounter when doing a higher level venue chain tour as opposed to a more grassroots tour like he did with PMD. As an artist and support, Six learned invaluable lessons on artistry and the business of music from a major label and an Indie label perspective. In essence, Six has been developed as a “360” artist. He gained a more thorough understanding of how to position himself for longevity in the industry.

With the release of his new street single “Living Proof”, upcoming single “Wherever We At”, and upcoming mixtape “Your Next Favorite Rapper”, Big Six is poised to venture into more mainstream awareness and branding while retaining his independent spirit. A peer market fav