Big Slyde

Big Slyde

 Saranac Lake, New York, USA

Big Slyde is a boisterous blend of wild rootstock American music grafted with ever evolving sonic explorations. The result? Harmonic soul-bluegrass, dissonant Americana-rock, and raucous funk-folk.


Genre: Americana/Acoustic
Origin: Lake Placid

*"Honey Gold", the new album by Big Slyde, was released June 30th, 2012*

Big Slyde is a boisterous blend of wild rootstock American music, grafted with ever evolving sonic explorations - creating harmonic soul-bluegrass, dissonant Americana-rock, and raucous funk-folk. Although Big Slyde's ever reaching branches may be genre defying, their roots are well established in acoustic traditions, producing musical fruit refreshingly complex in its depth and textures, yet sweetly familiar in its melodies and grooves.

Big Slydes new CD, Honey Gold, explores both gnarly roots and freshly unfurled leaves of sound. Honey Gold takes its name from a variety of American apple that is crisp and hardy, with just a kiss of honey. The album explores audible themes that are bright, punchy, and vigorously driving, along with those that are lustily melancholy and powerfully dark. Upon listening, there is a resonating sense of wistful sweetness and unrestrained joy, with a tinge of gritty sensuousness.

'Some Old Side Road' hums with the determination of a jilted lover, infusing luscious, soul vocals into country and bluegrass. Motown gets remixed and rowdy with blue-eyed soul group vocals, a robust low end, and gleeful, rockin', call and response solos from the mandolin and guitar on 'Want You Back'. 'Whirlybug' is a neo-traditional instrumental reminiscent of Old World folk music combining a bubbly and reverberating accordion melody with banjo, cello, and guitar chops and grooves. 'Burning Bed' delves into darkness with haunting vocal harmonies, a driving cello riff, and a hint of North African spice from the banjo and mandolin. 'Flying Porcupine' dips and dives with tumultuous cello harmonics and rapturously gliding dobro. 'Walking On Down the Road' is Americana on tilt, with dissonant guitar and funky percussion.

For a more genuine taste of this ripe fruit, one must take a stroll through the musical orchard of Big Slyde - via "Honey Gold", or better yet, a live show.


"Honey Gold" June 2012
"Slytha" July 2010

Set List

Big Slyde thrives on two, hour long sets. We can tailor a set or sets to the specifications of the event or venue. All songs listed below are original arrangements unless other wise noted. Big Slyde's sets tend to vary depending on the type of venue (for example, coffee house vs. bar) and the feel of the crowd. This is just a sample set.

Set One:

Crossing Moose
Yellow Moon (Neville Brothers)
Fall Away Slow
Old Forest
Use Me (Bill Withers)
Tears of a Clown (Smokey Robinson)
Walking on Down the Road
Do Tell Bagatelle

Set Two:

Traveling Kind (The Country Gentlemen)
Mists of Down Below (The Duhks)
Footlights (Liz Meyer)
Superstitious (Stevie Wonder)
Move It


Cluck Ol' Hen (traditional)
Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)/Come Together (Beatles) medley